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  • A Short Story About Spending Time Together

    In Pursuit of Happiness
    Britt Reints
    15 Dec 2014 | 8:18 am
    Join the conversation at A Short Story About Spending Time Together. I keep forgetting about the importance of time spent together. I put caveats on time. It has to be quality time. We should be doing something, something that matters, something sustaining or fulfilling or super, duper important. We should be connecting – eye contact, empathetic listening, deep and meaningful dialogue. Otherwise I’ll just go read my book over here, and you can watch TV over there. In my house we sometimes fall into this rut of doing our own thing. I’m naturally a pretty autonomous person,…
  • Questionable Remedies for Eye Disease

    The New Old Age
    By Paula Span
    17 Dec 2014 | 10:35 am
    Supplements claiming to prevent age-related macular degeneration often don't contain enough, or any, of the ingredients shown to help, a researcher warns.
  • Countdown - 26 Days

    Peterman's Eye
    18 Dec 2014 | 9:00 pm
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  • The Personal vs Professional Online, Alienation, and Staying True to My Roots
    Elan Morgan
    17 Dec 2014 | 3:50 pm
    The kitties and I hang out together by the SAD light in the morning. They love it. I don't hide the fact that I generally suffer from depression and anxiety with an extra dollop of seasonal depression to round it out, but I don't write about it much anymore, either. The more entwined my work life has become with my online identity, and the more entwined my online identity has become with my life in general, the more anxious I am about sharing this side of myself.The difficulties and consequences of crossing the personal and professional wires is a natural concern that a lot of my…
  • Amputee makes history with robotic arms [video]

    Holy Kaw!
    Kate Rinsema
    19 Dec 2014 | 4:57 am
    If you want to see just how far medicine has come, look no farther than the incredible prosthetic limbs of double shoulder-down amputee, Les Baugh. The post Amputee makes history with robotic arms [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
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    The New Old Age

  • Questionable Remedies for Eye Disease

    By Paula Span
    17 Dec 2014 | 10:35 am
    Supplements claiming to prevent age-related macular degeneration often don't contain enough, or any, of the ingredients shown to help, a researcher warns.
  • U.S. Health Care Lags Worldwide for Those Over 65

    By Paula Span
    12 Dec 2014 | 6:41 am
    The United States still has mortifying lapses and problems, despite spending more on health care than any country in the world, a new Commonwealth Fund report reveals.
  • Unmet Needs Continue to Pile Up

    By Paula Span
    9 Dec 2014 | 1:48 pm
    When someone is spending $3,500 or more a month for assisted living, are there fewer activities the resident can’t manage?
  • A Focus on the Heart for Older Patients

    By Paula Span
    4 Dec 2014 | 10:45 am
    The first geriatric cardiology clinic in New York opened at N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center in August. It’s different.
  • Part D for Drug Coverage — and Drudgery

    By Jane Gross
    1 Dec 2014 | 2:21 pm
    Like doing our taxes, signing up for Medicare Part D, the insurance program for drug coverage, takes days out of our lives and leaves us sitting in a heap of papers with a splitting headache.
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  • The Personal vs Professional Online, Alienation, and Staying True to My Roots

    Elan Morgan
    17 Dec 2014 | 3:50 pm
    The kitties and I hang out together by the SAD light in the morning. They love it. I don't hide the fact that I generally suffer from depression and anxiety with an extra dollop of seasonal depression to round it out, but I don't write about it much anymore, either. The more entwined my work life has become with my online identity, and the more entwined my online identity has become with my life in general, the more anxious I am about sharing this side of myself.The difficulties and consequences of crossing the personal and professional wires is a natural concern that a lot of my…
  • The 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards Winners Are Here!

    Elan Morgan
    15 Dec 2014 | 7:50 pm
    The 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards Winners Are Here!   The 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards winners are here! Over the course of the last year, we (that means us, Aidan and Elan) have been making spreadsheets, verifying nominations, coding, social-media-ing, and bringing together a large and diverse jury, and it's hard to believe that we're already announcing our finalists.  Read on…
  • Grace in Small Things No. 550

    Elan Morgan
    9 Dec 2014 | 7:37 pm
    I found Onion like this. The little goon has learned how to tuck himself in!We are having unseasonably warm weather in Saskatchewan right now, and it's supposed to be as hight as 8°C/46°F this week. That's insane, and it probably means the planet is dying, but I'll take it.Aidan surprised me with a Breville toaster oven a couple of days ago, and so far it makes gorgeous toast and roasted vegetables.I got a cute dress from Little Day Dresses in the mail. It's helping December look a little better.We are 25% of the way to my $1764 goal to raise money for Heifer for my birthday!Wage a…
  • How to Keep Calm and Be Practical When Clusters of Smaller Problems Befall You

    Elan Morgan
    7 Dec 2014 | 10:50 pm
    I just finished a challenging day. It was the kind of day that can make a person feel defensive and small, and it did make me feel that way for a while. I let myself wallow. I ate popcorn for supper. I yelled at the cats for being the rambunctious jerks they sometimes like to be. And then, just before I wrote this entry, I heard Onion and Lula murmuring back and forth at each other. I checked in to see what was making them so pleased with everything, and there they were, Onion snuffling through a pile of packing paper and Lula revelling in the joy of a box. They were so damn happy…
  • Here Is the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards Top 5 Nominees Shortlist

    Elan Morgan
    6 Dec 2014 | 3:26 am
    "Here Is the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards Top 5 Nominees Shortlist": The first of our two jury rounds is over! 34 jurors have adjudicated 530 blogs in 26 categories using our 10 criteria to narrow down the search for the top five blogs shortlisted in each category in the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards. Our incredible volunteer jurors have put in a great number of hours over the last week to critique hundreds of some of the best blogs by Canadians, and it is an honour to work with them. Following this announcement, these dedicated jurors will work…
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    Holy Kaw!

  • Amputee makes history with robotic arms [video]

    Kate Rinsema
    19 Dec 2014 | 4:57 am
    If you want to see just how far medicine has come, look no farther than the incredible prosthetic limbs of double shoulder-down amputee, Les Baugh. The post Amputee makes history with robotic arms [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • Top 25 South Dakota wrestler names

    Kate Rinsema
    18 Dec 2014 | 5:08 pm
    Of all the top lists of December 2014, we're pretty sure this one gets the award for most random, but if you're planning on delivering a little wrestler in the near future, is this the goldmine of monikers for you! The post Top 25 South Dakota wrestler names appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • The complex mythology of the “Lord of the Rings” explained [video]

    Josh Urich
    18 Dec 2014 | 3:00 pm
    The book series the "Lord of the Rings" is brilliant, engaging, and entertaining, but simple it is not. The mythology behind the story is so dang complex that the average reader could use a bit of help. Here it is. The post The complex mythology of the “Lord of the Rings” explained [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • 15 nuggets of Stephen Colbert wisdom

    Kate Rinsema
    18 Dec 2014 | 2:03 pm
    To honor the last time our hearts will soar with the eagle signaling the start of another insightful episode of The Colbert Report, Mashable decided to throw together some of Stephen Colbert's truthiest nuggets of wisdom. The post 15 nuggets of Stephen Colbert wisdom appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • Best, funniest Chinese language lesson ever [video]

    Josh Urich
    18 Dec 2014 | 2:00 pm
    Chinese businesses are getting more and more powerful. It might be time to learn Chinese, and there's no time like the present. Check out this funny but informative Chinese language lesson. The post Best, funniest Chinese language lesson ever [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
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  • Marlo Thomas Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

    28 Nov 2014 | 12:01 pm
    Our very own Marlo Thomas was bestowed this nation’s highest civilian honor, a Presidential Medal of Freedom.  The honor is presented to “individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”     Congrats to MAKER @MarloThomas on winning the Medal of Freedom for her world-changing work! Watch her story here — MAKERS (@MAKERSwomen) November 26, 2014   Marlo serves as national outreach director…
  • Joan Larsen Celebrates: Thanksgiving at the Lake House

    Joan Larsen
    27 Nov 2014 | 6:41 am
    It’s Thanksgiving at the Lake House and the gathering of family is always equated to love overflowing and the feeling of closeness . . . A warm welcome to our family Thanksgiving!! The greatest fun is coming early and working together to make decorations for the house As the children became teens, it became not only a challenge but fun to outdo themselves We could see the pride in their eyes over their original creations and how could we not “ohh” and “ahh” over this? We deemed it strictly stunning ! Apple cider seemed a unique touch for toasting before the big meal and below the…
  • FIND ME – Finding Missing Persons Fundraiser in NYC

    Joni Evans
    24 Oct 2014 | 8:24 am
    Recently, Mary Wells Lawrence and I joined the organization FIND ME. We learned about it from Peggy Rometo, once wowOwow’s astrologist/intuitive. Its mission is to find missing persons…in order to bring peace to their families and friends. The organization is different from any others I’ve known of. It utilizes forensic technology AND vetted psychics to create a unique force of diligent and dedicated professionals working alongside of the police. Their success rate has been astounding. I know there are many news stories (NPR, NBC News, etc.) in the works…but just…
  • The Price of a Million-Dollar Smile

    Sheila Nevins
    20 Oct 2014 | 1:00 am
    Much to her own chagrin, Sheila Nevins will stop at nothing to preserve her teeth I have spent more on my teeth (most of us have 32) than on any of my weddings, expensive spa vacations, or my kid’s entire education. This toothy madness began in preadolescence, when I wore braces for some three years for a slight overbite (très shih tzu), which I owed to prolonged thumb sucking. This frontal bucking created a mouth made for remolding. My mother had wanted a perfect child and so I was rushed to an NYU dental clinic where trembling dental wannabes completed their education in my…
  • My iPhone Made Me Cry

    Sheila Nevins
    21 Sep 2014 | 2:01 pm
    Are you befuddled by new technology? Do you long for the days of simple on/off switches and phones that simply ring hello? Do most appliances have too many options? Do tell.       My iPhone Made Me Cry An Interactive Poem I don’t cry at weddings I know the odds Sometimes I cry at funerals But always try to hold back my tears. Yet, my iPhone made me cry out loud Weep Uncontrollably Wet sobs and gasps. It refused to allow me to take charge And I’m a take-charge kinda gal. My iPhone hated me It hated my touch I tried each finger every which way Cutting nails, huffing warmth…
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    Simply Jews

  • On politicians, elections and other nonsense

    17 Dec 2014 | 8:00 pm
    The elections are coming, and the pols are getting out (or is it down?) to the mere mortals, to see and, mostly, to be seen. Like that:Being somewhat of a (very amateur) photographer, I can't miss a superficial likeness of the above and the ubiquitous squirrel shot:Frankly, here is another one, which I like best:For full disclosure: nothing personal against illustrious MK and minister Naftali Bennett: his photo just jumped out at me. And, besides, he is a politician, so as such a legitimate representative of the species. Could be any other pol these days.
  • Watcher’s Council Nominations – Cuba Betrayed Edition

    17 Dec 2014 | 5:00 pm
    Council SubmissionsThe Noisy Room – Boehner Betrays His Conservative Base by Passing the CRomnibus and ‘It Stinks to High Heaven’ The Independent Sentinel – Did The Republicans Lose The Election? Simply Jews – Wayne Madsen does it again or How to be had gracefully VA Right! - Why Would the PEC Fight to Keep Easement Enforcement on Martha Boneta’s Farm? Rhymes With Right – Harris County GOP Endorses Scott Turner For Texas Speaker Of The House The Glittering Eye -How Do You Know What You’re Doing is Right? The Razor – Limousine Liberals and Faux Populists Bookworm Room –…
  • Omar Mahmood and the goddess of Political Correctness

    16 Dec 2014 | 8:00 pm
    This post is dedicated to my friends of left persuasion, you know who you are, I bet. And I hope (nah, I know) that you'll find it in you to condemn the new generation of left wing cultural fascists that is growing among us. The story starts with an article by a University of Michigan student Omar Mahmood, who, unfortunately for him (as it appeared to be) espouses conservative beliefs. The guy (to understand his beliefs better, you have to take a look at this article, not related to the subject matter of this post) has a misfortune to possess a sense of humor. It is true that sense of humor…
  • Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees!!

    16 Dec 2014 | 5:00 pm
    It's time again for the Watcher's Council's 'Weasel Of The Week' nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for Award the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations and check back Thursday to see which Weasel gets the votes and walks off with the statuette of shame!Here are this weeks' nominees: Squeaker of the House, Obama Doormat and RINO extraordinaire John Boehner!!  The Noisy Room : John Boehner for…
  • Dear Amnesty International: fuck you very much

    15 Dec 2014 | 8:00 pm
    Hardly a week passes by without another broadside from Amnesty International in the general direction of the Zionists. This time, though, this outfit crossed the boundary between irresponsible and biased critic into the absurd hate-mongering. The human rights group Amnesty International said Israel attacks on four high-rise Gaza buildings during the summer war amounted to war crimes.This while being forced to confess one was killed in the attacks because the Israeli military warned of the impending bombing, but many in the neighborhood were injured by debris.So where is the war…
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  • Sometimes Elders Trouble Me

    Ronni Bennett
    18 Dec 2014 | 5:30 am
    Every election year, I am puzzled, and troubled too, that “my tribe” - elders – reliably votes in large numbers against its own best interests, electing Republican politicians who, almost to a person, want to cut Social Security and Medicare. Enough elders vote the GOP party ticket that it can't be just the obscenely rich oligarchy. Many old people of moderate and modest means apparently are willing to lose their Social Security and Medicare benefits even though they bought it for themselves by paying into the system all their working lives. Certainly there are times when sacrifice for…
  • Pension Theft

    Ronni Bennett
    17 Dec 2014 | 5:41 am
    IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING NOTE: Back in 2008, I made a presentation about web design for elders at the Gnomedex Conference in Seattle. I met a lot of young, interesting and engaged tech workers there and one of the them was Dave Delaney. Dave is an expert on digital marketing, social media strategy and business networking, and he hosts a regular podcast, New Business Networking. Yesterday, we recorded an interview about age, blogging and networking online and off. Dave is smart, knowledgeable and loads of fun to talk with. You can listen to the podcast here at Dave's website. I'm sure you will…
  • Hanukkah 5775

    Ronni Bennett
    16 Dec 2014 | 5:30 am
    [EDITORIAL NOTE: Usually, on big holidays, I post a photo or video, something short as a celebration and let us otherwise have a day off from the blog. This year, a contributor to The Elder Storytelling Place sent a Hanukkah story for that blog but it seems a good fit here today. Happy Hanukkah, everyone.] MY MOTHER'S MENORAH By Trudi Kappel More than half a century ago, my mother received a birthday present of a Hanukkah menorah from her father. It is sterling silver, of a modern design and, unusual, burns oil not candles. When my Mother died, 23 years ago, I inherited it. I identify as an…
  • And the Winner of How To Be Old Is...

    Ronni Bennett
    15 Dec 2014 | 5:30 am
    Last week, I told you about a new book I like a lot, How To Be Old, a modern-language update of Marcus Tullius Cicero's 2000-year-old masterpiece, De Senectute, by Richard Gerberding and Lance Rossi. A random number drawing was held for an extra copy I have and the winner is – ta-dum - the reader who signs her comments "annie" but her real name is Harriet. I'll let her explain: "My first name is Harriet. But my middle name is Ann. To family and dear friends, I am annie. After forty years in Colorado, I'm back home in So. Cal and loving it. No snow or ice! "P.P.S. I meant to add that I've…
  • ELDER MUSIC: 1966 Again

    Ronni Bennett
    14 Dec 2014 | 5:30 am
    This Sunday Elder Music column was launched in December of 2008. By May of the following year, one commenter, Peter Tibbles, had added so much knowledge and value to my poor attempts at musical presentations that I asked him to take over the column. He's been here each week ever since delighting us with his astonishing grasp of just about everything musical, his humor and sense of fun. You can read Peter's bio here and find links to all his columns here. What happened in 1966? Lee Ann Womack was born Bob Dylan was injured in a motor cycle accident.  He vanished for over a year. The…
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    Ann Handley - Content Marketing Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author

  • Creative, Funny, Unusually Honest Marketing of an Awful Dog Named ‘Eddie the Terrible’

    Ann Handley
    16 Dec 2014 | 7:30 am
    Most pet adoption listings try to make the cats and dogs up for adoption as appealing as possible. But not the Humane Society Silicon Valley, which last week published a creative, funny, and unusually honest listing for a tiny tornado of a Chihuahua, “Eddie the Terrible.” Image source: Humane Society Silicon Valley It’s an awesome piece of writing—rough edges and all—by Finnegan Dowling, who works with the shelter. And it’s the ridiculously good writing that’s making this pint-sized demon dog a mini viral sensation. Eddie has been written up in the Huffington Post.
  • 6 Things You Can Learn from an Unfunny Marketer’s Funny Redemption

    Ann Handley
    10 Dec 2014 | 9:21 am
    Fifteen years ago, my friend Doug Kessler swore off any attempt at “comedy” after an attempt at funny dissolved into flat-out failure. Doug, who runs marketing agency Velocity UK in London, recalls the white-hot shame of it all: “We wrote a script. Sent it to client. We expected some review and back and forth… but when they said ‘Great! Let’s shoot it!’… we did. “It was SO not funny and SO stupid that I’m still blushing 15 years later.” But, more recently, Doug started to rethink things. Because what’s working in B2B marketing is (quite often) the offbeat…
  • This Simple Strategy Will Stuff Your Business so Full of Content That It Will Have to Wear Its Fat Pants

    Ann Handley
    25 Nov 2014 | 8:36 am
    Creating ridiculously good content is hard. Which is why you have to squeeze every drop of juice out of whatever content you create—as C.C. Chapman and I wrote in the fifth “rule” in Content Rules: “Reimagine; don’t recycle.” “Recycling is an afterthought; good content is intentionally reimagined, as its inception, for various platforms and formats,” we wrote. “[C]reate content that comes to life in various formats, across many different platforms, and that can address multiple audiences.” In other words, instead of using a “one and done” approach,…
  • 10 Ways to Create a Culture of Writing

    Ann Handley
    20 Nov 2014 | 7:00 am
    Many organizations have hired a content manager or director, or chief storyteller, or chief content officer. But how can content leaders champion a more content-oriented company culture so that everybody on their team writes? I got this question recently. Let me paraphrase what that question-asker was really asking: How can you get busy coworkers (or lazy slackers—ha!) to write for the company blog? But I think the question could be broader than that—or should be. Because creating a culture of writing doesn’t mean simply producing more blog fodder. It also means creating a culture of…
  • This New Book Will Make You a Content Marketing Rock Star

    Ann Handley
    12 Nov 2014 | 7:30 am
    Too many business books feel like cover bands. They might be entertaining enough, but ultimately what they deliver feels a little lacking—a substitute for the real deal. Which is why I love this new digital book launching this week from my friend Jason Miller, Welcome to the Funnel – or, WTTF, as I affectionately call it. Jason self-published it, and he asked me to write the foreword. I’m allergic to books that deliver the why but not the how. So I love the practical, specific, how-to of WTTF. This isn’t a book of inexplicit generalities, amorphous marketing platitudes, and vague…
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    Citizen of the Month

  • The Ninth Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert — LIVE!

    18 Dec 2014 | 8:54 am
    photo by Lotus Carroll of Lotus Carroll Welcome to the The 2014 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert! It is my honor to be with you here for the eighth year of this concert. Thank you for keeping this blogging tradition alive. May we all be happy, healthy, and creatively productive in 2015! Click here to view the embedded video.Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit (Christmas Has Arrived) performed by Nenette Alejandria Mayor of Life Candy and her daughter, Miranda. Click here to view the embedded video.Joy the the World performed by Kristen Howerton from Rage Against the Minivan, Chad…
  • The Ghost of Christmahanukwanzaakah Past

    14 Dec 2014 | 8:45 am
    Oh great, all weekend my Facebook feed was filled with your damn Chrismahanukwanzakah trees and decorations and menorahs, and your obnoxious kids singing in their school choirs, posing as clean-cut, as if we didn’t know they spend the rest of the year Snapchatting photos of themselves to the other kids in junior high. I hate the holidays, and I don’t understand how any of you can express any joy and hope or celebrate life when we live in a world filled with sexism, racism, agism, genderism, fat shaming, and the death of the political magazine, The New Republic. What’s there…
  • “Hang Out in Another Neighborhood” Day

    29 Nov 2014 | 10:18 am
    I was the opening speaker at the graduation of my Queens elementary school, P.S. 154. I still remember most of the speech. It was a sixth grader’s riff on Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream.”  He was a hero to everyone, including me. There were three portraits on the wall of my classroom that year– George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King.  We were a mixed school of different religions and races, and it was as clear as anything that society was changing fast — and that this was the future. We were heading towards a color-blind society…
  • Mom, Are You a Feminist?

    17 Nov 2014 | 2:25 pm
    I’m eating some chicken soup my mother made (yes, true!) while reading an article online, when I decide to ask my mother the big question that will finally decide the course of Western history. Me:  Mom, are you a feminist? Mom:  Uh, what do you mean? Me:   Do you consider yourself a feminist? Mom:    Well, I always worked as a woman. Me:   That doesn’t mean you are a feminist. Do you believe in equal pay for men and women? Mom:    Yes. Me:   And do you believe that both a man and a woman can be the boss? Mom:    Of course. I was an office manager. Me:   Will you vote…
  • The Ninth Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert

    15 Nov 2014 | 6:50 pm
    It is time for the announcement of the Ninth Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, all new, all exciting for 2014! Nine years!  Can you believe it? Here are the past blockbuster concerts — 2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012 2013 This year’s concert will take place on December 18, 2014 right here on this blog. It is time to hear YOU PERFORM!   YOU are the CONCERT.  That gives you about a month to work your magic. Sign up in the comments today. Concert FAQ: 1.  Create a video (or audio) file of you performing a holiday song.  If you…
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    Simply Stated Blogs

  • The Easiest Way to Come to Terms with the Past

    18 Dec 2014 | 4:30 am
    Get the Daily Thought in your inbox. See more inspiring quotes on our Pinterest board. What’s Hot on How to Make Ornaments With Stuff You Have in Your House 11 Insanely Pretty Christmas Cupcakes 7 Ingenious Hacks to Make Hot Chocolate Even BetterFiled under: Daily Thought
  • Don’t Let This Hold You Back

    17 Dec 2014 | 4:30 am
    Get the Daily Thought in your inbox. See more inspiring quotes on our Pinterest board. What’s Hot on How to Make Ornaments With Stuff You Have in Your House 11 Insanely Pretty Christmas Cupcakes 7 Ingenious Hacks to Make Hot Chocolate Even BetterFiled under: Daily Thought
  • An Author’s Thoughts on Happiness

    16 Dec 2014 | 4:30 am
    Get the Daily Thought in your inbox. See more inspiring quotes on our Pinterest board. What’s Hot on How to Make Ornaments With Stuff You Have in Your House 11 Insanely Pretty Christmas Cupcakes 7 Ingenious Hacks to Make Hot Chocolate Even BetterFiled under: Daily Thought
  • 1 Reason You’ve Missed Opportunities

    15 Dec 2014 | 4:30 am
    Get the Daily Thought in your inbox. See more inspiring quotes on our Pinterest board. What’s Hot on How to Make Ornaments With Stuff You Have in Your House 11 Insanely Pretty Christmas Cupcakes 7 Habits of Thoughtful Gift Givers Filed under: Daily Thought
  • Why Kristen Bell Loves to Cook

    12 Dec 2014 | 4:30 am
    Get the Daily Thought in your inbox. See more inspiring quotes on our Pinterest board. What’s Hot on How to Make Ornaments With Stuff You Have in Your House 11 Insanely Pretty Christmas Cupcakes 7 Ingenious Hacks to Make Hot Chocolate Even BetterFiled under: Daily Thought
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    turnings :: daniel berlinger

  • David Carr’s sad story

    2 Dec 2014 | 10:26 am
    Scripting News: The end of David Carr’s current column in the NY Times is, I think, meant to outrage us. Reporters are being asked to deliver papers. I’m trying to think of what the analog would be in programming. We have to do a lot of menial tasks. Without a pulpit like Carr’s on which to tell our tale of woe. But I agree. Having a professional reporter deliver papers is ridiculous. [snip -ed] Summary: You have to let more of the world in. Or eventually the world will invent what you have with a different name. That’s always been the option. The Times should have…
  • → President Obama’s statement pushing for net neutrality

    10 Nov 2014 | 2:51 pm
    → President Obama’s statement pushing for net neutrality: And isn’t it sad that a U.S. president can have such a strong opinion on a regulatory decision that’s such obvious common sense, so obviously beneficial to consumers (and the lack of which is so obviously harmful), so well-supported by the citizens, and falling on the shoulders of someone he appointed, yet it still has such a low chance of actually getting done? ∞ Permalink [More than sad, it’s everything that’s wrong with government in the US today.]
  • MacRumors: ‘iOS 8 Adoption Stagnates Just Two and a Half Weeks After Launch’

    8 Oct 2014 | 7:18 am
    MacRumors: ‘iOS 8 Adoption Stagnates Just Two and a Half Weeks After Launch’: Very worrisome — a canary-in-the-coal-mine indicator that casual users no longer trust Apple with major iOS updates. Last year the number for iOS 7 adoption was in the 70s in October, which was a faster adoption rate than iOS 6 the year prior.  ★  [Here’s my take. Lots of devices don’t have the room necessary to complete the update, and folks haven’t made time to do anything about it yet. My son’s device is a perfect example, 16G, totally maxed out. I haven’t had…
  • 20 years of blogging

    7 Oct 2014 | 10:08 am
    20 years of blogging: Every day I try to do some development work on my projects, but I see the end coming, not too far away. I don’t think I’ll be digging any great new holes in the future, but I do want to wrap up all the stuff I’ve started. That’s what the last few years have been about. I want to have great open publishing tools, that don’t require you to give everything you have to a billionaire in the hopes of getting a little attention. [It does all come to end, and in technology it is harder to sustain a legacy I think. If you build a great building, it…
  • ★ Now Batting for the Yankees, Number 2

    2 Oct 2014 | 12:37 pm
    ★ Now Batting for the Yankees, Number 2: One final time, Bob Sheppard’s voice booms through The Stadium. “Now batting for the Yankees, number 2, Derek Jeter. Number 2.” Winning run on second base. One out. Everyone in The Stadium is standing. I’m standing watching at home. My son, 10, is standing on the couch next to me. The tension is excruciating. First pitch, Jeter jumps on it with his signature inside-out swing. Single to right! Richardson beats the throw to the plate. Yankees win. Yankees win. Pandemonium. My boy jumps off the couch into my arms and we run…
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    Apartment Life

  • Top U.S. Cities to Have an Apartment in Winter

    18 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    As the days shorten, the dreams of many apartment dwellers turn to visions of winter wonderlands. Sunday is the pinnacle of this as the official first day of winter arrives with the winter solstice. Whether you love sledding, winter sports, or just sitting by the fire, we reveal our selections for the best cities in […] The post Top U.S. Cities to Have an Apartment in Winter appeared first on Apartment Life.
  • How to Get on Your Apartment Neighbors’ Good Side  

    17 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    So you’ve settled into your new apartment and want to make friends with your neighbors. Maybe they’re quiet and almost transparent, making you overly cautious – or maybe they host rowdy football Sundays when you’re trying to get in some quiet time. Either way, it’s good to know how to deal with people that you […] The post How to Get on Your Apartment Neighbors’ Good Side   appeared first on Apartment Life.
  • 3 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles

    16 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    Whether you’re exploring your theatrical talents, just got a job offer, or are just getting a new start, Los Angeles is probably one of the more challenging places to get settled into as a new resident. As one of the biggest cities in the world, even urbanites can get overwhelmed. If you’re not sure where […] The post 3 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles appeared first on Apartment Life.
  • New Year – New Semester – New Apartment

    11 Dec 2014 | 10:00 am
    Finally it is here. Finals week is finished. You have packed up your dorm, and have left the campus for a wonderful holiday break. After a long stressful fall semester, nothing could be more welcome. But, while you are away, visions of a better campus life will be running through your head like sugar plums […] The post New Year – New Semester – New Apartment appeared first on Apartment Life.
  • 3 Steps To Preparing Your Apartment For Holiday Visitors

    9 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    If you’re planning on hosting any friends and family during the holidays this year, it’s likely your apartment will need a little preparation before your guests arrive. The holiday season is a hectic time for most of us, which means things like dusting your apartment may fall to the wayside. Don’t worry though, following these […] The post 3 Steps To Preparing Your Apartment For Holiday Visitors appeared first on Apartment Life.
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    Dave Writes

  • How to Solve the Decline of Local News

    Dave Atkins
    10 Dec 2014 | 5:48 am
    The related problems of declining relevancy of local news coverage, lack of effective civic engagement, and impediments to local economic development can be solved by rethinking the role of journalism and devising a new business model that recognizes economic value from citizen engagement. Here are some symptoms of the problems: Local news coverage–for small to medium sized towns–is almost completely non-existent. It survives only through the personal efforts of a few remaining newspapers and hobbyist websites like my and other hyperlocal sites. Large…
  • Changes

    Dave Atkins
    31 Aug 2013 | 2:17 pm
    I’ve removed some links from this blog and will be reworking as well. I have not disappeared…and I will write again, but for now, I’m pulling back the content from the past year that failed to go anywhere.
  • How to Email (or Delete) Multiple Photos from your iPhone

    Dave Atkins
    20 Aug 2012 | 6:53 am
    As an early adopter of the iPhone (I remember when there was no such thing as “copy” and “paste.”), I kind of became used to some limitations and never bothered to find out if they had ever been addressed. Many have–years ago, apparantly–including the ability to manage your photos in batches. Here’s how it works: Open the photos app and go to your camera roll: Tap the share button in the top right corner: Now you select multiple photos and scroll through your entire photo library: Just tap the photos you want and a checkbox will appear next to them.
  • Flipping the Classroom

    Dave Atkins
    14 Aug 2012 | 10:20 pm
    As the school year rapidly approaches, we are excited to have all three of our children at the same school in Boston. Marshall, who is 4 1/2 years old, will be starting K1, the first year of kindergarten. All the kids are excited. I need to update this blog because the last post was so long ago and looks pretty negative by the title. The content here has pretty much dried up despite sort of a plan to blog about improving the Boston Public Schools. But I’ve concluded it’s a waste of breath to opine about the lottery or propose complicated solutions to problems that many other…
  • Choosing the Worst Schools

    Dave Atkins
    4 May 2012 | 6:00 am
    At our parents meeting on Monday night, we heard from one parent who must have drawn the worst lottery number–both this year and last. His child got nothing for K1 last year after ranking 14 schools, then after ranking 16 elementary schools this year, remains unassigned. They are wait listed at 3 schools, but at least 50 families are ahead. There is no requirement that Boston Public Schools enroll his child until January. And there just are not a lot of options for a child who is too old for preschool. Even if money were no object, the private schools fill up, have early deadlines, and…
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    Reality Me

  • Boozin’ Bozo is your m-f’ing friend

    Doug McCaughan
    13 Dec 2014 | 7:46 am
    I have too many friends who will enjoy this brilliance by Billie Ballantine? to not post. That said, if you are 18 or under, don’t watch this video. If you have sensitive ears, don’t watch this video (language warning). If you are afraid of clowns, don’t watch…hell, watch this video, Boozin’ Bozo? is your M-F friend! WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE/SCARY CLOWNS "Totally insane is an Original Composition Written, Produced and Performed by Billie Ballantine Back Beat by Jordon Reese" See also If you aren’t on tsu yet, join…
  • Take my money now!

    Doug McCaughan
    11 Dec 2014 | 3:29 am
    Dear Santa, I want this: See more here.
  • Protected: Early Mornings

    Doug McCaughan
    11 Dec 2014 | 2:47 am
    This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password:
  • A cloud is rolling in

    Doug McCaughan
    8 Dec 2014 | 10:15 am
    My head is heavy My thoughts are deep I am not tired But very weak. …
  • Guess what I did on the way to work!

    Doug McCaughan
    4 Dec 2014 | 5:58 am
    I knew things were about to get messy so I put on some rubber gloves. I worked it by myself but was getting nowhere then a female sales associate joined me. The two of us grunted, writhed, and struggled but could not get it in despite having used excessive lubricant on the rubber. The tip got messy and we had to stop to clean it. Then it occurred to me to put some lubricant on my finger, insert it in the opening, and rub it around the inside edges. After that it slipped in with ease and I explained, "It just wasn’t enough lube. You had to use more lube." I gave it three screws…
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    sex and the beach

  • Follow the Fish and Hibiscus Trail in Islamorada

    Maria de los Angeles
    9 Dec 2014 | 10:25 am
    Look for the fish and hibiscus flower logo.If you blink while driving down Route 1 at mile marker 85, you'll miss the area that makes up the Morada Way Arts and Cultural District. But don't let size fool you. The district is a thriving enclave of culture in a place where it's all about the water.Folks come to Islamorada to look at fish, catch fish and eat fish but to see fish on canvas? That might be an afterthought, but it shouldn't be. Marine-inspired artists here capture the spirit of a community devoted to its aquatic surroundings.The Morada Way district was founded in 2010 off an…
  • Who Says White Fish Can't Jump?

    Maria de los Angeles
    3 Dec 2014 | 6:52 am
    Here little fishy, here!What weighs more than an average adult human and jumps oh so very high? If you guessed LeBron James, guess again.Behold Megalops atlanticus, a.k.a. tarpon or the Silver King of the flats, so named because of its large, silver scales. In Islamorada -- well known as the sports fishing capital of the world -- you don't need a rod and reel to witness the strength of these finny creatures. Instead, feed them by hand!Tarpon are ubiquitous in Islamorada. At the Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, you'll even sleep next to one.In my angling adventures, I've felt this strong fish…
  • A Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder in Miami

    Maria de los Angeles
    2 Dec 2014 | 7:32 am
    I fed a gentle sloth!Safari Edventure is definitely off the beaten path for Miami tourists and not exactly a pit stop for locals when they venture south of Kendall Drive. Five acres in the Redlands are eclipsed by theme park style attractions such as Miami Zoo and Jungle Island, yet the land is home to 130 species of animals and 1,000 species of plants.It's here where the not quite so wild things are: the animals were either rescued, re-homed or rehabilitated or born on the site. Glenn Fried, who has worked in wildlife education for over 35 years, and his wife Niki, run the non-profit.It's a…
  • Hair: It's Kind of a Big Deal

    Maria de los Angeles
    1 Dec 2014 | 9:33 am
    Lady Lilith by Pre-Raphaelite Dante Gabriel Rossetti.Hair, oh glorious hair! Glorified since time immemorial as a symbol of power, so much so that Delilah had to whack it off Sampson’s head, but on the flip side, patriarchs didn’t consider it fitting for women to display their loose locks in places of worship. Surely, my Spanish ancestresses wore veils to church lest G-d forbid their tresses would entice men with wanton lust. Orthodox Jewish women wear wigs for the sake of modesty. Muslim women cover-up with a hijab.But dudes take their own hair seriously, too. Sikh men protect their hair…
  • Words Made Flesh

    Maria de los Angeles
    9 Nov 2014 | 6:00 am
    "Candelita de ojos azules," wrote my mother when I turned 2 years old 45 years ago.Candelita literally means "little candle" or "little flame on the candle," but in Cuban Spanish it can also mean "a little girl with fiery curiosity and mischief to spare."My love of cooking must have started then. My mom noted that I cracked eggs on the sofa and grabbed olives from the refrigerator. I also remember opening and emptying out every single jar in the spice cupboard onto the countertop in neat little piles -- my first mis-en-place.Forty-seven years ago my mother gave birth to me in San Juan. Every…
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  • Paella Perfection

    18 Dec 2014 | 1:56 pm
    I have plenty to catch up on these days, including blogging about some things that were going on around the time my dad got sick. Just about a month ago, I went with a friend to Dave's Fresh Pasta, which is a wonderful store in Somerville that I had somehow never been to. They sell ... well, everything! Fresh pasta (of course), plus gourmet items like fancy-shmancy mustard and imported rice and olive oil, fresh bread, homemade sauces, artisanal cheeses, tons of prepared foods (both fresh and frozen), wine and beer, and more. It looks as though one small shop kept expanding to neighboring…
  • Photo Album

    17 Dec 2014 | 2:42 pm
    I finally have some photos to share of Julie’s Bat Mitzvah! I keep thinking I’ll get more soon, but I might as well just post a few now. (Those of you on FB may have already seen a few of these.) Here's the main attraction herself: and with her proud parents: and the whole family: (Yes, I'm really that short. Let's move on.) At the party, the kids' tables had these awesome balloons: and the adults' tables had gorgeous flowers: Of course we again used Linda Marino at La Bonne Maison caterers (and she's also the one who sourced those beautiful balloons and…
  • VERY Mixed Emotions

    8 Dec 2014 | 12:11 pm
    Julie’s Bat Mitzvah was a beautiful day, and something of an antidote to the very difficult week leading up to it. I was worried that there would be a somber air hovering over her big day, but there wasn’t. There were sad moments for sure, but all in all it was a chance for us to surround ourselves with loved ones and celebrate Julie. I expect to get the photos soon and will share some with you, and also the menu and highlights, but today I just want to talk about the juxtaposition of Dad’s funeral and Julie’s Bat Mitzvah, exactly 48 hours apart. I had called my rabbi the week before…
  • Limbo

    5 Dec 2014 | 11:21 am
    Yesterday was Dad's funeral, and tomorrow is Julie's Bat Mitzvah. I have no idea what today is. Stay tuned....
  • Dad

    3 Dec 2014 | 11:43 am
    I have to share with you the sad news that my dad passed away on Monday at the age of 86. You may recall that my parents had sold their Cape condo and were moving down to Florida to become year-rounders. They left on October 18; Andy drove them to the airport and reported that Dad seemed perfectly fine, even lugged the suitcases out of the car with no problem. On November 2 he went to the ER with shortness of breath, spent a week in the hospital, received a diagnosis of advanced lung cancer, and then went home. He was gone a month later. It was awfully quick, yes, but long enough that I got a…
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    Geek Mom Mashup

  • Hour of Code: Start Learning Now

    10 Dec 2014 | 10:28 am
    Hour of Code In celebration of Computer Science Education Week (December 8-14, 2014), is sponsoring and promoting a worldwide Hour of Code. (Hour of Code is organized by, a public 501c3 non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented […]
  • Geeky Gift Ideas

    3 Dec 2014 | 2:17 pm
    You may be shopping for some special nerds this Christmas, and it can be hard to find a great gift that suits those geeky preferences. I have a couple of ideas that might be useful for you. Recently, I had the opportunity to review a couple of products from Uncommon Goods, and learn about the […]
  • Amazing Water “Printer” aka the Waterfall Swing

    31 Oct 2014 | 7:59 pm
    I don’t know how I haven’t seen this before, but this Waterfall Swing is amazing! The video is from the World Maker Faire in 2011, and it is beautiful and mesmerizing. Take a look and see how this programmed waterfall “prints” shapes of water in the air. What a great demonstration of science and art! […]
  • How to Get Kids to Wash Hands the Right Way

    16 Sep 2014 | 2:13 pm
    Now that school is back in session, kids are exposed to bacteria and viruses more frequently. Just three days into the first week of school, my fourth grade daughter came home with a fever. I was annoyed, but not surprised, at how quickly she had gotten sick. When illnesses make the news, reporters always share […]
  • Is “Like a Girl” an Insult?

    1 Jul 2014 | 10:11 am
    I think the phrase “like a girl” is used as an insult, not as a compliment, almost every time it is spoken. Here is an interesting video by Always, that looks at what we think when we’re told to do something “like a girl,” and how we might change what it means. I like the […]
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    Magpie Musing

  • All I Want For Christmas...

    2 Dec 2014 | 6:09 am
    Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. Then came the shopping mayhem days: Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Today's Giving Tuesday, a day to make a difference. And, though you're surely inundated by pleas from this great organization and that terrific non-profit, let me tug a little at your heartstrings.Since sometime in the last century, more than 18 years if you really want to know, I've worked at a small awesome unique tuition-free ballet school. In a nutshell (though we don't put on a Nutcracker), we audition kids in the NYC public schools, and we teach them to dance.
  • Game, Set, Match

    1 Dec 2014 | 5:43 am
    Setting: Our car, at the outset of a two hour drive, the day after Thanksgiving.Husband: "I can't believe you didn't swap your iPod over to all Christmas music."I reach for the radio, and he says "how do you know you're going to find any Christmas music?" I push the on button, it launches into the usual last-listened-to NPR. I hit the station search button, and 94.3 locks in, in the middle of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.How it is that my husband did not know that the FM dial is littered with all-Christmas-all-the-time at this time of the year is beyond me.Point to the Magpie.
  • Alice Shook Her Head

    17 Nov 2014 | 10:43 am
    It wasn't until I got to work this morning that I remembered about the tattoo. "Is that a real tattoo?" "What does it say?" No, it's a temporary, and it's because months ago I signed onto a goofy Kickstarter where for a bit of pocket change, I got a temporary tattoo with a line out of Through The Looking Glass. The company doing this carved up both Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass into around 5000 unique sentences/phrases, and issued them as one-offs. My job was to apply the tattoo, and upload a picture to their website.So I did.Of course it's on my neck. It says "Alice shook…
  • Squash Bread #2

    13 Nov 2014 | 2:30 pm
    I love this bread. It's lovely toasted, it smells a little like Zwieback (which, unhappily, Nabisco discontinued), and it makes me feel virtuous because it's laced with puréed squash. The original recipe includes walnuts, raisins and cranberries and has a long rise in the fridge. I wanted a more versatile loaf, so I leave out all of the nuts & berries, and I start it in the bread machine, but I bake it in the oven. Yeasted Squash Bread (adapted from Baking With Julia)Wet stuff1 egg1 cup squash purée2 T. warm water5 T. butter (at room temperature)Dry stuff2 2/3 cups bread flour1/3 cup sugar1…
  • Squash Bread #1

    11 Nov 2014 | 2:04 pm
    There are hundreds of dozens of recipes for pumpkin bread on the web. I'm posting this mostly because I finally tweaked one just so, and I want to remember it, damn it. It's good.Squash Bread (adapted from Simply Recipes)Dry stuff1 cup all purpose flour1/2 cup spelt1/2 teaspoon of salt1/2 cup white sugar1/2 cup brown sugar1 t. baking soda1/2 t. ground ginger1/2 t. cinnamon1/2 t. freshly ground nutmeg1/2 t. allspiceWet stuff2 eggs1 cup squash purée*1/4 cup water1/2 cup melted coconut oilOther stuff1/2 cup chopped walnuts1) Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease a normal sized loaf pan.2) Mix all the…
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    Joshua Bryce Newman

  • Schooled

    9 Dec 2014 | 7:17 pm
    Back in my early twenties, during the go-go days of the first Internet bubble, I used to get invited to speak at business schools. Each time, I’d tell the class of students: you’re older than me, smarter, wiser, more experienced. You don’t need to listen to what I have to say. And each time, I’d watch them dutifully write in their notebooks: ‘don’t listen to what he says.’ Ever since, I’ve been deeply dubious of b-schools. Start with the case method of teaching, for example. By definition, the companies students study became cases by doing new,…
  • Now, Again

    7 Dec 2014 | 9:35 pm
    “There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A man’s whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do, and nothing left to pursue.” – Hagakure
  • Mean, Mode

    30 Nov 2014 | 6:02 am
    “Startups don’t win by attacking. They win by transcending.” – Paul Graham, “Mean People Fail”
  • Coming Soon

    29 Nov 2014 | 9:43 am
  • Black Friday

    28 Nov 2014 | 7:03 am
    Over their first two years, Jess’ company Dobbin  has built an unusually loyal customer base.   In a lot of ways, the company is a response to ‘fast fashion’ brands like Zara and H&M, which get trend right, but don’t pay much attention to their quality of fabric, construction or fit.  Sure, it’s easy to copy an idea from a Prada dress; but unless you use the same fabric, the same factories, and the same extensive fit process, you end up with something that looks great on the rack, but not nearly so great when it’s actually worn. Hence…
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    The Art of Manliness

  • How to Rock a Pocket Square: An Illustrated Guide

    Brett and Kate McKay
    18 Dec 2014 | 12:38 pm
    The pocket square is a small accessory that, when added to a get-up, allows men to express themselves and vary their look without having to buy a whole bunch of different suits. It lends your suit jacket a bit of finished panache and can add a bit of interest to your appearance without it looking like you’re trying too hard. This illustrated guide covers everything you need to know to rock a pocket square with style. Illustrated by Ted Slampyak
  • The 16 Best Books Read by the AoM Team in 2014

    AoM Team
    17 Dec 2014 | 7:39 pm
    Here at the Art of Manliness, we’re big believers in the brain-boosting, character-expanding, enjoyment-inducing power of books. Kate, Jeremy, and I always have our nose in a book (or pointing at a digital reader). Whether we’re reading something specifically for research for an article, or just for pleasure, most of what we read ends up in a post somehow. Below you’ll find a list of the best books we collectively read this year. These aren’t necessarily books that came out in 2014, but simply the books we happened to pick up and enjoy this year; the oldest…
  • Outfitted & Equipped: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

    Brett and Kate McKay
    17 Dec 2014 | 12:05 pm
    This post is brought to you by Blue Claw Co. Check out their line of timeless bags and travel accessories, all handmade in America.  Free domestic shipping on all orders. Order today and your purchase will arrive by Christmas. How does Outfitted & Equipped work? The FAQ. Many men out there will be heading home next week to celebrate Christmas with their extended family. If your folks haven’t seen you in awhile, wear something nice when you fly in; you know your mom is anxious to see if it looks like you’re healthy and doing well. It’s also nice to don something that starts to get…
  • How and Why to Improve Your Cursive Penmanship

    Brett and Kate McKay
    16 Dec 2014 | 4:20 pm
    Over the years here at the Art of Manliness we’ve sung the praises of the handwritten letter and simply writing things out by hand in general. Typically, when folks think about writing a handwritten note, they imagine doing it in cursive. Perhaps it’s because we’ve all seen movies set in times past where people open up handwritten letters to reveal a note filled with handsome script. Whatever the reason, I know a common refrain we hear with these posts is that many people feel their cursive handwriting is atrocious, to the point that it’s illegible. And when we get letters in the mail…
  • The Churchill School of Adulthood – Lesson #2: Establish a Daily Routine

    Brett and Kate McKay
    15 Dec 2014 | 10:50 am
    When Winston Churchill left the military at age 26 to pursue a writing career and a seat in Parliament, he looked forward to being free of “discipline and authority, and set up in perfect independence in England with nobody to give me orders or arouse me by bell or trumpet.” Yet even though his day-to-day life was no longer structured by a schoolmaster or a superior officer, he did not in fact do away with having a daily schedule altogether. Instead, he created a routine he actually delighted in – because he had created it himself. A visitor to Chartwell, his home in the English…
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  • Urban Gazebo in Black and White

    Jon Armstrong
    19 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    This is the Blurbomat feed Super wide and black and white all over. The post Urban Gazebo in Black and White appeared first on Blurbomat.
  • Stormy Descent

    Jon Armstrong
    15 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    This is the Blurbomat feed Scary landing, cool photo. The post Stormy Descent appeared first on Blurbomat.
  • The Great Salt Lake Looks Like Lava

    Jon Armstrong
    14 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    This is the Blurbomat feed Last light looks like lava. The post The Great Salt Lake Looks Like Lava appeared first on Blurbomat.
  • Link: 43: Holiday Johns

    12 Dec 2014 | 8:01 am
    This is the Blurbomat feed It's all Jo(h)ns, including Daring Fireball's own John Gruber. The post Link: 43: Holiday Johns appeared first on Blurbomat.
  • An easier way to make videos with your kids

    Jon Armstrong
    8 Dec 2014 | 10:00 am
    This is the Blurbomat feed This app is a great way for your kids to focus on something positive instead of being annoyed that you are shooting video of them. The post An easier way to make videos with your kids appeared first on Blurbomat.
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    Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel

  • PHOTO: Church of the Assumption and WWII Memorial in Yaroslavl, Russia

    Barbara Weibel
    18 Dec 2014 | 6:00 am
    Click on above photo to view it in large format: WWII Memorial and eternal flame frame the Church of the Assumption in Yaroslavl, Russia. The church is relatively new, having been built on the site of an earlier, smaller church that stood on the spot where the city of Yaroslavl was founded. (Visited 17 times, 17 visits today)The post PHOTO: Church of the Assumption and WWII Memorial in Yaroslavl, Russia appeared first on Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel.
  • PHOTO: Portrait of Woman in Yaroslavl, Russia

    Barbara Weibel
    17 Dec 2014 | 5:30 am
    Click on above photo to view it in large format: Local woman making her daily food purchases in Yaroslavl, Russia kindly allows me to take her photo (Visited 42 times, 42 visits today)The post PHOTO: Portrait of Woman in Yaroslavl, Russia appeared first on Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel.
  • PHOTO: Street Vendor in Yaroslavl, Russia

    Barbara Weibel
    16 Dec 2014 | 6:30 am
    Click on above photo to view it in large format: Man sells fresh picked mushrooms and cranberries on the street outside the fresh market in Yaroslavl, Russia (Visited 182 times, 182 visits today)The post PHOTO: Street Vendor in Yaroslavl, Russia appeared first on Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel.
  • PHOTO: Shopping at the Fresh Market in Yaroslavl, Russia

    Barbara Weibel
    15 Dec 2014 | 6:00 am
    Click on above photo to view it in large format: Shopping at the fresh market in Yaroslavl, Russia. This vendor sells locally produced honey, including some still on the beehive. (Visited 63 times, 63 visits today)The post PHOTO: Shopping at the Fresh Market in Yaroslavl, Russia appeared first on Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel.
  • VIDEO: Experiencing the Culture of Russia

    Barbara Weibel
    14 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
        (Visited 39 times, 39 visits today)The post VIDEO: Experiencing the Culture of Russia appeared first on Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel.
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    Anne Marie Miller

  • Until 2015, I Bid Thee Adieu.

    Anne Marie Miller
    9 Dec 2014 | 8:04 pm
    You finally close the day’s work after reading and taking notes and asking questions. You stack the books, the printouts, the papers, the highlighters, the notebooks; you stack it all, on the dining room table for tomorrow. You save the manuscript. You close the computer. You walk away. And you hear a small voice whisper, “Add a chapter.” You argue back, “The title of the book is ’10 Things Parents Need to Know About Their Kids and Sex’ – You can’t just go and add a chapter!” He says, “Chapter 10 needs to be: Parents Need to Know…
  • The Power of a “Thank You” in the Story of Redemption

    Anne Marie Miller
    2 Dec 2014 | 1:28 pm
    Five minutes of pure beauty. The post The Power of a “Thank You” in the Story of Redemption appeared first on Anne Marie Miller • Author & Bible Teacher.
  • Free Devotional: Surviving Christmas: Advent Devotions for the Hard and Holy Holidays

    Anne Marie Miller
    24 Nov 2014 | 4:45 am
    Growing up, I didn’t know much about Advent. Christmas cantatas, yes. Live nativity scenes, yes. Stolen baby Jesus dolls, yes. Advent…not so much. It was a few years ago after I began attending St. Bartholomew’s in Nashville where Advent really took a hold on my heart: a time to prepare and reflect upon the coming Christ, his birth, death and resurrection, the narrative of Mary and Joseph, angels, dirt, mundane, pain, rejoicing. Over time, I’ve written a few blog posts inspired by the season or on Christmas in general. Because as mystical and ponderous Advent is, the…
  • Enjoy A Free Chapter of “Lean on Me” from the Folks at FaithGateway

    Anne Marie Miller
    20 Nov 2014 | 7:25 am
      The fine folks at FaithGateway posted a free chapter of Lean on Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable and Consistent Community today. Here’s a little tease; you can click over to their website for the rest! They’re also offering 20% off the book, too! (Insert your own verbiage about stocking stuffers or Christmas shopping here…I’ll save you the grief.) Much love, Anne Marie Sometimes the only way to return is to go. — Josh Garrels Leaving behind four years of friendships in Nashville, I moved to California, confidently running, fearless in my decision to…
  • Having a Plan for Coping with Anxiety

    Anne Marie Miller
    9 Nov 2014 | 5:06 pm
    It was 3:12 am and it felt like what I imagine a heart attack feels like. If I hadn’t felt this tightness hundreds of times before in the last 20 years, I probably would have been concerned, but it was a familiar foe. Rarely does it visit while I’m sleeping, but last night it did. I took some deep breaths, told my brain what was happening (because brains are only wired to know evidence – my racing heart and shallow breathing – not reason.) “You are starting to have a panic attack. There is no reason you should be this afraid. You are healthy, you are safe. This feeling…
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  • The Sojourner’s Dilemma

    Alex Berger
    18 Dec 2014 | 11:16 am
    I love Copenhagen. It is, quite possibly, my favorite capital city in the world.  Yet, recently, I found myself falling out of love with the city. A combination of factors – winter, a cold, the stress of the job search, and a daily commute that ate up three hours of my schedule started to weigh
  • Fishing Boats Dragged Ashore – Weekly Travel Photo & Product Review

    Alex Berger
    6 Dec 2014 | 3:36 am
    Generations ago fishing ships were dragged ashore through brute force, a bit of creative mechanics, and a stalwart work ethic. This avoided the need for the construction of grand breakwaters and deep harbors.  However, as technology has progressed and the ease of construction has increased, more and more safe harbors have been created up and
  • The Little Mermaid – Copenhagen’s Tribute To Disappointment

    Alex Berger
    2 Dec 2014 | 8:21 am
    When it comes to tourism, talk of Denmark far too often revolves around what is, perhaps, one of its most unimpressive and disappointing landmarks – the Little Mermaid. This sorrowful lass reclining by the sea is not ugly. And yet, she is not beautiful. In truth, the Little Mermaid is bland. She is a small
  • Autumn In Jutland – Weekly Travel Photo

    Alex Berger
    25 Nov 2014 | 11:15 pm
    There is a special window each year. A window of time ever so fleeting and hard to track. It is never the same day, week, or month. Ever in flux it varies from valley to glen, coast to fjord. In places like Arizona it is nearly non-existent except in the high country and yet in
  • See My Photo in National Geographic Nordics This Month

    Alex Berger
    14 Nov 2014 | 12:09 am
    As an aspiring photographer and lifelong traveler there is one organization that, above all others, has fueled my imagination since I was a young boy. The images of majestic animals, exotic peoples, and grand cultural undertakings are part of the foundation which crafted the traveler I am today. Even in the modern digital age where
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    Confessions of a Pioneer Woman | Ree Drummond

  • Sister Snapshot

    17 Dec 2014 | 7:34 am
    The girls and I went outside for approximately twelve minutes yesterday to snap some photos just when the light was right. There were several posed photos of the two of them individually, but this one—this candid, unplanned moment—was my favorite. It captures their youth, their sweetness, and their sense of fun.       Rewind fifteen years. They don’t really look like they’re having all that much fun here, do they? Ha. That could be because their mother had taken them to a mall kiosk, put weird clothes on them, handed one of them a spray-painted violin,…
  • Oh, My Heart

    15 Dec 2014 | 7:20 am
    This was taken a few years ago and was part of our Christmas card in 2007 or 1994 or 2008 or something like that. I love it! And I hate it. I love it because they were so young. I hate it because they’re so old now. I love it because it feels like it was just yesterday and I remember every article of clothing they’re wearing. I hate it because all of these clothes are long gone by now. (Except I think we still have one of those stocking caps.) I love it because our dog Nell was in some of the photos I took that day. I hate it because Nell isn’t with us anymore. But mostly I…
  • Ship of Hope

    10 Dec 2014 | 6:54 am
    This photo reminds me of my mother-in-law. You see, when I was planning the Cowboy Christmas Party that was featured on Food Network last weekend, I knew I wanted the party to be homey and familiar, not sleek and elegant, because sleek and elegant generally doesn’t work around here. Too much manure, too much dust. Whenever I think of a “homey and familiar” party, I always think of the scene in the movie “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton where they have a community party (and okay, it’s in Vermont, but who’s counting), where white lights hung from the…
  • Bedlam!

    8 Dec 2014 | 5:51 am
    On Saturday, Marlboro Man, the kids, and I went to the OU/OSU game, which is known here in Oklahoma as “Bedlam.” It was at OU, and since our household typically roots for the OSU Cowboys (both my parents and Marlboro Man’s parents went to college there), it made for an interesting day. First, there was the discussion of whether or not we should wear orange to the game. Our tickets were smack dab in the middle of Sooner territory, and for some reason, my understated husband thought it might be inconsiderate for us to show up and make an enormous orange statement. I, on the…
  • Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening!

    2 Dec 2014 | 5:52 am
    Good morning, I mean good afternoon, I mean…good evening! What time is it? What day is it? Oh, well. Either way, I have a list.   1. We had a lovely Thanksgiving. What about you? My favorite dish was every dish and my favorite pie was every pie.     2. My voice is back! By the time it was all over, I had no voice for three whole days, very little voice for 2 days, and it’s slowly gotten better ever since. You should have heard me sing in church Sunday, though. I sounded like a donkey. A middle-aged, redheaded, holy spirit-filled donkey. HEE-haw, HEE-haw.  …
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    Boss Sanders

  • Thoughts on Ferguson

    26 Nov 2014 | 11:56 am
    I’ve not said much at all regarding what’s going on in Ferguson.  I don’t want to hurt or dishonor my friends and family of all colors, my law-enforcement friends/family, or any hurting hearts.  And, the truth is… I don’t feel like I have a complete picture. You see, I don’t know what was going through the heads of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson (the cop).  I don’t know their motives or thoughts as they acted and then, reacted.  Sitting here, in the safety of my home, I can’t even imagine the fear or surprise or even, anger.  I can imagine…
  • Raising Kingdom Kids by Tony Evans – A Review

    2 Oct 2014 | 3:37 pm
    When we have children, it’s easy to get caught up in the checklist of all of the things we “ought” to do.  We can feel overwhelmed by the barrage of academic, recreational, and spiritual activities flying at us that we miss the MOST important thing – raising Kingdom Kids.  We begin to rely on Awana and Sunday School and teachers and pastors to develop our children’s spirituality, and forget that raising children who love Jesus isn’t based on any PROGRAM (while those are good in their own ways).  And, before we know it, we feel like we are trekking…
  • Vulnerable Love

    8 Sep 2014 | 1:03 pm
    Once upon a time, a little baby was born.  Not just any baby, but the Savior of the world. I wonder how Mary felt when the Angel Gabriel first showed up… I mean, she was there just minding her own business and then, POOF!  There’s this glowing dude in her space.  The Bible actually says she was afraid!  Wouldn’t you be afraid if someone just POOFED into your room?  I mean, not only was some strange man in her room, but he was glowing!  I would’ve been scared, too! And, then… Gabriel told her to not be afraid.  And, she wasn’t.  He told her that she…
  • As Of Today, August 18, 2014

    18 Aug 2014 | 1:11 pm
    I am thinking… My brain is running through a bunch of different courses right now.  You really don’t want a tour. First, I feel like I owe an apology…or, at least an explanation, as to why I basically dropped off the face of the Earth for a while.  A couple of months ago, we found out we were pregnant and excitement was high.  Then, we lost the pregnancy.  It’s been a two-month journey back to “mostly normal” – my body, hormones, emotions…everything was severely messed up.  In the thick of it, we were/are trying to shield our children from this…

    29 Jul 2014 | 3:15 pm
    We have GREAT days where we zoom through school at lightning speed.  There are days where I feel peaceful and full of joy.  Other days, I feel like we are struggling just to all make it to the end of the day, alive…much less with peace or joy.  For the days when you feel like you’re doing it all wrong and that you are the only one bordering on insanity, feel free to come back to this post.  Please know that the following is not my EVERY DAY… but these days come and go.  It’s just part of the season of life that we are in right now… with a newly adopted 7…
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    In Pursuit of Happiness

  • A Short Story About Spending Time Together

    Britt Reints
    15 Dec 2014 | 8:18 am
    Join the conversation at A Short Story About Spending Time Together. I keep forgetting about the importance of time spent together. I put caveats on time. It has to be quality time. We should be doing something, something that matters, something sustaining or fulfilling or super, duper important. We should be connecting – eye contact, empathetic listening, deep and meaningful dialogue. Otherwise I’ll just go read my book over here, and you can watch TV over there. In my house we sometimes fall into this rut of doing our own thing. I’m naturally a pretty autonomous person,…
  • How to Deal with Negative People

    Britt Reints
    10 Dec 2014 | 3:38 am
    Join the conversation at How to Deal with Negative People. There is no getting around the fact that we are, each of us, in charge of choosing our happiness. In fact, I dedicated the first section of my book, An Amateur’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness, to personal responsibility. There’s also no getting around the fact that we live and work with other people – and sometimes those people aren’t so happy. Those unhappy people – and our inability to avoid them all together – are the inspiration for today’s Q&A video. Carly asks: What’s your…
  • Happiness Interview with Break-Up Coach Akirah Robinson

    Britt Reints
    3 Dec 2014 | 7:13 am
    Join the conversation at Happiness Interview with Break-Up Coach Akirah Robinson. Yep, Akirah Robinson is a break-up coach. She’s also an author, licensed social worker, and abuse survivor. What I love about Akirah is that she believes in women, as a rule. She will look at you and assume that you are courageous – even if you don’t know it yet. I also like that she has one of those mega-watt smiles; you know, the kind that lights up a city block when she busts it out. Akirah is married to a restaurant owner and is currently raising one chew-happy dog. This is what happiness…
  • What do you do if you hate feelings?

    Britt Reints
    26 Nov 2014 | 4:00 am
    Join the conversation at What do you do if you hate feelings?. I give talks on happiness and lead workshops on gratitude. I’m into feelings. Big time. But some people – lots of people – are not. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to be happy; we’re all hardwired for that from the word go. It does, however, mean that many of the tools touted for achieving happiness can feel grossly out of reach to them. I’ve run into this dichotomy in my own home: neither my daughter nor my husband are big fans of feelings. They don’t like to talk about them,…
  • On Meeting Elizabeth Gilbert

    Britt Reints
    5 Nov 2014 | 9:30 am
    Join the conversation at On Meeting Elizabeth Gilbert. I have long suspected that, if given a chance, Elizabeth Gilbert and I could be very good friends. Elizabeth – or Liz, as I imagine I’d call her – has been inspiring me for years. Her book Eat, Pray, Love gave me permission to value my own happiness at a time when I desperately needed the validation. Her TED talk on creative genius transformed how I saw myself as a writer and creator. She makes me laugh on Twitter. We also have a ton in common. She’s a writer; I’m a writer. She has blonde, curly hair; I have…
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    Domestic Psychology

  • Santa is for babies

    15 Dec 2014 | 12:23 pm
    Last year, it was clear that Evan was wise to the Santa game, but he didn’t say anything too obvious. Maybe he was hedging his bets just in case. All of his older siblings reached an age where they went from believing to playing along without any acknowledgement of the change. This year, Evan is making sure everyone knows he is on to this socially acceptable lie. “Santa is for babies.” “I’m writing Santa on this note, but giving it to you, because it’s really you.” “Do parents keep naughty and nice lists?” “I know that’s a man…
  • overthinking

    4 Dec 2014 | 1:39 pm
    She: “I’ve noticed other parents trying to avoid candy. I will go to Party City and see if anything is appropriate for a large variety of ages, but I think that some of the children expect candy. Candy canes are seasonal, but most children don’t like candy that tastes like toothpaste. I wonder if peanut oil is used in the flavored candy canes.” He: “Why can’t you just buy a big bag of candy?”
  • ornament arrangement

    1 Dec 2014 | 6:22 pm
    This afternoon, the children and their friends put the ornaments on the tree. I waited until they were finished and focused on other activities. Then, I started to spread some of the ornament clusters out to fill the giant gaps of emptiness on the tree. My children are used to me fidgeting with the ornaments. They know that every time I walk past the tree, I will shift an ornament or two. The tiniest friend who helped decorate is the size of a pixie. She has such a sweet little voice that her words are musical. I have never seen her be anything but bubbly and cheerful… until today. She…
  • late night tv

    26 Nov 2014 | 1:00 pm
    I try to set the timer on the tv so that it turns off at the same time that I fall asleep. Sometimes, I nod off too quickly and the tv drips into my dreams. Last night, I dreamed about some show called ‘Grams & Glum.’ It’s a crime solving show with Angela Lansbury and her emo granddaughter. I should probably pay more attention to which channel the tv is on when I am sleepy.
  • Housesitter Instructions – Utilities

    26 Nov 2014 | 8:22 am
    If you need to adjust the temperature in the house, click the thermostat and rotate to the menu screen. It might be easier if you download the app. I will need to create a profile for you. text me and I will change the thermostat settings for you. If the smoke alarm goes off, I will call you.
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  • Christmas Wonderfulness

    Simply Stork
    16 Dec 2014 | 9:08 am
    Christmas wonderfulness.We are enjoying all the Christmas moments here in the Storks nest.  We even enjoyed a power outage.  It was an unexpected moment of "unplugged" time well spent.I hope you are enjoying these last days as we approach Christmas.Be well friends.~simply~
  • Cold snap

    Simply Stork
    9 Dec 2014 | 8:20 pm
    1.  Who said purple?2. Water feature re- opened.  (Hurray)3.  Got Ice?4.  Christmas trees at every store.  They  all smell nice.5.  One official Christmas tree waterer.~simply~
  • Slow motion

    Simply Stork
    7 Dec 2014 | 9:19 am
      It's around this time of year that I feel like everyone is moving in a very  "high speed. "  There is so much to get done.   As I stop to take a look around, every one seems so be just going through the motions and stuck in a high gear.  That's when I want to stop.  I thought a trip to the beach would be nice right about now.  The beach is a great place to go because it's beauty shines even with out " holiday decorations."Another place to visit is one of our favorite lookouts.  It has an interesting view of the holiday bustle from a high vantage…
  • Latte anyone?

    Simply Stork
    24 Nov 2014 | 3:15 pm
      I love it when the season changes and the pumpkin spice latté makes it’s appearance.  I love them….LOVE! The cost this year was wrong…all wrong.  I am a firm believer in “anything you can buy…you can probably make” so I got to work. Now of course, one can just get on line and find a recipe.  Which I did. But I soon realized that there were many  ingredients that I didn’t already have… I decided to do a mock version, and you know what?, I think I like it even better. It’s simple ingredients make it a lovely alternative.   1 1/2cups water 1 1/2…
  • Handmade

    Simply Stork
    20 Nov 2014 | 10:48 am
    There comes a moment when one makes a decision.  Do we buy it?  Or do we take the time to "make" it.  Both have it's perks.  Store bought, although beautiful, sometimes comes with a cost attached. "Hand made" also comes with a cost...but the cost usually consists of time, which can be part of the gift if the receiver is the type who would notice.  The gift of time is a gift many take lightly.With this thought, I have stumbled onto something.  One can not buy certain things, at any cost, and everyone knows that...but did you ever stop to think about it?  One…
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  • Bossy’s Apartment Building Has A New Walking Club And Here Is Their Invitation

    10 Dec 2014 | 2:46 pm
    Hello and welcome to the New Walking Club! Our goal is fitness and we can’t wait to get started! Although we did wait to get started. We waited until December. But when it comes to getting in shape, the Walking Club offers endless opportunity! And in our case, endless opportunity ends January 1st. Here’s how it works: the Walking Club will take place every Tuesday and Thursday, except for Christmas, and every month not December. That leaves eight whole Walking Club opportunities! Please note: we will not walk on rainy days or snowy days. Please note the forecast: Dec 1-2: Heavy rain; Dec…
  • Bossy Explains Seasonal Depression

    3 Nov 2014 | 10:50 am
    Seasonal Depression — otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder — is a depressive disorder occurring only specific times of year, such as winter. Typical symptoms of Seasonal Depression include lack of energy, tiredness, sleepiness, and oversleeping with a side order of naps. Other symptoms include decreased focus, difficulty concentrating, and what was Bossy saying? Oh yes, Seasonal Depression. People who suffer from Seasonal Depression often withdraw. Most often that withdrawal is from an ATM machine to pay for the wine that will combat the shift in mood because we all know…
  • In Honor Of Ken Burns’ Series The Roosevelts

    15 Sep 2014 | 5:51 am
    Last night Bossy watched the Ken Burns’ series on PBS, The Roosevelts, which is to say Bossy and her mother and her daughter were ignoring the show and talking about boys. But when Bossy did turn her attention to the television, everything sounded vaguely familiar, as if Bossy had written a book about the Roosevelts herself. And then Bossy remembered she did write a book about the Roosevelts, dressed as a blog post answering the question: What if the Roosevelts were around today? To help with that task, Bossy turned to Facebook. You see, this was Franklin Roosevelt: Franklin Roosevelt…
  • Farewell Dear Stella

    2 Sep 2014 | 6:02 pm
    Mere hours before daybreak and an appointment that would have decided things for her, Stella shut off her own light. She did it with grace and dignity, on her terms, at the Bossy family house with her people lying on the floor around her. Ironically it was a woman named Kitty who was responsible for Bossy’s Great Dane. It was 2005 and the Bossy family had just lost their aging dog to cancer. This prompted Bossy to launch what she calls the research process, even though Bossy’s mom refers to it as good as done. Bossy had always wanted a giant dog, which are hard to come by in mutt…
  • How Bossy Spent Her Summer Vacation – And The Two Years Leading Up To It

    28 Aug 2014 | 11:25 am
    Hello, and welcome to I Am Bossy, a humor blog without the blog posts! Luckily the blog is still funny. Even if currently written and archived entirely within the confines of Bossy’s own head! Bossy hasn’t been writing lately because of the following items, in no particular order except from most important to even more important: Working. Bossy has been working full time at an Institutional Investment Firm. If you don’t understand what Bossy could possibly provide in skills to an Institutional Investment Firm, you are not alone! In fact you are joined by Bossy, along with…
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    Family on Bikes

  • A Christmas gift for you

    Nancy Sathre-Vogel
    9 Dec 2014 | 3:02 pm
    Have I got a deal for you! I have a very limited number of copies of Chris Guillebeau’s new book, The Happiness of Pursuit, and have decided to give them away! Buy any two of my books, and I’ll include Chris’ book for free! Can’t beat that deal, eh? ———- The Happiness of Pursuit reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest. When he set out to visit all of the planet’s countries by age thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never imagined that his journey’s biggest revelation would be how many people…
  • I am thankful for… my health

    Nancy Sathre-Vogel
    27 Nov 2014 | 6:26 pm
    I know how trite it is to post the traditional “I’m thankful for…” post on Thanksgiving, but sometimes, trite is good. Today I am so very thankful for my health. The other day I was running errands with Daryl – I went for Daryl’s final drive for Driver Ed, then stopped at Lowe’s, then a thrift store, then the bank, then our barn to unload everything from the craft fair, then over to our realtor’s office. “It was only a year ago when there was no way I could have done this,” I told Daryl. “Last year at this time, I could do ONE errand per day…
  • Roadschooling Reading

    Nancy Sathre-Vogel
    10 Nov 2014 | 5:14 pm
    This is a sample chapter from my book Roadschooling: The Ultimate Guide to Education Through Travel Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. ~Emilie Buchwald Reading. It’s essential. It’s basic to our ability to navigate our world. If our kids aren’t reading, then we, as parents, worry. Way back in 1995 when I was about to teach first grade for the very first time, I was terrified. I knew how to teach kids to read better, but had no clue how to teach them to read in the first place. A friend of mine gave me the best advice ever: “Don’t worry,” he said. “The kids…
  • Hiking the Appalachian Trail: Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin

    Nancy Sathre-Vogel
    22 Oct 2014 | 5:29 pm
    October 2 Hiked 10 miles. Hiked an easy but beautiful 10 miles through Baxter State Park. Leaves were at their peak and it was wonderful to leisurely walk through the forest. I camped at the last lean-to on the Appalachian Trail, the Birches. Fall leaves accentuate Mt. Katahdin   October 3 Another warm crystal clear day. It will be the last of the Indian Summer we’ve been experiencing. A perfect day for summitting Kahtadin. 5.2 miles up, then 5.2 miles down. Left my large backpack at the Ranger Station, borrowed a small backpack filled with a few essentials and headed up. It was…
  • Hiking the Appalachian Trail: 100-Mile wilderness

    Nancy Sathre-Vogel
    16 Oct 2014 | 5:14 pm
    September 22 Hiked 9.1 miles. I’m in the 100-mile wilderness.  I hope to average 11 miles per day and make it out in 10 days.  I’ve decided to do a 10 mile loop off the Appalachian trail which follows the rim of a canyon.  Its nickname is “The Grand Canyon of Maine.” Got a late start, went slow, and finished a little early so doing 11 miles a day shouldn’t be too bad except when I’m going over these dang mountains like I did today.  But I only have to do one more which I’ll do tomorrow. Yes, this is the trail and it continued to be difficult and…
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    David J. Hinson's Logorrhea

  • Never Say Never

    15 Dec 2014 | 8:02 am
    I can distinctly remember thinking “I’ll never scrape another windshield again” during my last stint in Florida. Just another “never” in a long list of “nevers”, that turned out to be not so “never.” Still scraping windshields (add to list: never thought I’d write that). There’s a great Television commercial out right now that also illustrates these types of “nevers”: I’ll never get married; We’ll never have kids; we’ll never live in the suburbs; we’ll never drive a mini-van; we’ll…
  • Even If It’s Obvious: Ask

    10 Dec 2014 | 12:40 pm
    Over lunch today, I recounted a story about a project I had completed at a prior job. We had spent many months designing a teleconferencing student recreation and learning suite, complete with state-of-the-art teleconferencing codecs, microphones, cameras, and control interfaces. We spent months meeting over the logistics of working with A/V vendors, electricians, and building contractors, getting people working on their part of the project, on time and at the right time. We met regularly with our finance people, to make sure we were on track and on budget. We met throughout the project…
  • Orion EFT-1: Videos from #NASASocial

    8 Dec 2014 | 10:00 am
    Last Wednesday’s visit to Johnson Space Center for the Orion EFT-1 #NASASocial event was jam packed with unique access and VIP tours of facilities, on and around JSC in Houston. I’ve finally gotten around to loading some of my videos from the day. First, John McCullough, Chief Flight Director at JSC, gives the members of the JSC #NASASocial group a tour of the Apollo Mission Control Center (video credit: John Miller): Below, you will see and hear Lee Morin, MD, Phd, talk about radiation and Orion. Lee is heading up the team that is using 3D printing to design the human interface…
  • Orion EFT-1 : It’s a BFD

    3 Dec 2014 | 10:31 am
    I’m at NASA Johnson Space Center for a #NASASocial event for the #Orion EFT-1 Test Launch tomorrow morning (12/4/2014) at “dark thirty” (7:05 EST). NASA Director Charlie Bolden said today that “Orion EFT-1 is a BFD.” You can truly sense the excitement that this new flight system is bringing back to NASA. I will be posting much media later in the day… the fine Public Affairs folks at NASA are keeping us hopping; I hope to share more, when they let us up for air!
  • NASA’s Orion Spacecraft: 9 Facts – InformationWeek

    1 Dec 2014 | 9:38 am
    Looking forward to my first visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center tomorrow for the Orion Test Flight on Thursday. #NasaSocial NASA’s Orion Spacecraft: 9 Facts – InformationWeek.
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    Simple Marriage

  • Getting Along With Your Spouse’s Family During the Holidays

    17 Dec 2014 | 7:26 am
    “I just don’t understand why your mom has to have the Christmas decorations like that. It’s dangerous for the kids.” “Maybe I don’t feel like going Christmas caroling in the neighborhood. Why can’t your dad understand that?” “Why does your sister insist we keep up with that silly tradition? I never did that in my family.” Yes, the holidays are in full swing and that means visiting with family. And it often means (gulp) visiting your in-laws and possibly the entire clan. During the holidays, emotions and expectations run high. Getting along with your own family can be…
  • Give Your OnlyHeart

    15 Dec 2014 | 4:04 am
    While the Christmas season is often an flood of consumerism and advertising, there is a time when the giving of gifts is a great way to demonstrate love. When this someone is your spouse, how can you accurately demonstrate your feelings in a gift? You likely can’t completely because love is an everyday action, not simply the giving of gifts, but there are times when a gift is appropriate, a reminder for each other, and/or a token of your life together. So how do you find something unique and one-of-a-kind? What if there were a gift that could only be given once – to only one…
  • Oral sex: By him, for her

    11 Dec 2014 | 6:02 am
    The following is the first chapter of a “How To” guide I’ve created on the topic of oral sex in marriage. This guide is included in Sex Like You’re On Vacation. To be clear from the beginning, the ability to experience great sex is not discovered by following a step by step process. If this were indeed the case then the magazines found in grocery store check out lines that share the latest tips to “go wild in bed” or “what every man really wants” would be the last magazine sold because everyone could simply follow the steps and have great sex. No. Sex is more…
  • How Gift Vouchers Can Be The Most Romantic Presents

    8 Dec 2014 | 4:04 am
    This is a guest post from Emma Merkas, co-founder of Melt: Massage for Couples. With Christmas just around the corner, finding just the right gift for your spouse can be fraught. A gift voucher is an easy solution, but they’re impersonal and a lazy way of gift giving, right? Wrong. Everyone knows the best presents are thoughtful ones. And guess what? There’s no reason why vouchers can’t be thoughtful! In fact, I would argue that they’re often even more thoughtful than, say, a new sweater in a questionable color or the latest iPad. The people that hate on gift vouchers have a bunch of…
  • Want Your Marriage To Last? Create a Love Map

    3 Dec 2014 | 6:30 am
    Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Duana C. Welch of “Have you seen this?”  Vic, my husband, had found something on the Internet, and he wanted to share it with me.  “Sorry, I can’t stop right now, hon; I’m writing an article on love maps,” I replied, continuing my work. Oh, the irony. Great Friendships Build Happy Marriages If you’re like me, you might be tempted to believe that love makes the marital world go ‘round—that the happiest couples got that way by being the most in-love.  But according to the world’s foremost…
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    Daring to Live Fully

  • 12 Tips for Being Punctual – Improve Your Life by Being On Time

    16 Dec 2014 | 2:15 pm
    Being on time matters; it matters a lot. However, a large number of people have a problem being punctual. In fact, surveys show that 15 to 20% of the US population is consistently late. There are many negatives that go along with having a habit of being late. Here are a few them: Being late [...] Just click on the header to read the whole article . . .
  • How to Do Less and Achieve More

    8 Dec 2014 | 3:23 pm
    Lots of people think that the key to productivity is to find ways to get more done. However, the real secret to optimum productivity is to do less while achieving more. Below you’ll discover eleven strategies for doing this. 1. Identify the Tasks With the Greatest Impact. Make an inventory of everything that you’re trying [...] Just click on the header to read the whole article . . .
  • 25 Christmas Activities Filled with Holiday Cheer

    2 Dec 2014 | 3:22 pm
    December is here and ’tis the season to be jolly. The best way to feel joyful this Christmas is to partake in activities which will infuse you with the holiday spirit. Below you’ll discover 25 Christmas activities filled with holiday cheer. 1. Choose a Fun Way to Countdown to Christmas. How are you going to [...] Just click on the header to read the whole article . . .
  • 36 Prompts to Help You Plan an Awesome 2015

    24 Nov 2014 | 9:30 pm
    The holiday season is here, which means the New Year is just around the corner. It’s never too early to start thinking of ways to make 2015 even better than 2014. Below you’ll find 36 prompts to help you plan an awesome 2015. 1. One habit I’m going to build. 2. One bad habit I’m [...] Just click on the header to read the whole article . . .
  • Eight Ways to Build New Habits and Make Them Stick

    22 Nov 2014 | 5:31 pm
    Good habits make all the difference in life. When you’ve created good habits you do the right things, without even having to think about it. That is, you put the behavior that will allow you to achieve your goals on automatic pilot. Choose the habits that you want to adopt, follow the eight tips below [...] Just click on the header to read the whole article . . .
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    Animation Film HD

  • Death of a Superhero (2011) Plein

    9 Dec 2014 | 4:55 pm
    Film complet Death of a Superhero Haute qualité. Voir le film Death of a Superhero Haute qualité Avec durée Min Et Diffusé sur 2011-09-10 Et Classement mpaa est 9.Titre Original : Death of a SuperheroTitre du film en français : Death of a SuperheroAnnée de film : 2011Genres de film : Animation, Drame, Statut de film : ReleasedDate de sortie du film : 2011-09-10Les entreprises de film : Picture Circle, Bavaria Pictures, Grand Pictures, Pays de film : Germany, Langue de film : English, Durée du film : MinMoyenne vote de film : 7.4Youtube ID de film : xgbvfm3GflgTraduction de film :…
  • Garfield 2 (2006) Meilleure Qualité

    9 Dec 2014 | 12:16 am
    Film complet Garfield 2 Film complet HD. Télécharger Garfield 2 Le streaming en hd Avec durée 82 Min Et Sorti le 2006-06-15 Avec Classement mpaa est 85.Titre Original : Garfield: A Tail of Two KittiesTitre du film en français : Garfield 2Année de film : 2006Genres de film : Animation, Comédie, Familial, Statut de film : ReleasedDate de sortie du film : 2006-06-15Les entreprises de film : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Davis Entertainment, Dune Entertainment, Pays de film : United Kingdom, United States of America, Langue de film : English, Durée du film : 82 MinMoyenne vote de…
  • La Légende de Despereaux (2008) Le streaming en hd

    8 Dec 2014 | 8:13 am
    Voir le film La Légende de Despereaux Haute qualité. Télécharger La Légende de Despereaux Gratuit Avec durée 90 Min Et Sorti le 2008-12-19 Et Classement mpaa est 66.Titre Original : The Tale of DespereauxTitre du film en français : La Légende de DespereauxAnnée de film : 2008Genres de film : Animation, Comédie, Familial, Statut de film : ReleasedDate de sortie du film : 2008-12-19Les entreprises de film : Universal Pictures Corporation, Pays de film : United States of America, Langue de film : Italiano, Português, English, Durée du film : 90 MinMoyenne vote de film : 6.2Youtube ID…
  • Hop (2011) Films en streaming

    7 Dec 2014 | 10:51 pm
    Téléchargement complet Hop en Haute qualité. Maintenant, vous pouvez regarder complète Hop en Qualité HD avec une durée 91 Min et a été publié en 2011-04-01 avec MPAA est 103.Titre Original : HopTitre du film en français : HopAnnée de film : 2011Genres de film : Animation, Comédie, Familial, Statut de film : ReleasedDate de sortie du film : 2011-04-01Les entreprises de film : Universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment, Pays de film : United Kingdom, Langue de film : English, Durée du film : 91 MinMoyenne vote de film : 5.6Youtube ID de film : Z7M3ofz3TvATraduction de film :…
  • Toy Story 2 (1999) Qualité HD

    7 Dec 2014 | 12:04 pm
    Télécharger Toy Story 2 Haute qualité. Voir le film Toy Story 2 En ligne streaming Avec durée 93 Min Et Diffusé sur 1999-11-18 Avec Classement mpaa est 1034.Titre Original : Toy Story 2Titre du film en français : Toy Story 2Année de film : 1999Genres de film : Animation, Comédie, Familial, Statut de film : ReleasedDate de sortie du film : 1999-11-18Les entreprises de film : Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, Pays de film : United States of America, Langue de film : Português, English, Durée du film : 93 MinMoyenne vote de film : 6.8Youtube ID de film :…
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  • Empat Manfaat Air Beras Untuk Kecantikan

    Andri Setya
    14 Dec 2014 | 3:04 am
    Beras yang biasanya kita masak kemudian menjadi nasi sebagai makanan kita sehari – hari ternyata memiliki banyak manfaat,butiran beras yang sudah kaya akan asam ferulix yaitu sebuah nutrisi yang banyak ditemukan dalam biji – bijian yang berperan sebagai antioksidan yang hebat.Air bekas cucian beraspun ternyata juga barguna bagi kecantikan.Di jepang air beras ini digunakan para wanita jepang untuk mencuci muka ataupun mandi.Sedangkan di Indonesia nenek moyang kita telah menggunakan hasiat dan manfaat air beras ini sejak lama.Selain biasa digunakan sebagai masker wajah,air beras juga bisa…
  • Pembaruan BBM Bisa Kirim Gambar Stiker di Grup

    Andri Setya
    6 Dec 2014 | 10:04 am
    Selain itu, ada pula fitur baru lain yang tak kalah seru, yakni sharing lebih dari satu foto dalam satu chat. Seperti yang kita tahu, saat ini BBM hanya bisa sharing satu foto saja dalam satu chat.MATRIX TURBO III SPARK Update terbaru BBM tersebut akan hadir untuk platform Android, iOS, dan tentu saja BlackBerry.Belum diketahui dengan pasti kapan BlackBerry akan merilis update BBM terbarunya. Kita tunggu saja kabar selanjutnya. [ikh]sumber: N4BB
  • Apple Siapkan Perangkat Gaming 'Virtual Reality'

    Andri Setya
    6 Dec 2014 | 10:01 am
    Rumor tersebut tidak berdengung tanpa bukti. Dalam sebuah halaman lowongan pekerjaan, Apple sedang mencari orang-orang yang memiliki pengalaman bekerja mengembangkan produk realitas maya.“Kami sedang mencari seorang Senior Software Engineer luar biasa dengan rekam jejak yang terbukti dalam bidang realitas maya dan augmentasi," demikian tulis Apple."Kandidat terpilih akan mengembangkan piranti lunak dan alat yang menggunakan VR (virtual reality) dan AR (augmented reality) untuk mendorong dan memungkinkan pengembangan produk Apple generasi berikutnya,” lanjut lowongan pekerjaan…
  • Virus komputer paling berbahaya di dunia

    Andri Setya
    1 Dec 2014 | 9:55 am
    Bagi sebagian orang, bekerja di depan komputer atau laptop adalah sebuah rutinitas. Internet jelas tak akan pernah ketinggalan. dari internet yang terhubung pada laptop, komputer, atau bahkan smartphone sekalipun, selalu memiliki banyak nilai positif dan negatif.Nilai positif jelas dapat meringankan pekerjaan Anda. Sementara salah satu nilai negatifnya adalah perangkat Anda akan 'disatroni' virus. Bahkan virus tersebut ada yang sifatnya sangat berbahaya.Sebagian besar orang tidak tahu dan tidak peduli dengan virus. Padahal virus komputer ini dapat menghilang beberapa file-file penting di…
  • harga laptop acer desember 2014

    Andri Setya
    29 Nov 2014 | 8:46 am
    Harga Laptop Acer Core i3 MurahMatrix Starlink V HD Ethernet Anda yang mencari Harga Laptop Core i3 bermerk Acer, disini sudah saya siapkan informasinya berupa tabel daftar harga laptop terbaru yang langsung bisa anda cek dibawah ini.DAFTAR HARGA LAPTOP ACER PROSESSOR CORE I3Acer Aspire E1-470-33214G50MnCore i3 3217U 1.8Ghz, 14" HD Acer Cine Crystal, 2GB, 500GB, DVDRW, Intel HD, Camera, Wifi, No Bluetooth, DOSRp 4,590,000Acer Aspire E5-471Intel Core i3 4005U, RAM 2 GB, HDD 500GB, DVD/RW, Card Reader, Camera, Bluetooth, Vga Intel HD 4400, Screen 14.1'', Wifi, Linux PlusRp 4,800,000Acer Aspire…
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    Food Etiquette | Food Etiquette

  • Let’s Do Some Stuffing

    5 Dec 2014 | 1:14 am
    The post Let’s Do Some Stuffing appeared first on Food Etiquette.
  • Facts on Blenders

    29 Jul 2014 | 8:17 pm
    It is factual to know and understand the kitchen blenders can be found in vary sizes, shapes ranging from compact held units usable for certain applications to countertop types. Using best blender reviews 2014 can help users to make the best choice. There are certain guides and factors that can help users to pick the best immersion blender that suits a given task. This can be found in product performance, power rating, durability, affordability or cost and mention a few. Using all these factors will give you the best option of select a blender for use as required. Reading through the rest…
  • Panasonic Bread Machines

    12 Mar 2014 | 12:16 am
    With its years of establishment as the best bread makers manufacturers, Panasonic remains unrivaled. Though there are hundreds of brands that claim that they offer high quality bread markets, it seems that many homeowners prefer to have one from Panasonic, due to many reasons. For those who might still think about buying Panasonic bread maker, this article is ready to provide comprehensive reviews on best Panasonic bread machines that homeowners can consider. Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Excellent is the only word that can describe this bread machine. Buyers find this product is easier to operate…
  • Best Way To Clean Your Coffee Maker

    28 May 2013 | 2:48 am
    Feeling a little out of sorts because the cup of coffee you had this morning tasted absolutely foul? It might be time to clean your coffee maker! A clean coffee maker constitutes the fine line between a good and bad coffee and forms part of the regular maintenance that it has to undergo in order to remain in its pristine condition. This is because gunk will accumulate inside your coffee maker over time, contributing to a very bitter taste in your coffee. So, what is one to do? Forget blowing your money on brand-specific commercial cleaning kits; all you need is just a bottle of white vinegar,…
  • What Are The Best Sanyo Rice Cookers Today?

    28 May 2013 | 12:54 am
    For most families nowadays, rice is a crucial ingredient of almost every meal. It is also considered by many as their main source of carbohydrates which keeps them energized throughout each day. However, majority of rice enthusiasts simply don’t have enough time to prepare it using the old-fashioned method. Although a number of rice cookers are sold in the market today, choosing one among the many available options won’t be easy particularly for casual and inexperienced homeowners. Read through this article and know more about two of the best Sanyo rice cookers today and improve…
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    Eternal Ramblings of a Confused Mind

  • Two Lives

    24 Nov 2014 | 10:26 pm
    For the last few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about life, the things that happen in our lives and how we respond to them. This has really been ramped up in the past few weeks due to heated discussions with my mom and the subsequent letters she decided to write my sister and I. I have spent a lot of time wondering why my mom is the way she is and why I am not like that. We both had difficult
  • Toxic Matters

    7 Nov 2014 | 5:52 am
    It’s just past five in the morning and I have been up since three and even before that, my night has been restless. So many things going through my head that I just can’t sleep. I can’t get the internal loop of dialogue to quiet down and so, after fighting the urge to write it all out for almost two hours, here I am, in a quiet house trying to purge myself of the screaming voices that are
  • That Nagging Feeling

    21 Oct 2014 | 4:36 pm
    Last month, I had a meeting with a client to discuss their marketing efforts and how I could help them. It happened to be for a chiropractic office. I, like most people, always thought chiropractors were about cracking bones and aching backs. For many, that might be true, but this particular one specializes in Cranial Spinal Integration, something I had heard nothing about. According to their
  • Changes

    19 Aug 2014 | 9:03 am
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  • So Long...

    22 Jul 2014 | 4:03 pm
    <!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--> <!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]>
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  • One Great Fact

    18 Dec 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have than having what you want.  ~Geoffrey F. AbertWealth stays with us a little moment if at all: only our characters are steadfast, not our gold.  ~EuripidesMake money your god and it will plague you like the devil.  ~Henry FieldingNot he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.  ~Erich FrommI desire ... to leave this one great fact clearly stated. THERE IS NO WEALTH BUT LIFE.  ~John RuskinQuotes about wealth and lifeReaders, I am taking a break for several weeks and will return in the new year.Paul
  • Everything we Do

    17 Dec 2014 | 9:00 pm
    A person educated in mind and not in morals is a menace to society.  ~Juanita Kidd StoutWe pay a price when we deprive children of the exposure to the values, principles, and education they need to make them good citizens.  ~Sandra Day O'ConnorPeople need religion. It's a vehicle for a moral tradition. A crucial role. Nothing can take its place.  ~Irving KristolThe recognition of the sanctity of the life of every man is the first and only basis of all morality.  ~Leo TolstoyThe act of acting morally is behaving as if everything we do matters.  ~Gloria SteinemQuotes…
  • Never too Late

    16 Dec 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.  ~Albert EinsteinFind out who you are and do it on purpose.  ~Dolly PartonIn matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.  ~Thomas JeffersonNever bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye.  ~Helen KellerIt is never too late to be what you might have been.  ~George EliotQuotes about being true to yourself
  • There is Enough

    15 Dec 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows.  ~John MiltonWhen we give generously, with an abundance mentality, what we give away will multiply.  ~Henri NouwenThe more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.  ~Oprah WinfreyToo often we visit the well of divine abundance with a teacup instead of a bucket.  ~Elinor MacDonaldThere is enough in the world for everyone's need; there is not enough for everyone's greed.  ~Mohandas GandhiQuotes about abundance
  • We Must Focus

    14 Dec 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Inspiration exists but it must find you working. ~ Pablo PicassoWe delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. ~ Maya AngelouYou can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. ~Jack LondonThe first and final thing you have to do in this world is to last it and not be smashed by it. ~ Ernest HemingwayIt is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.  ~Aristotle OnassisQuotes about inspiration
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    Steve's Free

  • Praying for Progress

    Steve Woodruff
    14 Dec 2014 | 5:39 am
    (a meditation on the book of Colossians, chapter 1:9-12) As Paul rejoices in the evidence of God’s work among the saints in Colossae, he goes beyond giving thanks. Past and present grace point to future growth: he beseeches God for progress – for increase, and the continual outworking of practical godliness. This is gospel hunger; when we see Jesus at work, in us and in others, we want more. In fact, when it comes to ongoing sanctification, that’s one place where God is quite happy for us be greedy! 9 And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you,…
  • A Harvest of Gospel Fruit

    Steve Woodruff
    7 Dec 2014 | 7:04 am
    (a meditation on the book of Colossians, chapter 1:3-8) As Paul begins his letter to the believers in Colossae, he does so with a heart of thanksgiving – because stuff is happening in that church! This isn’t some building with a sign “Christian Church” in front of it; sterile on the outside and sleepy on the inside. No, this is a group of people where God is actively at work. Gospel fruit is coming forth. Paul is encouraged because there is abundant evidence of supernatural life: 3 We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you,…
  • Why Listen to This Paul Character?

    Steve Woodruff
    30 Nov 2014 | 6:33 am
    (a meditation on the book of Colossians, chapter 1:1,2) Paul opens his letter to the church at Colossae with some pretty audacious words: 1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, 2 To the saints and faithful brothers in Christ at Colossae: Grace to you and peace from God our Father. Now, if I write you a letter, I’m just going to say at the end of it:    -Steve or, if you’re part of my professional network:    -Warm regards, Steve Woodruff or, if we’re in a particularly close relationship:    -Love, Steve That’s it. Just…
  • Super Savior

    Steve Woodruff
    16 Nov 2014 | 6:04 am
    If you’re focused on Christian dogma, Christian rituals, Christian practices, or even Christian examples (good or bad), you’re missing the point. All of those things are important, of course. But they are the spokes. Our focus – in our own hearts, in our church life, and in our dialogue with the world – needs to be on the hub. Christ is a super savior. No, He’s not wearing a cape and jumping over tall buildings. But just look at the language of Colossians 1:15-20, and note the incredible pile-up of superlatives used to describe Him: 15 He is the image of the…
  • The Great Escape

    Steve Woodruff
    2 Nov 2014 | 6:13 am
    The essence of the Christian faith can be found in this amazing sentence: “For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” (Colossians 1:13-14) Genuine Christianity includes belief in Christ, joined to a personal and ongoing experience of Christ’s deliverance of us. It’s not an abstract set of dogmas. It’s an unfolding story of escape. I wrote about the in whom we have aspect in this prior post. But let’s back up and look at what this passage…
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    Caffeinated Thoughts

  • Iowa GOP Establishment Loves Jeb Bush

    Shane Vander Hart
    18 Dec 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Fmr. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 2013 CPACPhoto credit: Gage Skidmore (CC-By-SA 2.0) If you just heard from establishment Republicans you’d hear how everybody loves former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, that he’s shaking things up with his announcement that he is “seriously exploring” a presidential campaign and he’s a frontrunner. I was quite amused with the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier’s coverage of his announcement. “This is news,” said Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa, where the first votes will be cast in January 2016 caucuses. What a profound quote!  Then…
  • Rick Santorum Confirmed for Siouxland Rally for Life

    Caffeinated Thoughts
    18 Dec 2014 | 1:29 pm
    Rick Santorum at Black Hawk County Republican Dinner in 2011.Photo credit: Dave Davidson – (Sioux City, IA)2012 Iowa Caucus winner, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, has been confirmed as the honorary guest at the 4th Annual Siouxland Rally for Life. The event is scheduled for Sunday, January 25th at Cornerstone World Outreach (1625 Glen Ellen Rd.)  in Sioux City, Iowa. The event will begin at 3:00 p.m. “Rick Santorum has proven time and time again to be an Iowa favorite,” said event coordinator, Jake Dagel. “Santorum continually holds Judeo-Christian values…
  • Congressman Steve King Advocates for Ames Straw Poll

    Shane Vander Hart
    18 Dec 2014 | 10:01 am
    Congressman Steve King at Cerro Gordo GOP event on 3/18/14.Photo credit: Dave Davidson – Caffeinated Thoughts learned of a letter that Congressman Steve King (R-IA) sent to the members of the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee yesterday advocating for the party to preserve the Ames Straw Poll. The Ames Straw Poll has historically been a huge success. In 1979, Ronald Reagan and I each skipped the first Straw Poll. Reagan went on to become president. I went on to attend each Straw Poll since. The Straw Poll serves as the first test of a presidential…
  • Caffeinated Thought of the Day: Jesus is the Remedy for Sin

    Shane Vander Hart
    18 Dec 2014 | 8:40 am
    Photo credit: waiting for the Word (CC-By-2.0) John Calvin wrote in his Institutes for Christian Religion, “Our assurance, our glory, and the sole anchor of our salvation are that Christ the Son of God is ours, and we in turn are in him sons of God and heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, called to the hope of eternal blessedness by God’s grace, not by our worth.” There is nothing in us that makes us worthy of salvation yet so many in our world believe if their good works are more than their bad deeds when their life’s ledger is audited they’ll be ok.  That is far from the truth.  The…
  • Iowa Homeless Memorial – A Candlelight Vigil at the Capitol

    Shane Vander Hart
    18 Dec 2014 | 8:30 am
    An example of a homeless camp found in Des Moines. On Sunday, December 21, people experiencing homelessness will gather with Iowa Governor Branstad, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, homeless service providers, faith-based organizations and the general public to hold a candlelight vigil, remembering those who have died homeless in Iowa, from 5:30 to 6:00 PM, on the West Capitol Terrace at the State Capitol. The event is being held in conjunction with National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, and underscores the urgent crisis faced by families, couples and individuals who experience…
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    Joe Blogs

  • She's Electric

    Joe Dawson
    11 Dec 2014 | 2:44 pm
    Well the morning was complete. There was tears as the music fade ― I tried to change the beat. She was the soundtrack to my summer and back then I didn't need any competition because I had everything. This blog should be overflowing with stories about our shared experiences but a dream you dream alone is only a dream. In the beginning there were complications but regardless of what had gone before this should have been a different outcome. So often we ended up talking over each other, not allowing ourselves to let down our guard and see things from the others’ perspective.A few mistakes…
  • Bugged Out 20th Birthday

    Joe Dawson
    18 Nov 2014 | 3:27 pm
    Carling British Cider is the official Cider of the Warehouse Project this season. The award winning Cider view the Warehouse Project as being at the cutting edge of clubbing and electronic music. Regarded as the 'spiritual home' by both fans and organisers - tickets to the return to Store Street have been like gold dust. It's refreshing then, that Carling are offering fans the chance of winning two guestlist places to every night at the iconic venue. I was announced as one of the winners, here's what happened when I travelled to Manchester ―Located underneath Manchester's Piccadilly…
  • Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2014

    Joe Dawson
    31 Oct 2014 | 4:30 am
    I recently entered the Wells and Young’s ‘Barclaycard Mercury Prize’ giveaway. The competition which was announced on the Estrella Damm Facebook Page, required participants to tag one friend in the comments section of the original competition post. The winner received two tickets to the Barclaycard Mercury Prize and complimentary Estrella Damm (four per person). Estrella Damm is a pilsner beer, brewed in Barcelona, Catalonia. Estrella means "star" in both Catalan and Spanish. It's apt then that Estrella Damm were sponsoring the Mercury Prize, considering that the shortlist shines a…
  • A Close Shave

    Joe Dawson
    30 Sep 2014 | 7:58 am
    I have experienced so many grand days out this summer and on several occasions I have worn the wrong trousers. On 18th September, I completed the hat-trick of Wallace and Gromit short stories when I opted for a close shave at the #ShaveMeSir Barber Shop. Facial hair has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. November has become synonymous with growing a moustache and I have grown several in an attempt to raise awareness of men's health issues. Last year I chose to grow a goatee for Halloween, the inspiration being Walter White from the drama series Breaking Bad.Beards, dodgy moustaches…
  • Mischief. Mayhem. Wardrobe.

    Joe Dawson
    28 Apr 2014 | 6:07 am
    “Simple thing where have you gone?” If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person? I once wrote that I woke up in a tree. That wasn't exactly the truth, but this weekend I woke up in a forest! Snow White found refuge with the dwarfs in an enchanted forest. In Grimm's Fairy Tales, the hero goes into an enchanted forest and finds a place of transformation.My problem isn't transformation, it's looking in the wardrobe and finding towels instead of Narnia. I'm new in this city, and I'm down for a few nights. These halls may not be a…
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    yes and yes

  • On Patience + Saying Yes

    18 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    Four years ago, while sauteing garlic in this kitchen, I had a Big Idea. I'm sure you've had similar ideas - those 'Ohhhh-that-would-be-awesome-but-I-don't-even-know-where-to-start-and-surely-that-would-be-incredibly-expensive' ideas. I talked my friends' ears off, googled a few things ... and then promptly felt overwhelmed and not nearly rich enough to do anything with my Big Idea. I tucked it into my back pocket along with a million other things I'd theoretically like to do.Someday. Eventually.Two years ago, I was invited to a friend's birthday party at a bar far from my apartment with…
  • 8 Things To Do During That Weird, Lazy Week Between Christmas and New Years

    17 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    December 26th - 30th sure are weird, aren't they? Your in-town friends are out of town and your out-of-town friends are in town and totally overwhelmed with social obligations. If you're working your 9-5, half your coworkers are out of the office and you'll spend an entire week organizing your desk snacks. It's a strange, lazy week. We're not quite ready to pull down the lights and we (re: I) aren't quite ready to dive into the green juices and spin classes of January 2nd, either. I want to enjoy my Week Of Nothing but I'm not particularly interested in taking on anything too…
  • Mornings In: Brazil

    16 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    This is one of many Mornings In _______ posts in which gorgeous women from all over the world let us peek at their breakfast and beauty routines. Fun, right?This post is particularly special to me because I spent the summer after college teaching English in Rio Grande du Sol, the southern most state in Brazil. I have such fond memories of that Pao de Queijo!Name: Polyana de OliveiraHometown: Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, but live in São Paulo, SPAge: 29Occupation: Travel and Digital Marketing EntrepreneurMy alarm is set for: 7:00 AMMost mornings I eat: Once I get up, I stumble to…
  • True Story: I'm A Lady + I Don't Shave

    15 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    This is one of many True Story interviews in which we talk to people who have experienced interesting/challenging/amazing things. This is the story of Heather and her decision not to shave. Tell us a bit about yourself!I live in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I'm 32 and a single mom of a 13-year-old. I work at a domestic violence agency. I follow offenders through the court system, run survivor/victim groups, do research, and other community outreach activities. I have an Etsy store and I sell zines! I love to write and do arts and crafts. I love doing research and I love biostats! I am…
  • Web Time Wasters

    14 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    Happy weekend, guys! As you read this, I'm enjoying the (relatively) warm temperatures of New Mexico, visiting my BFF of 22 year who had the NERVE to move to Santa Fe. Rude.Highlight of the trip so far? Hand feeding alpacas!Links for you!Ha! I can't believe I never noticed this! 12 Female Characters Who Keep Shaving Despite Constant PerilA good reminder: what you own vs. what owns you.I’m not a minimalist or a nonconsumer, though I flirt with both ideas from time to time. I’m a mover and a wannabe traveler and a 20-something. My desire to put down roots in one place is at odds with the…
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  • The CIA Torture Report and who Takes Responsibility

    Anja Merret
    10 Dec 2014 | 3:04 am
    US Flag at Guantanamo Bay – Image credit Paul J Richards AFP/Getty Images The CIA torture report, as discussed on Independent Online, on CIA torture practices is out and it’s a shocker. I suppose if it were a report about the Al Qaeda or the IS we wouldn’t be that shocked. After all you would expect this sort of action from the Muslim extremist groups. But from a Government Agency of the USA? And it’s pointless for the US citizens to ignore this and to wash their hands off it. The CIA is government which means the people of the USA voted for the politicians who appointed the CIA…
  • Hypocrisy at its best – Pope Francis speaks to the EU

    Anja Merret
    28 Nov 2014 | 3:02 am
    Pope Francis addressing EU Parliament. Image Credit Patrick Hertzog via Getty Images Pope Francis and the EU There is a lovely saying that goes: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Makes sense doesn’t it. It’s a saying that could resonate with one when considering the speech Pope Francis delivered to the EU on November 25, 2014. Here are some points he made in his speech. EU has lost its way Pope Francis spoke about Europe having lost its way. Of letting economic crises and bureaucracy beat the energy out of people and countries and that it was increasingly becoming a…
  • Shocking increases in Top Bosses earnings

    Anja Merret
    24 Aug 2014 | 3:10 am
    Top bosses earnings According to an article in the Independent top bosses are now earning 143 times what workers’ get paid. This, says the article, has tripled over the past 15 years. That is a seriously huge gap in earnings. And remember, this is an average. There are obviously a bunch of CEOs getting more than this. Why is this happening? Because they can. It’s that straight forward. Here are some underlying reasons. Bound to be more of course. Shareholder’s greed for profits. ? Provided the CEO can deliver on huge returns to its shareholders, they don’t care about the inequalities…
  • Trolls beware, anonymous attacks could be dangerous to your health

    Anja Merret
    26 Jan 2014 | 4:13 am
    Troll warning. Image credit Wikipedia. Trolls Beware At the end of the day, for regular internet users as well as trolls, there is no such thing as being anonymous online. Any clever hacker, competent staff at internet service providers, government authorities and the clever folk managing social media companies can find out the identity of trolls. They just don’t want to bother. Somehow freedom of speech has been translated into allowing the nasties out there to attack innocent people with verbal abuse and even threats to personal safety. And the more vicious the attacks it seems the less…
  • Pope Francis sends out a strong message against economic greed

    Anja Merret
    14 Dec 2013 | 2:28 am
    Pope Francis It’s been a long time since I have listened to what a Pope might have to say. But Pope Francis strong words against economic greed certainly made me sit up. It’s always been my feeling that the Catholic church has lagged behind its community. Not that other religions are necessarily doing a better job of keeping up with the global societal changes. Saudi Arabian’s women not being allowed to drive is a case in point. However, this new Pope is bringing a fresh breath of air into a rusty and quietly working towards becoming defunct religious community. For once it…
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    Celebrate Love

  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Vintage Stripe Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Renee Michaels
    18 Dec 2014 | 7:17 pm
    25th Wedding Anniversary Vintage Stripe Christmas Tree Ornaments An elegant, silver and black vintage stripe round ornament is a lovely 25th wedding anniversary gift for your wife, husband, parents or grandparents. Personalize with names, wedding... Read more...
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Together Loving It Polo

    Renee Michaels
    18 Dec 2014 | 3:26 pm
    50th Wedding Anniversary Together Loving It Polo Your love is tried and true for 50 years. Wear your love on a sweet Together & Loving It polo shirt with retro red hearts. There is a full-front version also available. Personalize …... Read more...
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Wow Married Loving It Ornament

    Renee Michaels
    18 Dec 2014 | 6:24 am
    25th Wedding Anniversary Wow Married Loving It Ornament Celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with an a wildly enthusiastic Wow! Married & Loving It ceramic Christmas ball ornament personalized with your names. Change the name type style, size... Read more...
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Happily Married Ornament

    Renee Michaels
    17 Dec 2014 | 6:07 am
    50th Wedding Anniversary Happily Married Ornament Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with an elegant Happily Married heart ornament, perfect for Christmas or your anniversary. Personalize with your names and a message on the back. You can... Read more...
  • 15th Wedding Anniversary Wow! Ornament

    Renee Michaels
    16 Dec 2014 | 6:31 am
    15th Wedding Anniversary Wow! Ornament Celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary with an a wildly enthusiastic Wow! Married & Loving It ceramic Christmas ball ornament personalized with your names. Change the name type style, size and color to... Read more...
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    WebSnacker - Automat For The Web Wanderer - Free Morsels to Read, See, Hear and Experience!

  • Hum - Downward is Heavenward (1998)

    12 Dec 2014 | 9:26 am
    Undeniably one of the most underrated alt rock albums of the '90sHum, were a critically acclaimed Illinois based alternative rock band of the '90s  who had their 15 minutes of fame with their "Stars" hit single and Downward is Heavenward, their fourth and last album released in 1998 was expected to sell more than its 1995 predecessor -  You’d Prefer an Astronaut which quietly sold over 250,000 thousand copies on release mostly on account of the Stars hit track.Unlike what was commercially projected, this album fared poorly but was appreciated by both…
  • Beastie Boys : The Sounds of Science (1999)

    8 Dec 2014 | 11:12 am
    Greatest hits, B-sides and Rarities from the Hip Hop Rap Rock Superstars! Most fans and critics would agree that few rap bands shaped the course of music in the '90s as much as the hip hoppers Beastie Boys. In the '80s, the  radical Beasties Boys trio comprising of Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "MCA" Yauch and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz  introduced rap to white high school kids when their Licensed to Ill broke down the barriers between rap and rock. Then, on the critically acclaimed follow-up, Paul's Boutique, the trio took sampling and rap song structure…
  • Witchboard (1986)

    28 Nov 2014 | 12:22 pm
    Cheesy demonic 80s horror with freudian undertones You'd better know this typical horror slasher was made in the 80s by the Night of the Demons Director Kevin S. Tenney and has a cult following among 80s Horror fans. This review however is different - it talks a lot about the rather stupid plot, has plenty of spoilers  and a rather unusual Freudian commentary that's either gonna amuse or irritate you. Ok, so here it goes. Our Heroine Linda (the Whitesnake videos babe Tawny Kitaen), who has enormous hair, is caught in a love triangle…
  • Rush (2013)

    20 Nov 2014 | 11:51 am
    JohnnyTwoToes loves the rush and so will you!Add captionI have never been a big car racing fan, but after viewing Ron Howard's Rush, I need to take a gander at it because this adrenaline fueled Formula One film is amazing from start to finish. Rush tells the true story of the intense rivalry in the mid 1970's between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt, the British superstar and Niki Lauda from Austria. Hunt with his brash playboy good looks, had talent for driving to match his personality. Niki Lauda was far more serious and his personality was as smooth as…
  • Pacific Heights 1990 Film Score - Hans Zimmer

    13 Nov 2014 | 7:33 pm
    JohnnyTwoToes recalls one of the early 90s' most notable film scores1990's Tenant from Hell Thriller Pacific Heights is not one that most people remember as a 90s' classic. This underrated mystery starring Michael Keaton, Melanie Griffith, Mathew Modine & directed by the Oscar winning John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy) only received a lukewarm reception from critics and audiences when it was released. This film however marked the debut of Michael Keaton into the foray of 'the villain' realm as up until this point he had played likable buffoons and all around good…
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    The Art of Non-Conformity

  • 2014 Annual Review: Travel Roundup

    Chris Guillebeau
    19 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    And… the Annual Review continues! Today’s post is a travel roundup: everywhere I went in 2014, along with a few lessons and comments. You’re welcome to share your itineraries or lessons. Next week, our cats and biased judges will award a $100 gift card from Powell’s for the best overall comment throughout the series. Previous Posts 2014 Annual Review Process & Template Looking Back on a Complicated Year Work & Business Lessons Now that I’m retired from visiting every country in the world, my travel is a bit different. I’m still hopping around the globe, but to…
  • How to Visit Cuba as an American (While It’s Still “Illegal”)

    Chris Guillebeau
    18 Dec 2014 | 7:45 am
    Like many of you, I was excited to hear the big news that the U.S. embargo against Cuba is ending. Wow! There’s probably a good life lesson in this news: if your government has tried something for more than 50 years and it hasn’t worked, maybe it’s time to try something else. As part of this huge change, sooner or later it will be much more common for Americans to travel to Cuba with few or no restrictions. But you don’t need to wait until the floodgates open. You can go there now, just as I did a few years ago. This post tells you how. For the past 54 years, the U.S.
  • This Free Report Tells You How 20 High-Achievers Plan for the New Year

    Chris Guillebeau
    18 Dec 2014 | 5:00 am
    Link: Free PDF from Michael Hyatt As part of the relaunch of his Best Year Ever course, Michael Hyatt has just released a free PDF with lessons from 20 high-achievers (somehow I made the list) on how to prepare for a great year. You can learn a lot from Michael through this report, the free videos, or the new course that just opened for registration last week. If you’re interested in the course, the limited offer for Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow, Dec. 19th. Over here, I’m still hard at work on my 2014 Annual Review, and I know some of you are too. Tomorrow’s post will be much like…
  • Nostalgia for the Opposite

    Chris Guillebeau
    17 Dec 2014 | 12:00 pm
    Jez Butterworth on writing a play about navigating the zero-sum world of opposing choices: He described it as a kind of psychological holding place as ‘nostalgia for the opposite.’ Holding two options in one’s mind simultaneously enables an emotional state—of freedom or evasiveness, depending on one’s view—in which Butterworth’s characters tend to reside. ‘The idea of one constantly feeds the other,’ he said. ‘If you’re in one place, you long to be in the other. Which feels terrific.’ It feels terrific as a writer or artist,…
  • 2014 Annual Review: Lessons in Entrepreneurship & Unconventional Work

    Chris Guillebeau
    17 Dec 2014 | 4:52 am
    And… the Annual Review continues! Today’s post builds on Monday’s, with some more specific lessons related to entrepreneurship, writing, and work. You’re welcome to share your lessons too, and—new bonus!—we’ll award a $100 Powell’s gift card to the person who leaves the best comment by the end of the week, as determined by our cats and biased judges. Previous Posts 2014 Annual Review Process & Template Looking Back on a Complicated Year As is the case every year, 2014 was a busy and active year of work. Despite the various personal challenges (see: sad, late,…
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    Shiny Bits of Life

  • Pride, literally, comes before a fall

    16 Dec 2014 | 1:03 am
    That ultra-bright new tail light I love riding my bike to work, even in the cold and dark of winter. Knowing that if I can’t be seen, I can be run over, I bought a taillight so bright that “it can cause seizures,” as a friend described it. That same friend went on to tell me of his ultra-bright headlight that allowed him to see potholes and road imperfections. I pridefully said I was good with my little flashing headlight that allowed me to be seen — but not to see. The very next evening after that conversation, I was riding home and ran head-over-heels into a corner curb. I had…
  • Where to give this Christmas

    9 Dec 2014 | 1:03 am
    Homelessness is sometimes a result of mental illness. Often that is combined with substance abuse. My friend and I encountered another friend we hadn’t seen in a year. Our not-seen friend is now homeless. No substance abuse is involved, but there are definitely some other powerful issues at play. I’ll be talking with two friends who are experts at my church to find out some ways to help him. It’s complicated. So this Christmastime, I think it’s a great idea to give to an organization in your area that helps the homeless. You’ll be assisting those who have reached bottom and…
  • Great thinking

    2 Dec 2014 | 1:01 am
    Sprouts, a health-oriented supermarket with stores near us, has a great idea... double-sided receipts! I’m not referring to the kind with advertising on the back. These have purchase information carried onto the formerly blank side. This will effectively save about twice as much paper as regular receipts. Yes, there is an infrastructure cost — registers that can print tape on both sides are probably more expensive than those that print only on one side. But that cost will eventually be made up. Or not. Even if it costs more money in the long run, that’s a nice investment in the health…
  • Stop worrying

    25 Nov 2014 | 1:11 am
    It was a surprise. And not a good one. The result was waking up earlier than I wanted — and not drifting back into the peaceful novocaine of sleep. Then I remembered this: “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” (Jesus said that in Matthew.) Worrying won’t fix anything. In fact, it will probably take away more than a moment of my life. So I urge you — and me — to stop worrying.
  • It’s not worth it

    18 Nov 2014 | 1:02 am
    Free is something that sometimes motivates me. Who doesn’t want to get something without paying for it, as long as it’s not stolen? But few things are really free. I subscribed to the snack service Graze for free. The snacks were OK, but were priced far more than the tastier (and less healthy) snacks I buy at the grocery store. Also, more than one-fourth were not tasty. So I unsubscribed before the trial period ended. An ad for Nature Box on This American Life*motivated me to visit their site. I concluded that it was too similar to Graze to make me want to hassle with unsubscribing…
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    Mental Floss

  • Tenth Day of Christmas

    Kara Kovalchik
    19 Dec 2014 | 3:45 am
  • This Beer Promises to Make You More Creative

    Rebecca OConnell
    19 Dec 2014 | 3:00 am
    Ernest Hemingway may never have actually said, "write drunk; edit sober," but that doesn't mean it's bad advice.  Jennifer Wiley of the University of Illinois at Chicago found that getting a little tipsy actually helped get the creative juices flowing— the sweet spot is .075%, just under the legal limit. “Sometimes a reduced ability to control one’s attention can have positive implications for select cognitive tasks,” the study explains.  Not all of us own a breathalyzer, so that's where the "Problem Solver" comes in. Agency CP+B Copenhagen and Rockey Brewing concocted a bottle…
  • Morning Cup of Links: Goodbye, Colbert Report

    Miss Cellania
    19 Dec 2014 | 2:00 am
    Watch the All-Star Musical Finale From The Final Episode Of The Colbert Report. Everybody who's anybody was there, whether they were there or not. *8 Changes In The Hobbit Movies You Didn't Know Were A Huge Deal. This doesn’t include the fact that it takes longer to watch the three movies than to read the book they’re based on. * Like It Or Not, The Interview Is a Battle Worth Fighting. It’s not about “a dumb Seth Rogen movie,” but about whether we let threats control our actions. * Indiana Bones and The Raiders of the Lost Bark. He’s just a puppy, but he has to save the world.
  • The Time An Artist Sold His Own Excrement for the Price of Gold

    Hannah Keyser
    19 Dec 2014 | 12:00 am
    Tate Museum The edgy, counterculture card game Cards Against Humanity made a statement about our consumer culture and the Black Friday craze by selling boxes of "bullshit," labeled as such, on their website the day after Thanksgiving. They sold 30,000 boxes of actual animal waste in under two hours. Well played, Cards Against Humanity, but you're not the first to see the potential for a profound prank in feces. In May, 1961, Italian artist Piero Manzoni produced ninety cans of Merda d’artista, or Artist's Shit, each carefully labeled and numbered. It was said to be a reaction to the fact…
  • 11 Innovative Techniques for Getting Better Recordings of Your Kids' Holiday Pageants

    18 Dec 2014 | 8:39 pm
    Few things in life are more adorable and worthy of their own video recording than your child's first holiday pageant. Even if you’re not an award-winning director, you can still capture great footage on your phone or tablet with the right tech and equipment. 1. Pack a Tripod Smartphones are getting better at countering the effects of shaking hands, but nothing beats the stability of a tripod. And among tripods, nothing is as portable—or as flexible—as the Gorillapod Mobile. It fits most handsets (without requiring a traditional tripod screw mount), and its arms can stand on end or bend…
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    Journey Mama

  • Maps.

    Rachel Devenish Ford
    17 Dec 2014 | 6:42 pm
    Every morning starts out with birdsong. Lately I wake before my alarm, meaning that I really need to go to sleep early, because it doesn’t seem to matter whether I go to bed at 10:30 or 11:30, I wake up by 5:30. The world is still dark, but the birds are just beginning to sing.Birds are fascinating, with their fast little heartbeats, the way they rush the power lines, rocking them back and forth in an effort to make the loudest, best songs. They compete and threaten each other. They peck away at insects and steal things to build their nests. We have a lot of mynahs, they are our…
  • Sustained.

    Rachel Devenish Ford
    7 Dec 2014 | 7:09 am
    I went to Chiang Mai the other day. I shopped and walked through markets, attempting to unravel the secrets of commerce and goods and money and how it flows and doesn't flow. I drove back and forth along freeways on my motorbike several times due to people believing things were located in places that they weren't. I drove and drove, I got really tired and I drove some more. I replaced stolen things, things that had been taken from our meditation space in Pai. I ate at a little alley restaurant, and used the tiniest bathroom, squatting room only; concrete and a bucket…
  • Some thoughts in the wake of the Ferguson verdict.

    Rachel Devenish Ford
    30 Nov 2014 | 7:08 am
    I don’t normally write about race. I don’t consider myself any kind of an expert. But the news has been distressing me lately, until it’s almost all I can think about. Michael Brown, gone from his family, his death unnecessary and the wrong not righted by the justice system. Tamir Rice, a boy my own son’s age, gone from his family, taken also by a police officer. It’s heavy, so heavy.The response of some people on Facebook and Twitter has been so disappointing. I've seen people writing about the fact that there are also black people who kill white people, as though that somehow is…
  • I'd like to know what he'll name his first band.

    Rachel Devenish Ford
    22 Nov 2014 | 6:20 am
    The mornings are cool now, cool enough to wear a sweater, especially on the scooter. The sun still burns strong in the middle of the day, so that you look down at yourself suddenly and wonder why on earth you are wearing a sweater. It’s hot! you think. Why am I wearing this? Because the chill of the morning is a vague memory, and you don't even remember how uncomfortable it is to wash dishes in cold water on a cold morning.I love this weather.Tonight I lost it and shouted at the kids a bit, because they were fighting over turns on the computer and it drives me batty. Batty enough that I…
  • I'm about to show you a scary picture, but everything turned out all right.

    Rachel Devenish Ford
    17 Nov 2014 | 7:05 am
    On Tuesday, I wrote this:I know I go on and on about how awesome it is to have a fifth child, or perhaps I really mean, a later child, but it really is. We are always shaking our heads over Isaac. The other day Kai said, "I really don't know how we were even happy without him." And I said, "That's how I feel about all of you."But I know what he means. I think my favorite thing about this late baby is how everything toddler related falls into perspective in a bigger family. When Isaac is protesting at the top of his lungs because he wanted to brush his teeth a little longer, it can't help…
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  • Kindle Countdown Deal for “The Ghost Box”

    Mike Duran
    16 Dec 2014 | 5:35 am
    I’ve been getting some great reviews for The Ghost Box since its release last month. Grace Bridges said the novel is “Funny as heck… with some awesome surprise twists.” Mike Roop described it as “a good metaphysical action romp… Think Harry Dresden meets The Librarian meets The Lone Gunmen from X-Files.” And Lelia Rose Foreman writes, “This noir paranormal filled with science-fiction tropes done fresh and with humor made for an exciting read.” This week only, The Ghost Box is discounted to $0.99 for Kindle.  If you’re into Urban…
  • Finding Truth in “Pagan” Art

    Mike Duran
    11 Dec 2014 | 5:47 am
    Film critic Jeffrey Overstreet, in his book Through a Screen Darkly, talks about the backlash he received from concerned parents after his favorable review of the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. One parent wrote, “If you think anything meaningful can be conveyed by pagan mythology, you’ve just opened up Pandora’s Box.” Overstreet responded, She would probably be dismayed if I pointed out that she, by making reference to a pagan myth [Pandora’s Box], had conveyed something meaningful to me. (pg. 151) This parent’s approach (and its utter…
  • Faster for the Master — Author Edition

    Mike Duran
    8 Dec 2014 | 7:02 am
    A Christian speed metal band used to emblazon their logo with the words, Faster for the Master. As if musical MPH was virtuous. The successful  Amazon Kindle author could probably adopt that saying for their own. Only, in their case, the Master is the market and the faster they write, the more the market is “pleased” with their service. A writing friend of mine recently signed a contract with Amazon for a YA Urban Fantasy trilogy.  But unlike the tradpub business, which has been known to stretch trilogies out for years (and stretch thick novels into trilogies), Amazon wants my…
  • How Autonomous Are Your Fictional Characters?

    Mike Duran
    1 Dec 2014 | 7:52 am
    In his book On Writing, Stephen King uses a unique illustration to describe the relationship of the author to her story. Novelists, suggests King, are less creators than they are discoverers. He writes, “Stories are relics, part of an undiscovered pre-existing world. The writer’s job is to use the tools in his or her toolbox to get as much of each one out of the ground intact as possible. Sometimes the fossil you uncover is small; a seashell. Sometimes it’s enormous, a Tyrannosaurus Rex with all those gigantic ribs and grinning teeth. Either way, short story or thousand-page…
  • Why I Decided to Write for the General Market

    Mike Duran
    24 Nov 2014 | 6:33 am
    I entered into the field of writing by way of Christians and the Christian market. At the time (2005), this seemed like the natural thing to do for me. I’d become a believer in 1980, pastored a church for a period of time, and was spiritually restless, wanting to find new avenues for creativity and spiritual growth. When the Christian magazine I subscribed to held a short story contest, I decided to enter and earned an honorable mention. A spark was struck. From there, I joined a Christian writers group. This led to the publication of other short stories and a growing familiarity with…
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    Leftos - Lessons for the Opposite Sex

  • thanks to Dr Akobe magic spell caster

    18 Dec 2014 | 8:51 pm
    New Opinion - My Names is sharon britto,AM from United States. I never believed in love spells or magic until i met this spell caster once when i went to Africa in June last year on a business Assignment i met a man called Dr Akobe the great magic spell caster, is powerful he could help you cast a spells to bring back your love gone misbehaving lover looking for some one to love you bring back lost money and magic money spell or spell for a good job i m now happy & a living testimony cos the man i had wanted to marry left me 4weeks before our wedding and my life was upside down cos our…
  • How I Got My Ex Husband Back Home Thanks To Great Dr. Okoko

    15 Dec 2014 | 1:35 pm
    New Opinion - My name is Rachael Vivian, and I base in United States New York City...My life is back!!! After 2 years of Broken marriage, my husband left me with two kids I felt like my life was about to end i almost committed suicide, i was emotionally down for a very long time. Thanks to a spell caster called Dr okoko, which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet,I came across allot of testimonies about this particular spell caster. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb,cure cancer,and other…
  • I need help of my relationship contact

    13 Dec 2014 | 2:40 pm
    New Question - My name is Judy, I'm from California. i want to use this opportunity to thank the great Prophet Ogunjimi the Great who really made my life a pleasurable one today. This great man OGUNJIMI brought my husband back to me, i already have 2 lovely kids for my husband, before he left me for another lady, because she charmed him In 2010 some years ago i and my husband has been into one quarrel and some misunderstandings, life was so miserable for me, until he finally left me for the other lady. For 2years i felt my life was over and my kids thought they would never see their father…

    13 Dec 2014 | 9:59 am
    New Answer - Lord Shinnok, Here is my testimony from your Heart Warming indebted Client (Myranda Hammons from United states) Sir i had to write back to you though I am at work now to let you know that your spell has sucessfully worked, and he has returned back to me just as you said it sir. A beautiful bud vase of red roses was just brought to my place of work from the man I contacted you about on Dec 1st. Sir i am so happy to tell it to the whole world now that he returned back to me through your powerful spells yesterday at about 4:00pm. Everything worked out just the way you said it. No…
  • Lord Shinnok, Here is my testimony from ...

    13 Dec 2014 | 9:57 am
    New Answer - Lord Shinnok, Here is my testimony from your Heart Warming indebted Client (Myranda Hammons from United states) Sir i had to write back to you though I am at work now to let you know that your spell has sucessfully worked, and he has returned back to me just as you said it sir. A beautiful bud vase of red roses was just brought to my place of work from the man I contacted you about on Dec 1st. Sir i am so happy to tell it to the whole world now that he returned back to me through your powerful spells yesterday at about 4:00pm. Everything worked out just the way you said it. No…
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  • Africa

    Guest Photographer
    19 Dec 2014 | 2:05 am
    Djenne 1 © Paul Elliott   Djenne 2 © Paul Elliott   Djenne 3 © Paul Elliott   Djenne 4 © Paul Elliott   Djenne 5 © Paul Elliott   Djenne 6 © Paul Elliott Photo Credits All Photographs Are © Paul Elliott Paul Elliott Photographer Bio Originally from London, England and now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photography has been a passion since I discovered it at a school class when I was 15. I graduated to cinematography and have made my living shooting motion pictures. I’ve photographed around 40 films and have won several awards, from the Sundance Film…
  • Still Life Is Not So Still

    Guest Artist
    19 Dec 2014 | 2:01 am
    Still At Supper, oil on canvas, 26″x18″, 2014 My explorations as an Artist have lead me to determine that style is a trap of limitations. Change & reinvention lead to resolution. The path of human life does not have to be limited by external expectations but can be as self determined, and varied as any individual wants it to be, and still maintain, focus and purpose. Still Out A Window, oil and mixed media on canvas, 26″x18″, 2014 Every inspiration I have had has allowed me a look at my creative path differently, and I have interpreted it in the visual language…
  • Dog Training Mechanics

    Eric Brad
    18 Dec 2014 | 6:25 pm
    Baseball is a wonderful sport. Many of us played some form of it from the time we were children. Whether it was stickball or softball or just a pickup game that involved hitting a ball with a stick, most of us are familiar with the basics. You would think that hitting a ball would be relatively simple. But it turns out that the best hitters in professional baseball hit the ball less than 30% of the time. In fairness, the pitchers in professional baseball are incredibly skilled at their craft as well. Hitters practice long and hard to achieve the few hits they get. It’s a matter of…
  • Our Lives in Ralph Baer’s World: Reflections on Video Games as the Founder Passes On

    Nathan Thompson
    17 Dec 2014 | 5:00 am
    Ralph Baer receives the National Medal of Technology, November 2006 As a child in a relatively poor family, I often found myself behind the loop. When Nintendo games first came out, I had just received a used Atari system. Which was already starting to be outdated. Although I still enjoyed playing Frogger, Space Invaders, and Asteriods, the more powerful digital graphics of the Nintendo slowly ate away at my interest in the old system. I spent hours in a friend’s basement mastering Techmo Bowl football, only to finally get my own Nintendo just as the next generation – the Super…
  • How One Man Changed a Centuries-Old Game

    Guest Author
    15 Dec 2014 | 4:00 am
    Poker has long been one of the most popular card games in the world. An estimated 50 million Americans play the game regularly and it has been a popular pastime of soldiers dating back to the Civil War. Many US presidents and Queen Victoria embraced the game, and it was famously a staple of the American Old West. Even though the game has a long history, future historians will single out one poker player from Tennessee as the catalyst for changing the game of poker forever. A brief history of poker Poker is viewed as a distinctly American game. While this is true of the game in its current…
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  • How Dixon uses twitter to augment his memory after traumatic head injury

    Pervez Ahmed
    26 Nov 2014 | 6:45 am
    For Thomas Dixon, incessantly checking his smartphone isn’t an obsessive compulsive need like it is for the rest of us. Twitter is his memory. Without his twitter feed Dixon wouldn’t be able to remember what he did yesterday. “I’m always aware of what I’m talking about and who I’m with in the moment,” says Dixon “I just don’t know what happened yesterday or the day before. My declarative episodic memory is shot.” Dixon was out for a run when he was struck by a car four years ago. The traumatic brain injury he sustained in the…
  • Design Inspiration Dose – 97

    Pixel Posts
    24 Nov 2014 | 11:44 pm
    Owl King We are here with another set of images that will inspire you to create great designs. Design Inspiration Dose is another interesting segment at Pixelonomics, we share with you images that have inspired us and enabled us to weave magic into our creations. Everybody needs inspiration, either from within or from a source that rouses the sleeping dragon (read: imagination) within you. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get your dose of design inspiration! If you too, like us, want to attain design nirvana, all you have to do is keep coming back here to get a healthy dose of…
  • Design Inspiration Dose – 96

    Pixel Posts
    23 Nov 2014 | 11:26 pm
    Cutthroat & Cavalier   We are here with another set of images that will inspire you to create great designs. Design Inspiration Dose is another interesting segment at Pixelonomics, we share with you images that have inspired us and enabled us to weave magic into our creations. Everybody needs inspiration, either from within or from a source that rouses the sleeping dragon (read: imagination) within you. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get your dose of design inspiration! If you too, like us, want to attain design nirvana, all you have to do is keep coming back here…
  • Design Inspiration Dose – 95

    Pixel Posts
    23 Nov 2014 | 9:58 am
    Profile Screen We are here with another set of images that will inspire you to create great designs. Design Inspiration Dose is another interesting segment at Pixelonomics, we share with you images that have inspired us and enabled us to weave magic into our creations. Everybody needs inspiration, either from within or from a source that rouses the sleeping dragon (read: imagination) within you. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get your dose of design inspiration! If you too, like us, want to attain design nirvana, all you have to do is keep coming back here to get a healthy…
  • Design Inspiration Dose – 94

    Pixel Posts
    22 Nov 2014 | 6:07 am
    British GQ-Tom Kerridge We are here with another set of images that will inspire you to create great designs. Design Inspiration Dose is another interesting segment at Pixelonomics, we share with you images that have inspired us and enabled us to weave magic into our creations. Everybody needs inspiration, either from within or from a source that rouses the sleeping dragon (read: imagination) within you. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get your dose of design inspiration! If you too, like us, want to attain design nirvana, all you have to do is keep coming back here to get a…
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    Four Leaf Clover

  • Pops of color and fun in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

    8 Dec 2014 | 3:34 pm
    Back to Lake Como! Our last stop by boat was to Bellagio. I sure am glad we decided to go on one last adventure even though our feet were already killing us (me!). These are just a small handful of all the Bellagio photos I took. I’ve got a whole other handful to show you of a villa we visited while there, as well. If you ever find yourself in Lake Como, I hiiighly recommend a hop over to Bellagio. In the meantime, take a little walk around with me and enjoy! The first thing we did when we got there was eat a late lunch followed by gelato, of course! They had some vegan options and they…
  • How wolves change rivers (aka how nature works it’s magic)

    30 Nov 2014 | 1:50 pm
    Time for a little break from Lake Como. I watched this video by Sustainable Human when it first came out and I have no idea why I didn’t post it before (actually, now that I think about it, must have been exams and assignments…). I posted it on my Facebook page, but now that I’ve seen it again, I realized that I needed to post it here, too. I wish information like that presented in this video was taught in school. It wasn’t until my time in Kenya for my Ecology & Wildlife Conservation degree course that I realized just how important every single species is to an…
  • A gorgeous villa in gorgeous Lake Como, Italy

    14 Nov 2014 | 12:52 pm
    While visiting Lake Como, I got to see a few magical villas. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to live in one. My favorite was Villa del Balbianello in Lenno. It is currently a tourist attraction and it’s no wonder why! (Interesting tidbit: It also happens to be where a scene from Star Wars was filmed.) It felt like I had a little taste of paradise while walking around the garden. I took so many photos, I had such a hard time picking which ones to show you (part of the reason it took a while to get around to posting these… sorry!). Even on the boat ride…
  • A short trip to picturesque Lake Como, Italy

    15 Oct 2014 | 2:17 pm
    A couple weekends ago, I went on a short, somewhat spontaneous trip to Lake Como, Italy. If you follow me on either Facebook or Twitter, you’ve already seen a sneak peek of my trip. I hadn’t heard too much about Lake Como before and I have no idea why because it’s the most picturesque place I’ve ever been to! It’s no wonder so many celebrities have homes here (I saw many beautiful villas only to later find out they were the home of a celebrity). I couldn’t stop taking photos… of everything! It’s amazing how much beauty a touch of paint can add…
  • Meditation: a daily act to love yourself and to love life

    11 Oct 2014 | 5:26 am
    Love. Understanding. Forgiveness. Trust. Compassion. Kindness. Peace. These are a few of the words that I use during my meditations. I breathe in love for myself and I breathe out love for the Universe and everyone in it. Breathe in: “I am love, I love myself” Breathe out: “I love the Universe and all those in it” The same goes for the other words and any others that I may need on that particular day. When I feel as though the words and breaths have brought me to a peaceful place, I let my mind quiet down and listen to the sounds around me. This has grown to be a daily…
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    Zara Stone

  • Equine artists turn horses into works of art

    15 Dec 2014 | 12:48 pm
    When most people see Jillian Scott’s horses they do a double-take. Is that really a zebra in North Lanarkshire, Scotland? Nope, it’s part of Scott’s art — but the canvas she uses isn’t paper or linen; it’s the bodies of horses. From shaving giraffes to dragons to Batman, this is the realm of creative clipping. And some of the designs are crazy. For customers Scott has shaved everything from a skeleton to the Minion from Despicable Me on a horse’s rear — a type of clip called a “bum patch” that’s increasingly popular wIth people who don’t want to commit to a…
  • The Eat Like Sh*t Foodie Trend

    2 Dec 2014 | 8:22 pm
    Red Velvet Corn Dogs . Loaded Chili Cheese Carrot F**k Fries. Ice Cream Cookie Tacos. Poutine Sushi. Whiskey Pickled Eggs. Yes, this is actually food. These odd concoctions are the work of Kyle Marcoux, 28, who runs the Vulgar Chef blog. He operates on shock value, and his recipes are stuffed with profanities. Seriously. The instructions for his mac ’n’ cheese say: “Start tossing in cheese and spices and cook the tits off. Cook on low/med until that shit is creamy as fuck.”  He’s crude, but strangely appealing at the same time, an antidote to the ultra sanitized,…
  • Explaining Ebola for Children

    13 Oct 2014 | 11:47 am
    There’s a lot of hyperbole about ebola at the moment. This makes sense; it’s a scary disease with no vaccination and people are concerned. But that’s no reason for misinformation, or for people to run around making wild claims and confusing the issue. Most of us aren’t biochem majors and can’t break down complex details about drug interaction/ virus systems etc, but we do have questions we want answered. An explainer: I was recently trying to explain Ebola to a ten year old who was very frightened and was thinking about how best to help them. I like to go with…
  • Meet The Man Who Want People To See Pit Bull Dogs as “Cuddly”

    13 Jul 2014 | 4:07 pm
    Pit Bull dogs tend to have a public image problem. They’re consistently viewed as “dangerous dogs”, and regularly vilified by the media. Other breeds get a bad rep as well; rottweilers, and boxers also fall into the perceived danger dog category. Yes, some of these dogs have done the things they’re accused of; – one of the most recent high profile incidents being that of Mickey, an Arizonan pit bull who mauled a 4 year old child. If this had happened a few years ago it’s pretty likely that Mickey would have been put down, but instead he was given a prison sentence. Yes, a…
  • Stupid Technology That You Don’t Want or Need: Instagram sunglasses and a GIF taking camera

    20 May 2014 | 12:51 pm
    The world is full of great and amazing inventions, things that wow the mind and blow the senses. And then come the not so amazing, those that give pause, make one think ‘eh, and simply seem like a wonderful way to blow a lot of resources. That’s what I’m celebrating now, the many odd and surreal parts of technology that we really *might* have been better off without. The Ten Lens What is it: Think of these as Instagram sunglasses, shades that let you see the world through a variety of rose colored filters. Why: Why let real life get you down? Why not view it all through…
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    Amy Mac

  • Even My Dogs Smell Like Christmas (but for all the wrong reasons)

    8 Dec 2014 | 11:56 am
    I've compiled a list I've found vaguely interesting and very personally informative as I've been preparing for the holiday season. Perhaps you, too, will be intrigued. (Perhaps instead you will be alarmed. I understand completely. If you find you are more disturbed than amused, you should totally find a more relaxing blog with a more sensible writer.)We have 8 bins for Halloween decorations, but only 3 for Christmas decorations.One of those Halloween bins is labeled "GRAVEYARD" and is an enormous bin on a high shelf so I can't really access it. I'm just saying there may be an actual graveyard…
  • The Best Cookbook for Thanksgiving Recipes ... or Any Recipe, Really

    3 Nov 2014 | 11:15 am
    Last Friday, AKA Halloween, I was full of faux-pity for my fellow parents who were Trick-or-Treating with their youngsters. Why? Because the temps went from long-sleeve-but-no-jacket-necessary weather to freaking freezing cold in a matter of two hours. I was smug in my "my teenage children are at various Halloween parties, thus I remain indoors and toasty warm" stance.So when karma came back to bite me Saturday morning while spectating at my daughter's cross country race via 40-degree temps and 25-mile-per-hour winds, I really couldn't complain (though I did regularly threaten to set myself…
  • How to Reorder Work Experience on LinkedIn in 6 Simple Steps

    27 Oct 2014 | 10:00 am
    When I'm advising professionals on sharpening their personal brand --  particularly when it comes to their resume, bio and LinkedIn profile -- my number one tip is to move eye-catching, results-based achievements to the top.For all the many wonderful attributes of LinkedIn, it insists on complete chronology with work experience, so whatever job you're in right now sits up top. Then the last job you held, and so on. It doesn't matter if you were the President of the United States and now you're a professional apple picker ... CEO will be listed second, with your picking profession center…
  • Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Compliment? (Correct Answer: Yes. Yes There Is.)

    23 Oct 2014 | 8:39 am
    Ah, the well-paid compliment. Nothing adds a spot of sunshine to your day like a genuine effort of admiration given to you by someone you hold in high esteem. Or a well-dressed stranger with a nice haircut. Truly, it matters less who is delivering the compliment and more that it's sincere -- and that the person stops talking before accidentally undoing the compliment. Some real-life examples:Good compliment:"Mom! I'm so glad you wear cute clothes so we can share!"Undoing compliment:"Except for pants. I don't think we can share those."The save:"Only because your legs are longer than mine!"Just…
  • Today, In Lieu of an Actual Post ...

    7 Oct 2014 | 1:31 pm
    For several days running my to-do list has featured the task "blog post."I should tell you ... I have several posts already written out! Fantastic news! Sadly, they are in longhand (my preferred method of first draft on any writing.) Thus, they continue to await me blocking out a bit of time to key in said posts, find an accompanying photo, then edit the post until I'm cross-eyed and snappy because I forgot to eat because I can get a little picky when I'm writing. Also when I'm eating. So. There's that.Therefore, today, in lieu of an actual post, I shall lull you into complacency with photos…
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    DC Dana

  • Nepal 2: We're big in Nepal

    18 Dec 2014 | 7:25 am
    We left off as I finally landed in the country I intended to get to.I was exhausted and learned that I needed to traverse the airport by a crowded, slow moving shuttle bus that was filled with everyone in Nepal, including their women's soccer team (that part isn't an exaggeration -- apparently they'd just come back from winning some tournament in Pakistan so that part was kind of cool...had I not been so tired and squatting on top of my own carry-on at that point, it would've been even cooler.) It was then that I first started to realize that I definitely don't fit in Nepal. Physically. As in…
  • Nepal 1: Getting there is half the fun... right?...

    16 Dec 2014 | 12:35 pm
    Well I made it back from my Nepal adventure, and it's taken me a while to get the energy up to write a new post because I caught a nasty virus during my trip and I've had things to catch up on like tap water, daily showering, etc. but: here we go!I left for Kathmandu and had a layover on the way in Dubai for 8 hours, so I decided boredom and FOMO would definitely not let me stay in the airport that long, so I ventured out.Actually, first I ran into a friend of mine on the plane who lives in Ethiopia. As in, I hadn't seen this man in person in years (because he lives in…
  • It's near Italy, right?

    17 Nov 2014 | 7:38 am
    About a year ago, I got a Facebook message from one of the girls from my Semester in DC in 2001 (AKA the semester where I spent 9/11 in the White House, watched a robot come into my office to dispose of a potentially harmful package days later, and could have possibly been exposed to anthrax along the way -- so you could say those of us who were in the same school program probably bonded a little more than usual.) She and I had not spoken or seen each other since that semester, we'd just been silent Facebook friends over the years. The message simply said she wanted to let me…
  • On Vulnerability

    23 Oct 2014 | 4:36 pm
    Several things have come at me lately and a common theme has emerged from them: being vulnerable.I've been chatting with people about my fear of commitment -where it might come from, how can I overcome it - and I've simultaneously been trying to grow as a leader in my career(s) as well. (Yes, I now have two of them. Yes, I take on a lot of activities, don't psychoanalyze me. There'll be plenty of time for that as you keep reading...).So I took a course recently that included receiving feedback from people who report to me at work. And that feedback, along with things I'm learning about how I…
  • Marathon Truth

    20 Oct 2014 | 8:59 am
    I haven't had time to post much lately, but I will leave you this week with this gem. Because, having completed a marathon before, I can say -- this is pretty accurate. Enjoy. And watch those nips, men....
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    Eat. Sleep. Be

  • My Word of the Year for 2015

    18 Dec 2014 | 4:30 am
    Each new year for me begins with one word or phrase chosen specifically to guide me through the next 365 days. Those of us who practice this annual effort know that usually it is not difficult to find that word or two. That word finds us. It is a gift from our inner voice. The word expresses what we want to accomplish in the coming months, or perhaps fill a space where at present there is a void. Whatever the reason, the word arrives and then suddenly it all seems very clear. Heading in to 2015, my word will be TIME. It is not a sophisticated word, yet it has so many meanings. It was the…
  • When Bloggers and Brands Pay It Forward Together

    17 Dec 2014 | 4:56 am
    This is the time of year when there seems to be a little extra magic in the air. As hectic as it may be, people are ready for a celebration. Kindness and generosity abound, towards people we may know and towards those we may not. Tis the season, as they say! Yet for some people, the holiday season is just like any other. My friend Colleen of Souffle Bombay had the idea to reach out to other bloggers as well as some of our collective contacts to pull off a fantastic holiday surprise for children who live in a small remote village in Alaska. Twin Hills has a population of 76. They are Native…
  • Let There Be No More Unfound Families

    16 Dec 2014 | 7:00 am
    I distinctly remember when she said that, in her opinion, the most selfless act anyone could perform is to adopt a child. She was a representative from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, and an adoptive parent who followed that statement by saying that adoption is also the single most rewarding, momentous, fulfilling action she had taken in her lifetime. The reason why I remember that statement so clearly is that at the time, it seemed that adoption may have been in my future. After several miscarriages and years of infertility, the terms “surrogacy” and “adoption” were becoming…
  • An Aventura Clothing Holiday!

    12 Dec 2014 | 10:32 am
    Still not sure what to get for the holidays? Or perhaps maybe you really want to get a little something (or two) for yourself? Well, then do yourself a favor and head over to Aventura clothing. I am honored to be a brand ambassador for this company. It is now my go-to brand for value, quality, and comfort. I have fallen in love with their comfortable fabrics as well as their mission, and I became an ambassador for their brand. Aventura Clothing is a family owned lifestyle apparel brand that takes sustainability seriously. Their eco-friendly items prevent synthetic fertilizers and farm…
  • The Diet that will Help You Live Longer and Healthier

    11 Dec 2014 | 8:10 am
    If you are trying to eat healthier for yourself and perhaps your family, it’s time to take a trip to the Mediterranean. (Well, in your kitchen, at least.) Dark leafy greens, whole grains, and olive oil have long been known as part of a healthy diet. They are also key components of the Mediterranean diet. In a Mediterranean diet, generous servings of green vegetables, whole grain, fish, nuts, and olive oil, are generally supplemented with fruit, night shade vegetables, beans, red wine, and a limited amount of red meat. You will also commonly see popular dishes such as hummus, orzo, Greek…
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    The Voice of Job Seekers

  • 10 Job Search Tools We’re Grateful for This Holiday Season

    Mark Anthony Dyson
    16 Dec 2014 | 4:20 pm
      Many job search will only increase your chances during the holidays. Most career professional agree that the holiday season could be leveraged to your advantage so you can hit the ground running in 2015. If you are looking for a new career opportunity now, this show will provide more value than you can count. I would like to hear the ways that you will be advancing your job search during the holidays in one of three ways: Call and leave a voice mail at 708-365-9822 Email me at Go to, press the “Send Voicemail” button to your…
  • From Employed to Job Seeker: Making the Performance Review Work

    Mark Anthony Dyson
    9 Dec 2014 | 3:30 pm
    An employee can go from gainful employment to job seeker status in one moment based on a performance review. It happens daily where polarizing views of work performance is seen. The end of the year performance review can reshape someone career. Robert Ferguson, along with Peter Coleman wrote MAKING CONFLICT WORK: Harnessing the Power of DisagreementI talk with Robert about how to temper a competitive and conflicting performance review. Robert explains how there are ways the employee can exercise “under power,” making a negative review into something useful for his or her career.
  • 2 More Career Podcasts to Help Your Job Search

    Mark Anthony Dyson
    2 Dec 2014 | 4:00 pm
    This week, I wanted to share my MUST LISTEN TO career podcasts and hosts. Both are career practitioners but from different perspectives, and bring quality job search advice to their audiences. I hope that you will go and subscribe to their podcasts in iTunes, and engage their content as you see fit. Podcasts are the new talk show, and additionally in this show, we present two career podcasts that are educational in their approach for job seekers. If you are a college student, a recent graduate or a neophyte professional, then you must subscribe and listen to Dayvon Goddard (@ItsDayD2y), the…
  • Accepting and Giving Criticism Effectively for the New Hire

    Mark Anthony Dyson
    18 Nov 2014 | 4:05 pm
    You were recently hired after a long job search. It’s been a while since someone scrutinized your daily performance at work. Maybe you’re a new hire and yet to receive feedback to gauge if you’re adequately learning and performing. If you fit either of these categories, then you are the receiver of criticism rather than the giver. We will learn about the value of criticism, its importance, and how it can be a positive tool for your first 90 days of your new job. Dr. Deb Bright is our guest today. She will help us understand the positive attributes of criticism as a giver and…
  • Career Transition Strategies for Military Veterans

    Mark Anthony Dyson
    9 Nov 2014 | 10:00 pm
    This Veterans Day episode is dedicated to all of you who served our country. We thank you because you sacrificed your comfort, family, and yourselves to make sure that the rest of America can enjoy their freedom that we often take for granted. The transition back to civilian life is not an easy task. For many veterans, transitioning back to the civilian job market is a nightmare. Are you a military veteran challenged by the competition or the lack of career resources? What is the toughest part of your career transition from serving to civilian? There are three ways you can let me know: Blog:…
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    Success & Prosperity Blog

  • I’ll Be Back…

    Randy Gage
    12 Dec 2014 | 1:03 pm
    Remember those words from The Terminator franchise.  Delighted to tell you, I’m uttering them now. As you know, I’ve been on sabbatical for almost two years, working on some creative projects like my next book and a regimen of intense personal development and growth.  It’s been the single most rewarding experience in my life thus far.  And I’m excited with the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you. Beginning January 1st, I’ll be back… Every Monday you’ll get a new episode of Prosperity TV, and you’ll see regular posts on the Success and Prosperity Blog.  Also,…
  • Blowing Up Conventional Beliefs

    Randy Gage
    3 Dec 2014 | 1:29 pm
    Every industry has its sacred cows and accepted practices. These are based upon foundational beliefs, and often those beliefs are based upon premises that are no longer valid. (If they ever even were.) Mobile apps won’t just change marketing, they will change everything. The reason these apps (and other new business models) can be so disruptive is because they’re often created by people who aren’t from the industries they’re disrupting. There is a reason Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos and not anyone in the bookstore industry, and Uber was started by people who weren’t in the taxi…
  • Bringing Passion to Your Work

    Randy Gage
    23 Nov 2014 | 6:48 pm
    So what does it take to be amazing, world-class, and passionate with the work you do? First, you have to be doing work that matters to you. It doesn’t have to be important to everyone, but it better be important to you. Nothing dumbs down and dampens creativity like wasting it in the pursuit of mediocrity. Attempt epic things that are so intoxicating they pull you toward them. It may or may not be work that changes the world, but it better change your state. It should bring you joy, ignite your passion, or bring you harmony. I had the honor of dining with one of my heroes, legendary tenor…
  • Who Are They?

    Randy Gage
    22 Oct 2014 | 2:16 pm
    So who chose salt and pepper anyway? Why are they the two spices available in almost every restaurant and dinner table in the Americas? Why not sea salt, paprika, or nutmeg? Why two seasonings, and not three or five? Who says the North Pole is on the top? Most people seem to think so. But looking from my apartment in Sydney, I can tell you for certain that the South Pole is definitely on top. In actuality, the top is relative to what angle you’re viewing the earth from the galaxy. What if Einstein was wrong? Probably the most quoted statement from Albert Einstein is the quip defining…
  • Social Media Marketing Success

    Randy Gage
    16 Oct 2014 | 3:05 pm
    A lot of people ask me how I’m so successful with connecting with my tribe via social media. It’s a great question, because it lets us explore how useful social media can be – and how to utilize it without broadcasting endless pitches to people, but actually engage them and provide true value.   Here are my seven secrets that transcend all social media platforms and allow you to apply them in ways that grow your business, no matter what field you are in: 1) Be Findable You have to take your business where the people are and be in the relevant conversations. And in today’s world,…
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    Amusing Planet

  • The Four Corners Monument

    18 Dec 2014 | 11:20 pm
    The Four Corners Monument is the only place in the United States where you can be in four different states at the same time -Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. This is the place where the corners of the four state meet. A granite and brass monument has been erected to mark the spot. The novelty of these intersecting boundaries makes Four Corners a popular tourist destination. The monument is located in the desert on the Navajo Indian Reservation, and despite its remote location and lack of facilities (there is no electricity or running water, and no telephones or cell phone coverage),…
  • The Prime Meridian At The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

    18 Dec 2014 | 7:40 am
    The Prime Meridian, also known as the Greenwich Meridian, passes through longitude 0° 0' 0'' and on its journey from pole to pole, it passes through England, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana and Antarctica, dividing the earth into east and west, just as the Equator splits it into north and south. The meridian’s position is marked in hundreds of places, but the best place to see this all important imaginary line is in Greenwich Park in London. The marker is located at the Royal Observatory, a former observatory and now a museum, that played a major role in…
  • Hydrospeeding on The Aletsch Glacier

    17 Dec 2014 | 8:22 pm
    Hydrospeeding or riverboarding is a form of extreme sports where participants lie prone on rigid foam boards and ride the rapids. Riverboarding is usually done in rivers and streams, but some enthusiasts have taken to the freezing waters of glacier runoffs. “There are two major dangers when sliding head first through glacial runoff,” warns adventure magazine Outside. “First, the water you are rushing down eventually flows into a deep crevasse. Second, glacial lakes that feed the runoff often overflow during the midday heat, which causes a flood of large ice and debris to crash down the…
  • Longmen Grottoes, China

    17 Dec 2014 | 8:27 am
    Longmen Grottoes are a series of Buddhist cave temples carved into the rock on the banks of the Yi River, south of the city of Luoyang, in Henan province, in China. The site includes some 1,350 caves and 40 pagodas, which are choke-full of statues of all shapes and sizes, ranging from 1 inch to the largest Buddha statue of 17 meters tall. There are as many as 100,000 statues carved out of the hard limestone cliffs. Stretching for 1 km along both banks of the river, the caves represent one of the finest examples of Chinese Buddhist art. The Longmen Grottoes lie 12 km south of the historic…
  • The 1,800-Km-Long Hand-Dug Grand Canal of China

    17 Dec 2014 | 3:13 am
    The Grand Canal is a series of waterways in eastern and northern China starting at Beijing and ending at the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, linking the Yellow River with the Yangtze River. Stretching some 1,800 km, it is the world’s longest man-made waterway, and constitutes one of the world’s largest and most extensive civil engineering project prior to the Industrial Revolution. At its peak, it consisted of more than 2,000 km of artificial waterways, linking five of China’s main river basins. The canal was built to enable the transport of surplus grain from the agriculturally…
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  • Letter to my lost friend

    Pallav Gogoi
    11 Dec 2014 | 3:54 am
    This is a letter to my lost friend with whom I have lost touch; I sincerely want you to come back as you are very important to me. If you are one of them reading, please send me an email or inbox me your number on FB. I will be waiting for you. I have not updated nor written anything interesting however I would like to write as soon as I get your response. If you are reading my blog secretly, please feel free to contact me soon as I have something interesting to tell. I am sure, you will.
  • Love in My Studio Apartment

    Pallav Gogoi
    12 Jun 2014 | 9:54 am
    I have a small studio apartment in some corner of this earth, where I create dreams, I see them translating into realities. I speak less because my mind always does things beyond the imagination of a human being. Some people just do their regular jobs, they smile less, earn big money but never dwell in simplicity, they are unable to create those fairytales, they are mechanical, they are practical unlike me. My eyes always visualize the unseen, my ears always hear the unheard, my body always travels beyond the boundaries. I am no God, I am just normal creature who believes in miracles, who…
  • Factory of Love

    Pallav Gogoi
    5 Jun 2014 | 4:51 am
    Urban life is so fast that you don’t get time to listen to your soul; you get so much engrossed in your daily life that you forget about your existence. But the monotony is broken, when your heart meets a soul, someone who makes a fairytale out of your mundane life. Love becomes an inspiration and that inspiration gives you strength to fight against all odds, it gives you a meaning to survive, to look beyond the unknown.Suddenly, yes suddenly the wind changes around you. Life is so full of unpredictability; you never know what is there for you, who come across your life, who makes room in…
  • The Killing Love, the Unconsciousness, the Cravings of an Urban Hitchhiker

    Pallav Gogoi
    28 May 2014 | 10:07 am
    I carry a killing smile, my body stinks like lavender, I crawl through the streets of unknown, I am the perfect example of invisibility. Though I live in this planet, my mind always revolves around the unknown world. I am not from this planet, I feel like an alien with semi-human features, I gulp down pain like an undiluted scotch, I fly in water balloons. My world is surreal; I live quietly in my studio apartment. Think twice before you speak to me, I am ultra sensitive, I am full of obsession, narcissism is in my blood, I am a traitor, I am a solitary soul just searching for a meaning from…
  • No More Postcards From Your Ex-Partner...

    Pallav Gogoi
    9 Feb 2014 | 10:04 am
    When someone leaves you, you shouldn’t feel depressed because there is a meaning to every end. One day you are all alone. You wake up and find no missed calls, no messages, no whatsapp pings, no letter, no postcards, nothing just nothing.  You shouldn’t feel depressed because every end is a new beginning. When the person who promised to live whole life together just becomes a stranger in few days, you shouldn’t feel sad rather you should wake up and feel the sun touching your face. Feel the new you and move ahead. Forget the past, live in the present.I know it hurts, just admit the…
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    Spy Travelogue

  • Undercover in NYC. Re-entry. Part 3

    charlie grosso
    2 Dec 2014 | 10:11 am
    Undercover in NYC…(Where the author finally, at last, accepts the obvious. Lets not talk about why it took her so long. She feels plenty dumb)…Part 3 I went on a poorly conceived 3-day camping trip in the Catskills with a friend. Wilderness, campfire and star filled sky were what I had in mind. Except my trek mate’s ODC got the better of him and a simple weekend unraveled. We called it quits after two days and came back into the city. I stayed with another friend for the extra night; I had rented my apt to Aussies touring the US for the long weekend. I walk across Madison Square…
  • Anywhere but here…The problem w/ re-entry, part 2

    charlie grosso
    25 Nov 2014 | 9:03 am
    Anywhere but here…(The author squirms in extreme discomfort and restraints are necessary to prevent her from doing something bad)…Part 2 I’m not the anywhere but here girl, that is not what this is. I can do this. I can stay put… I can do this. All the bits of Zen and happiness and light I found and gathered and tapped into from six-months on the road is nowhere to be found. They are hiding under a boulder inside of a clasped cave guarded by angry dragons with migraines. Why is it so hard to be home? Why is it so hard to be here —- this city that I’ve carefully chosen…
  • After a long stint traveling, the problem with re-entry (part 1)

    charlie grosso
    18 Nov 2014 | 10:50 am
    The problem with re-entry…(Where the author is pleased to return home and discovers for the nth time the problems with home)…Part 1 The joy of sleeping in my own bed again. Six-months on the road is long. To shower in a bathroom where the shower is separate from the toilet holds unparalleled joy. A bathtub. Even if I don’t actually take a bath, it’s nice to know it’s an option. The sound of traffic from Broadway leaks through the windows welcoming me home. Home. Hello. It’s been a long while. Did you miss me? Were you always this lovely in the afternoon sun? On the second…
  • Sylvia and I, vol 23

    charlie grosso
    29 Oct 2014 | 11:56 am
      I had to take Sylvia to the shop today, a monthly maintenance check and a bath. We navigated all the way there by sight —- we haven’t been to this part of town since the day I brought her home. I left her there while Andrew and his crew looked her over; I wondered down the block and got a coconut at the coffee shop. Another couple of weeks in the land of coconuts in coconut form before I return to the land coconut essence in plastic, once removed. I’m preemptively sad of the imminent departure, saying goodbye to Sylvia. It’s not time yet, but I am already tallying up the days,…
  • Barefoot Cafe

    charlie grosso
    21 Oct 2014 | 11:49 am
    I roam around Hanoi on my 125cc motorbike (Sylvia is her name) and alternate cafes for offices. Today’s office is actually called The KAfe. The crowd is a mixture of Vietnamese and expats. The blond wood is too hip and the cupcakes too Western for those came searching for Graham Green’s Vietnam. The coffee is good. The internet speedy. The electrical outlets are accessible and the staff doesn’t seem to mind you are there all day. The minimum for a mobile foreign field office. Lunch hour. Girls from the offices near by fills the blond wood cafe, their credentials dangle from lanyards…
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  • Christmas: You’ve Got This!

    17 Dec 2014 | 10:23 pm
    “The most influential and frequent voice you hear is your inner-voice. It can work in your favor or against you, depending on what you listen to and act upon.” ― Maddy Malhotra Is this your first estranged Christmas? If it is, you are going to learn a lot about what works for you and what doesn’t work for you during the holiday season. You’ll be feeling your way – do you want to do things the same way, business as usual, despite your estrangement? Do you want to start a new tradition and do the celebration in a whole new way? Will you spend your holiday with others,…
  • The Dilemma of the Christmas Card

    16 Dec 2014 | 3:47 pm
    “A real love letter is made of insight, understanding, and compassion. Otherwise it’s not a love letter. A true love letter can produce a transformation in the other person, and therefore in the world. But before it produces a transformation in the other person, it has to produce a transformation within us. Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh I love the above quote as it speaks to the writer in me and whilst writing a Christmas card is not the same as writing a love letter, the intention behind sending one begins in a spirit of love…
  • Ode to Joy

    13 Dec 2014 | 5:47 pm
    I wanted to share the video above (and I really, really encourage you to watch the whole video and pay attention the the faces, body language and engagement of the lucky bystanders, as this orchestral flash mob swings into full force). I also found a definition of joy written by Eric Maisel and I’d like to share it with you. “Joy is the word we use for a deep, delicious feeling that sometimes arises in us just because the sun is shining and it feels good to be alive.” For many of us, joy might feel like it’s in pretty short supply. When our lives are without joy we…
  • I Do It For You…

    12 Dec 2014 | 6:38 pm
    “Being a martyr is highly overrated. ” ― Patricia Briggs Yesterday I was out at the mall with my (adult) son. I was going to buy a tree and some lights and he said, “why are you spending money on that stuff, I don’t care about it at all”. Oh hmm … me either. I was also recently sitting and planning how to pull off a Christmas dinner / gathering for my son, daughter, my daughter’s best friend / surrogate daughter and me. This is always a bit of a “thing” since they are now adults and want to do their own thing.  At a certain point, I think…
  • Current Family Estrangement Research: Jason Robinson

    10 Dec 2014 | 3:07 pm
    One of the wonderful benefits of grad school and my own research about family estrangement is it is facilitating networks and links with other researchers who are also studying estrangement. Jason Robinson is a UK counselling psychologist who recently completed his doctoral thesis:  Negotiating Adult Family Estrangement Through Time: A Grounded Theory of Personal, Interpersonal, Social and Symbolic Process. Jason has graciously allowed me to link to his valuable research and make it available to my readers, free of charge. For those of you with an academic bent and a desire to know what is…
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    Coming to Grips

  • Coming to Grips with The Residential Particle Accelerator

    Polly Scott
    1 Dec 2014 | 9:02 pm
    Jake and I ran into Costco one night, 10 minutes before close.  A salesman for a blender (which will remain nameless) stood lonely, with a large containment vessel full of fresh fruits and veggies awaiting obliteration.Jake said, “Why waste your fruit?  We’ll drink your smoothie.”And so, the salesman threw himself into his peer-reviewed dissertation, with too much excitement for the small audience of our humble family.I kicked Jake for selling his soul for a free, 33ml smoothie.And tuned out, making faces at my sons.  Until I heard this:  “ . . . breaking it…
  • Coming to Grips with Feng Shui

    Polly Scott
    24 Mar 2014 | 9:08 am
    My chi has never been right.  My mom birthed me naturally, no drugs – but something happened that fateful day to ruin my chi. Perhaps the fluorescent hospital lights?  Had crystals not been invented in 1977?When something is wrong with your chi, you won’t know.  Deep down inside, in your subconscious, you might.  But you can’t even realize how terrible your situation is unless someone points it out to you. Thank goodness, I stumbled upon a book about Feng Shui in the library display window.“Fung what?” said Jake, my husband.“Feng schway,” I said.  “Our…
  • Coming to Grips with Trials

    Polly Scott
    7 Feb 2014 | 1:44 pm
    This is an excerpt a friend wrote about an experience we shared together. While serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I was transferred to an area with Polly Oveson Scott, back then I called her Sister Oveson.  We were really having a great time. Our area bordered the Indian Reservation, which was not located on the "Mesa". There was a beautiful cemetery in our new area and one of my favorite things to do was to ride our bikes through it every day. The downside to this area was that it had a VERY steep hill coming in and out of it. So,…
  • Coming to Grips with LifeStar

    Polly Scott
    29 Jan 2014 | 10:40 am
    I'll be on the panel at this event.  So excited to help spread the word:).
  • Coming to Grips with Gracie

    Polly Scott
    27 Jan 2014 | 11:44 am
    Just met Gracie at ALT SLC.  Wow.  Has my mom been lying to me all these years?  Is this my twin, separated at birth?  Albeit, my more talented, much better looking, twin who doesn't look or sound anything like me? How did I not know about Pretty Darn Funny before?  I can't believe I've be missing out on this until now!
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    Jude; The diary of a baby and a stroke

  • Our night

    17 Dec 2014 | 10:22 pm
    About 3:30pm I was sitting at my desk at work and I thought I heard thunder and then the familiar sound of hail hitting our roof. I honestly laughed and thought "You have got to be kidding me". So I gathered up my items and headed out to go get Jude and take him on the long trek into Cook's children's. I had told the GI specialist that I would be leaving at 4pm to get Jude and we would be heading to downtown. However this 40 minute trip turned into a 2 1/2 hour traffic nightmare. Jude even ran out of oxygen in his portable tank. The specialists office kept calling checking where we were.
  • Just call me Eeyore

    17 Dec 2014 | 8:02 am
    We worked until about 1:15 am to get Jude's oxygen stabilized enough for all of us to go to sleep. He was then up with oxygen issues again at 4:10 but those didn't last to long. I was able to get a little sleep when his nurse got there. However as I was pulling up to work Jude's nurse called and explained his new feeding tube is stuck! What does that mean? Who knows. I highly doubt the Pediasure that is diluted with half water and the 5 pedialyte boluses clogged it. So it's either kinked, out of place, or their is a blockage. So I just felt defeated. The radiologist was very nice and told me…
  • Saying a special needs child can go home from the hospital sounds great but sometimes it's not

    16 Dec 2014 | 7:07 pm
    I had to go back to work today so I had some friends stay with Jude. While I was away the Dr came in and they called me on my cell phone. He said that Jude's lungs are "riddled" with disease but that if we are comfortable he is okay with letting him go home. When I got to the hospital to pick Jude up the nurse told me she was shocked the doctor was letting Jude go and that she hopes we didn't have to come back. I told her we are pretty well set up at home and she confirmed the doctor said we have a great nursing set up between us and his home health care. Jude did great on the way home…
  • Well that's Jude for you. RAPID change.

    15 Dec 2014 | 11:38 am
    After my last blog the nurses ran another round of IV antibiotics for Jude. The nurse spent some time trying to get Jude to open his eyes but he just wouldn't comply. He was pretty non responsive and I could tell she was very nervous. So as the antibiotics ran they did another breathing treatment. When the medication ended Jude went from looking like this.  to this Amazing! He literally went from possibly going back to ICU to probably turning the corner within a few hours. The doctor said the effusions were actually on both sides and he believes the pneumonia was in both sides from…
  • The good and the bad

    15 Dec 2014 | 9:21 am
    The good news: Jude is moving more air through his right lung. The effusion has improved some. The bad news:Jude has double pneumonia. It has spread to the left lung. Jude basically went into mild respiratory distress last night about midnight. I noticed his breathing was very erratic and kept pointing it out. I told the nurse I had to lay down for a bit and she kept a close eye on him. About midnight she woke me up and said she wasn't liking his breathing and that he was working extra hard. His stats were good although his oxygen did drop some but he was just working so hard to…
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    Like a Bump on a Blog

  • Beautiful Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights Photos

    Amberr Meadows
    16 Dec 2014 | 9:01 pm
    It’s the winter season, which means time to prepa […] The post Beautiful Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights Photos appeared first on Like a Bump on a Blog. You might also like: Touring Vines Gardens Park on a Hot Spring Day Eden Fantasy’s Cake Beauty Bodycare Products Pamper Your Skin Why I am Now an Avid Fantasy Book Genre Fan
  • ‘Deadgirl’ Spotlight Excerpt & Video @BobbyCJohnson

    Amberr Meadows
    16 Dec 2014 | 1:17 am
    Check out this awesome official trailer for Deadgirl […] The post ‘Deadgirl’ Spotlight Excerpt & Video @BobbyCJohnson appeared first on Like a Bump on a Blog. You might also like: Virtual Tour Cover Reveal for B.C Johnson’s ‘DeadGirl’ @BobbyCJohnson Melissa MacVicar’s ‘Ever Lost’ Virtual Spotlight Excerpt Excerpt from Collateral Damage: Love, Obsession, Murder and a $25 #Giveaway
  • Caffeinated Club Soda Lovers Unite #review #ad

    Amberr Meadows
    15 Dec 2014 | 3:26 pm
    I’m not overly fond of club soda straight up, but […] The post Caffeinated Club Soda Lovers Unite #review #ad appeared first on Like a Bump on a Blog. You might also like: The California Wine Club Finds the Perfect Blends for Wine Lovers The California Wine Club Review and Super Simple $50 GC #Giveaway ‘You Make Me Coco’…So Much More than a Catch-Phrase
  • Seeking #Review and Spotlight #BookTour Hosts for ‘The Iron Golem’ #MondayBlogs

    Amberr Meadows
    14 Dec 2014 | 9:01 pm
    Check out this awesome trailer, and sign up for the Tou […] The post Seeking #Review and Spotlight #BookTour Hosts for ‘The Iron Golem’ #MondayBlogs appeared first on Like a Bump on a Blog. You might also like: Seeking Book Hosts for ‘The Fallen Angels of Karnataka’ + #Giveaway Seeking Tour Hosts for ‘Princess Nevaeh’ #childrensbooks #parents @pauletteharper Seeking Tour Hosts for ‘Sons of the Sphinx’ (Blogger incentives!)
  • The LifeStraw Go Filter is a Global Game-Changer #giveaway #hiking #ad

    Amberr Meadows
    14 Dec 2014 | 9:01 pm
    Before testing the wonderful, lightweight LifeStraw Go […] The post The LifeStraw Go Filter is a Global Game-Changer #giveaway #hiking #ad appeared first on Like a Bump on a Blog. You might also like: Qure Water is the Cure for Thirst and Body PH Balance #Sponsored #healthandwellness PURE SAFE-SHELL Explorer Clear Coated Reusable Glass Bottle #SponsoredReview Balance Living TM Precision LIFE TRACK Body Analysis Scale Review & Giveaway (RV $50)
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    Inconsequential Logic

  • Why Is Religion So Divisive

    24 Nov 2014 | 12:58 am
    Oh...they want to save my soul? They believe the bible is utterly true because why? The bible says it's true. I've always questioned what made one religion so much more credible than another...and with age and very little consideration regarding what others think about me...I've finally been able to admit to myself and others that I don't subscribe to the fairy tale of Christianity anymore.Don't get me wrong the bible is one of the greatest stories every told but that very same book that brings out the best in some people can bring out absolute hatred toward those who aren't like them in…
  • Why Such Outrage Over Achieving a Dream - Lupita Nyong'o

    3 Mar 2014 | 9:45 pm
    Yeah guys it's me and I'm back for an impromptu rant. First off I'd like to congratulate the talented and beautiful Lupita Nyong'o for her win last night at the star-studded Oscar Awards. Her riveting portrayal of a young slave touched the hearts of millions of viewers and captured the attention of the Academy that bestows this coveted award on a select few. However, there seems to be a few people of "color" who are dismayed and bewildered as to why so many black folk are singing her praises. As one man put it "what has she done for us to be proud of?" His argument is the fact that she was…
  • Just Not Enough Time in a Day

    26 Feb 2013 | 12:03 pm
    I was just mentioning earlier today how I'll have to invest in a backpack pretty soon if things continue to go as they have over the last several weeks. I'm settling into school quite nicely. Some days I hate to drag out of bed, turn the computer on, do a bit of reading, answer a question, respond in a discussion thread, log back off and crawl back under the warm fuzzy cover. SCHOOL SUCKS. Then I think to myself "kid you must be crazy - your classroom is either in your living room or on your lap. What more can you ask for?". The only thing I can think of is T I M E. I want to goof around…
  • "Life Is But a Dream" put me to sleep and.....

    18 Feb 2013 | 6:24 am
    I had no idea Beyoncé Knowles (Carter) was coming out with a self produced documentary chronicling [in an extremely monotone and superficial way] what it's like to be, who else, Beyoncé. The documentary included no interviews of other family members. I mean this extremely successful entertainer has a mother, father, sister, husband, former Destiny's child group members, and others in her inner circle that we're oblivious of that could have shared a more real world account of what it's been like for her, at least through their eyes. She thanked her family members for certain things they'd…
  • Lay's Chicken & Waffles.......SMH

    16 Feb 2013 | 2:59 am
    I've never had the pleasure of eating Chicken & Waffles but it seems to be a real treat. So much so that Lay's is rolling out a couple of fan inspired new flavors of potato chips. Uhhhh... think I'll pass. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. school, work, and ridding the streets of crime in Gotham City is keeping me pretty busy..... Wink Wink....
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    All About Living With Life

  • 15 Hope Quotes to Keep you Going on in Life

    Charles Chua C K
    18 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    1. Once you choose hope, anything's possible. -Christopher Reeve 2. Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. -Anne Lamott 3. Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence. -Lin Yutang 4. Never give up. Expect only the best from life and take action to get it." Catherine Pulsifer 5. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Albert Einstein 6. To be without hope is like being without goals, what are you…
  • 10 Giving Quotes to Enlighten You

    Charles Chua C K
    15 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    1. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. - Mother Teresa 2. No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. - Charles Dickens 3. Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. - Ben Carson4. You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. - Amy Wilson-Carmichael5. For it is in giving that we receive. - St. Francis of Assisi 6. Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others. - Brian Tracy 7. Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness…
  • 15 Delightful Family Quotes to Cherish

    Charles Chua C K
    11 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    Photo: Alamy1. When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. -Joyce Brothers2. Having a place to go — is a home. Having someone to love — is a family. Having both — is a blessing. -Donna Hedges3. The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works is the family. -Lee Iacocca4. You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.– Frederick Buechner5.
  • 10 Energy Quotes to Power You Up

    Charles Chua C K
    8 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    1. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. -Norman Vincent Peale2. The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results, - Anthony Robbins3. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. – Oprah Winfrey 4. The energy of the mind is the essence of life. – Aristotle5. Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich. –Saraj Bemhardt6.
  • 10 Dedication Quotes to Motivate You

    Charles Chua C K
    4 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
        1.     Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts. The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.- Cecil B. DeMille 2.     Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. - Thomas A. Edison3.     The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you're willing to sacrifice.-Nathan W. Morris4.     When doing a job — any job — one must feel that he owns it, and act as…
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    30 by Thirty

  • And... We're Back!

    Kiki G
    23 Nov 2014 | 10:00 am
    We figure it's worth another shot ;)The video tells the tale.Here we go again, Amazing Race Canada!
  • Celebrity Status

    Kiki G
    16 Oct 2014 | 3:50 pm
    I know I know, I'm more than behind! Whoops! Lots has happened in the past.... umm... six months I guess. I shall surely update the stories soon, as some good 'ol roomie tales have popped in the last while.I saw this video, just now, and thought of 22a. We have attempted this feat, to quite a smaller scale, but with success. People crave celebrity-isms and this guy makes us all look oh-so-silly. Regardless, I was entertained ;)Audition ideas for Amazing Race Canada are now looming... hmm...
  • The Power of Words

    Kiki G
    20 Jul 2014 | 4:00 am
    Here's a Sunday heart-warmer.Change your words.Change your world.Choose your words well.Enjoy!
  • Lessons Learned… Endearing Ones at That

    Kiki G
    20 May 2014 | 11:30 am
    25 has been my longest running roommate. She definitely deserves a prize… or maybe I do?!? We officially became roomies in August of 2010 and will officially terminate the roomie status as of June 2014. Do the math my friends… That’s a LONG time! Most of my roomies run the gamut of a year, so quadrupling that odd has to stand for something. During those four years, we lived in the same rooms, yet had five (point five) people shift between our walls. We endured the stalkings of Mango Man, the frozen doorways, parking issues, the backyard festivities and even a mouse or two… and some…
  • #tbt: Sixth Sense

    Kiki G
    3 Apr 2014 | 5:45 pm
    Throwback Thursday.Blogger Stats has informed me that this post was a top hitter for the month of April.May as well keep it up there.Enjoy!Sixth SenseNicknames are often a term of endearment. We bestow nicknames unto those who we share a bond with, or an inside joke. I have a bad habit of nicknaming people that I do not know all too well. People seem to have a hard enough time with names, so referring to them by “Pilot”, “Mutt Mutt” or “Yoho” simply makes things easier. Pouring out a few nicknames for roomies has become a token standard and it pretty much started with 19.
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    Elton Says Things

  • Why Stopping The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (#stoptheparade) Ultimately Failed.

    Elton Edgar
    27 Nov 2014 | 10:44 am
          Today is Thanksgiving. A yearly excuse to over eat and loaf around watching athletic people bump into each other in search of a football. It's also the day that Macy's holds it's annual celebration of balloons too big to be tamed and lip syncing, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Normally, this kind of thing goes off without a hitch. Well, with the exception of a few balloons have
  • The NSA Is Too Stupid To Love You, I'm Afraid

    Elton Edgar
    30 Aug 2014 | 1:39 am
          Yesterday, during a depression fueled drinking binge, I was going through my back pages of things left unfinished, as so often is in my life. Tears blurring my vision, while murmuring something about death's sweet release, I came across this; something I should have posted long ago. It's an uproariously stupid rant thing about the NSA eyeing up our phone records. So, for the nation's
  • 5 Ways The Dead Are Cooler Than The Living

    Elton Edgar
    16 Aug 2014 | 8:10 pm
          There's a lot to be said about dead people; they don't argue or retaliate when their are valuables taken. They also know when to shut the fuck up and can always...ALWAYS be sold off fairly quickly. In fact, you could say that dead people are some of the kindest, most inadvertently useful and generous people on the planet. Hell, they even fertilize plants in their off time. So, they're "
  • The Robin Williams Party We Never Threw {Pt. 1}

    Elton Edgar
    13 Aug 2014 | 1:45 am
           A lot of people are posting about Robin Williams today. There are a genuine souls who wish to say something about the guy and what he meant to them, things he did or even how they met him, some who wish to examine or explain why Robin Williams, noted whatever would do such a thing. Then, there are a lot who want to cash in on the wake a celebrity death leaves behind. I just here for the
  • The Robin Williams Party We Never Threw {Pt. 2}

    Elton Edgar
    13 Aug 2014 | 1:45 am
    I'm a depressed person. Clinically so. I used to see a therapist about it, until I couldn't afford it anymore, but, alas, I got a diagnoses out of the deal, so, money well spent, I could say.       However, to try to explain or say that one thing can cure it over another is beyond me and I won't belittle anyone's strife by saying I know a sure fire way to kick it. Partly, because I can't kick
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    Ish Ism

  • Character Editing … A Writer’s Journey

    15 Dec 2014 | 9:15 am
    I am still editing characters for my novel.  I want characters that are memorable… and I want a plot that moves people. For the characters to be memorable, and a plot that is moving, then the characters really need to … Continue reading →
  • Child PTSD + ADHD = Merry Christmas from Coca-Cola

    15 Dec 2014 | 8:55 am
    Our little foster kid is interesting. Her entire life has pretty much been a crapshoot, which makes her tense all the time. In fact, this rough start to life has led her to develop Child PTSD. Dealing with a kid … Continue reading →
  • William Shakespeare Plays – Free on Kindle

    15 Dec 2014 | 8:15 am
    On December 11th, 2014, I noticed some works by William Shakespeare were available through for free on Kindle. Hamlet is one of my favorites, but it was not listed for free when I checked. Below are the works (in … Continue reading →
  • How Did These Graduate Students Improve Their Working Conditions? They Went on Strike!

    12 Dec 2014 | 3:17 pm
    (from the Nation, by Michelle Chen) On their campus set amid the idyllic northwestern woodlands, graduate students at the University of Oregon stepped out of their classrooms and onto a historic picket line last week. The union, representing some 1,500 … Continue reading →
  • Stranger than Fiction – University of Oregon’s Graduate Students on Strike

    6 Dec 2014 | 12:02 pm
    Friends… I know you follow this blog for fiction writing, foster care, and or marathon running. Well… sometimes reality provides great inspiration for fiction writing. The University of Oregon Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF) is on strike. They have been … Continue reading →
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    Sarah Cunningham

  • I Challenge You To Read All the #Ferguson Evidence From Both Sides

    25 Nov 2014 | 2:39 pm
    I’m a writer. And to make matters worse,  I write about connectedness. About the relationships that bind us to other people in our communities. So it’d be hard for me to NOT write about Ferguson. But the more I scrolled through my social media feeds, the less I felt like posting anything. There was already SO MUCH being said. Such … Click here to read more.
  • Donkey In the Living Room Giveaway Winners

    22 Nov 2014 | 11:55 am
    Special thanks to everyone who entered our Donkey In the Living Room giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, and this blog. We’re thrilled to give away 3 complete Donkey in the Living Room sets (book+toy), as well as 10 hardcover books to the winners below whose names were chosen through an online randomizer. If you won, you will be receiving an email … Click here to read more.
  • Family Christmas Giveaway: The Donkey In the Living Room

    18 Nov 2014 | 10:37 am
    Christmas Toy Giveaway Holy smokes. You guys. I am SO grateful for the support swelling around Donkey In the Living Room this last couple months. It’s hard to describe the wonder I feel when I think about what’s happened so far with this project. The short recap: This children’s Christmas book, which I first self-published in 2012, helps families begin … Click here to read more.
  • An Important Observation From Sodom and Gomorrah: Welcome People, Care For Them

    5 Nov 2014 | 8:29 am
    For several weeks, I’ve been tracing themes of relationship and connectedness through the Bible. [Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve covered so far.] This isn’t necessarily a theological exercise, as much as it is a building essay–one that tracks how “connectedness” was vital for early humans and their developing world. Toward Everyday Well-Being I grow uncomfortable when I hear … Click here to read more.
  • Why Fostering and Maintaining Relationships Should Be Among Christians’ Core Doctrines

    28 Oct 2014 | 7:49 am
    Some of you have been following since the beginning of this series, as I began to trace why relationships are so important to me and why I think they are also important to God. The trick of stretching this theme out over many Wednesdays, though, is that sometimes, readers might just catch one or two installments, and they might not … Click here to read more.
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    Peter Wright's Blog

  • Opportunities, Commitments and end of Harvest.

    16 Dec 2014 | 10:10 am
      Snow It’s been an interesting – and challenging – 3 weeks since my last post. Interesting because of the new opportunities that have presented themselves and challenging because of the weather and trying to do as much physically now as I could 40 years ago. I planned to write about stoicism this month, this post will touch on that but I will explore that subject more in future posts. It is quite amazing how many new and interesting people I have met since becoming a member of the Public Speakers Association and more so since becoming a director and starting the…
  • The lost strength of stoicism

    21 Nov 2014 | 11:36 am
    Marcus Aurelius – Stoic Emperor      courtesy Wikipedia creative commons Having lived in the tropics for most of my life, I never expected to be grateful for a week of heavy snowfalls. This week proved that events that at first appear to be a nuisance can actually provide hidden benefits and opportunities if we look beyond the initial disadvantages. I was expecting to put in a few days for my commitment to helping my neighbours with the corn harvest that I wrote about in this post. The daily snowfalls since last week removed any possibility of putting the combine in the fields. I…
  • Priorities in the age of constant connectedness.

    18 Nov 2014 | 7:40 am
    Wrong Priorities Following last week’s post about my interrupted schedule, I find that for once, I am grateful for snow. The snow over the last few days has stopped the corn harvest and given me a break to think about a new topic for the next series of posts. While thinking about that next topic, this delightful cartoon was sent to me by a friend who shares the same concern as I do with the current infatuation with gadgets that allow constant connectedness. The cartoon does not come with any attribution and appears to be in the public domain. Gadgets and technology that also provide the…
  • The hierarchy of commitments

    13 Nov 2014 | 4:33 am
      Commitment You might have noticed that for the first time since May this year, I did not publish posts on two consecutive publishing days. There was no post on Friday 7th or Tuesday 11th November, although because my post on the previous Tuesday was published shortly before the 4 pm Eastern setting for email distribution by my email autoresponder service, subscribers would have only received it on Friday. What happened? A commitment I could not break was moved forward by factors outside my control. For the previous two years, I have helped a neighbouring family with the corn harvest by…
  • Focus, Consistency, Patience, recipe for success.

    4 Nov 2014 | 12:52 pm
      November A new month and time for a new topic. I won’t be writing about Halloween because I grew up on the other side of the world where it was not celebrated. I do understand that North American children enjoy the costumes and trick or treating. I also appreciate that it provides a boost to retail sales, but I just do not get excited about it myself. I had thought I had finished with the topic of focus, however as I was catching up with my newsletter reading over the weekend, I came across a post by James Clear and thought that it was so good that I should share it with you. It…
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    author Carmen Amato

  • Writing for Glass Half Full in November

    8 Dec 2014 | 7:04 am
    Throughout 2014 I am donating $1 for every Kindle book sold to, the charity co-founded by Matt Damon to bring clean water and decent sanitation to communities worldwide. A GO → The post Writing for Glass Half Full in November appeared first on author Carmen Amato.
  • Twice as Nice: Book Reviews That Matter

    25 Nov 2014 | 5:30 am
    A glowing book review from an authoritative source is good. But let’s face it, two is twice as nice. That’s what happened this week.  THE HIDDEN LIGHT OF MEXICO CITY GO → The post Twice as Nice: Book Reviews That Matter appeared first on author Carmen Amato.
  • Entitlement, Mexico style

    18 Nov 2014 | 5:56 pm
    Over the last few weeks I’ve been following the news stories about the fate of 43 students who went missing in the Mexican state of Guerrero, in a small town GO → The post Entitlement, Mexico style appeared first on author Carmen Amato.
  • Writing for Water: October’s Surprising Stall

    11 Nov 2014 | 6:21 pm
    Throughout 2014, I’m donating $1 for every Kindle book I sell. Other authors are joining the Writing for Water effort and togethe we have raised enough to provide 29.5 people GO → The post Writing for Water: October’s Surprising Stall appeared first on author Carmen Amato.
  • Locating the Emilia Cruz Mystery Series

    28 Oct 2014 | 6:40 am
    Spenser has all of Boston to roam through, solving mysteries with Hawk at his side and meeting Susan later for dinner at Locke-Ober. Wallander has Sweden’s fog and gloom to GO → The post Locating the Emilia Cruz Mystery Series appeared first on author Carmen Amato.
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  • things you don’t want to hear

    19 Dec 2014 | 4:49 am
    even with a trust fund, things wouldn’t get any more sociable than this. — i live like a fucking hobo. there’s this glimmer of motivation, that always makes it just that much worse.  forever, i used to live in a house with a holes in walls and lingering construction debris.  felt motivated to tear out old carpets […] The post things you don’t want to hear appeared first on cedonulli.
  • Protected: how to become a pimp

    18 Dec 2014 | 11:08 pm
    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: how to become a pimp appeared first on cedonulli.
  • perfect eyeballs: the book

    16 Dec 2014 | 9:23 pm
    a week of non-stop rain.  the only one at the coffee shop, hot chocolate, wet wind whipping around, productive as fuck. — now online, a bit of a drafty version of the first and only guide to exist anywhere, to keep myopia out of your eyeballs. it’ll still take a while to fully provide a picture of how […] The post perfect eyeballs: the book appeared first on cedonulli.
  • god damn it, man!

    14 Dec 2014 | 11:05 pm
    places more civilized than where we are right meow .. — i’m turning into a writing addict. first eyeball book, wrote it in a day.  not so long, pretty succinct and to the point.  since then i figured out how to write-marathon.  how to catch back up to the thread and just write two or […] The post god damn it, man! appeared first on cedonulli.
  • piles and piles of cash money

    12 Dec 2014 | 12:25 am
    pesos, bitches.  (they’re rich if you’re broke.) — a recent post freaked a couple of people out. i was talking about how i set up a fictional way of accounting to randomly restrict my budget, sometimes.  because having everything all the time isn’t any fun in the long run, and also maybe i like to […] The post piles and piles of cash money appeared first on cedonulli.
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    GDM 's Down the Rabbit Hole/A day in the Life.

  • Getting out of town fast. The move to Boston-Chapter 5

    Geoffrey Doig-Marx GDM
    23 Nov 2014 | 10:36 am
    I begin to hem and haw. Clearly the person who was listening in on my phone call, was George. I could feel the sweat beading up on my neck. Bill's eyes were wide and he was staring at me. It looked like he was trying to shake his head in a "No, no, don't answer him," manner. "Well if you leave, what about next months rent?" "Who's going to pay that?" George asked still not looking at me."But I might not be here," I stammered rocking from foot to foot."30 days notice is what we agreed on, anything less and you pay," George stated matter-of-factly. "But I......but you...." I was…
  • Getting out of town fast. The move to Boston-Chapter 4

    Geoffrey Doig-Marx GDM
    16 Nov 2014 | 7:19 am
    My first call to Tammy was from the corner payphone. There was no way I was going to risk being overheard by anyone in the house. George and Bill had begun fighting again, so I brought as much change as I could carry. I wasn't sure how long we were going to talk. If asked, I would tell her that's my house was to loud to talk in, so I was calling from the corner payphone.Tammy answered on the third ring. For the first few minutes, I was a nervous wreck but after that, Tammy and I hit it off. She told me all about her ex-girlfriend, her softball team, her neighbors and the benefit of…
  • Getting out of town fast. The move to Boston. Chapter 3

    Geoffrey Doig-Marx GDM
    9 Nov 2014 | 2:55 pm
    Thankfully for me, Mark called within a couple of days.Mark was excited. "Good News, Priscilla has a friend named Tammy who just broke up with her girlfriend Joanie, so she is looking for someone to live with her.""How big is her place?" I asked"Two bedrooms, huge kitchen, living room and two bathrooms." "You split all utilities and the rent is insanely affordable."Mark whispered the part about the rent, as if it was top secret."I can't wait to get out of his shit hole!" I hissed back into the phone.While I was talking I could hear George's new "rent boy" snoring in the next room. I had the…
  • Getting out of town fast. The move to Boston. Chapter 2

    Geoffrey Doig-Marx GDM
    2 Nov 2014 | 8:50 am
    I  called Mark and told him what was going on in Albany. "I need to get out, things don't look that good here."Mark chuckled as I explained everything. I told Mark that my fear was that someone was going to end up dead, or in jail. My fear was that it was going to be me."Let me ask around." Mark replied "Maybe Priscilla knows someone looking for a roommate."Saying goodbye, I reluctantly hung up the phone but not before I heard a "click." Someone was listening in to my call and had hung up the receiver before I did.There were several phones in the house and George had one in his room.
  • Getting out of town fast. The move to Boston. Chapter 1

    Geoffrey Doig-Marx GDM
    26 Oct 2014 | 10:22 am
    So my childhood friend Mark moved to Boston to start a new job and to get a new perspective on life. He was living with a friend he met named Priscilla, in the room above her garage.As children, we used to hang out together playing in his back yard with his brother Gary. If I was lucky I was allowed to spend the night and get picked up the next day. Mark and Gary shared a room and with an extra body in the room, it was crowded. We got very little sleep. It was some of the most fun I would have.Mark's father was pretty absent and would leave his mother home alone for long stretches. My parents…
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    Lone Prairie

  • In the communications battle, I prefer email.

    Julie R. Neidlinger
    15 Dec 2014 | 11:59 am
    Despite reading a recent article in the Wall Street Journal about the biggest time wasting culprits (meetings and email), I’d prefer an email. For one thing, I’m not in a corporate structure as described in the WSJ article, and for another, I don’t actually like talking to other human beings–unless you are my family or one of a small handful of close friends–all that much. People are great and all, but they want to chat. And you must preface and close conversations with pleasantries. So much time goes down the tube getting that to happen that, as any freelancer…
  • The two worst desecrations of the Nazca lines I’m aware of.

    Julie R. Neidlinger
    11 Dec 2014 | 9:34 pm
    The Nazca lines are gigantic ancient geoglyphs in Peru that can best be seen by air. This makes them intriguing on many levels. You may have heard about the Greenpeace protest that damaged the Nazca lines in Peru. 1. The Greenpeace protest that damaged the Nazca lines. In an effort to promote a renewable future, Greenpeace activists decided to trample on the past. Literally. And by literally, I mean the definition of the word literally. They laid out yellow cloth words so they could be photographed from the sky so that the end result looks like a photoshopped photo of yellow words on the…
  • The nouveau riche and The New Republic.

    Julie R. Neidlinger
    9 Dec 2014 | 2:05 pm
    Jeff Bezos, founder of, bought The Washington Post in October, 2013. Just over a year later, that paper reported on another storied publication (The New Republic) that had been purchased by yet another tech bajillionaire, Chris Hughes (of Facebook founding fame). What was the headline of that story? Maybe that’s a bit sensationalist, but let’s take a look: Hughes buys paper. Reassures staff and readers he’s here to support long-form in-depth journalism. Is anti-click bait. Two years later, changes mind. Replaces editor with Guy Vidra, from Yahoo news. Forgets to…
  • The Social Security Administration is in charge of our money and makes typos.

    Julie R. Neidlinger
    24 Nov 2014 | 10:48 pm
    A few years ago, some fudge-fingered SSA employee mis-typed a previously correct birth date, creating the wrong birth date for me. Much like the life insurance company still sends a birthday card to the farm in August, thinking my birth date is 8-1 instead of 1-8, these vital statistics are a mess. But the SSA had it right, once. I have the documents to prove it. I received the yearly update on my meager financial (and fictional, if we’re being realistic) future, I saw that incorrect birth date and I decided that I needed to change that date back to what it had been. The address was…
  • About 30 minutes of the #Ferguson police scanner, transcribed.

    Julie R. Neidlinger
    24 Nov 2014 | 10:12 pm
    Michael Brown shot by policeman. Massive protests and riots. Grand Jury does not indict policeman. Riots and looting begin. Ferguson police scanner: 1102 – black male at bus stop shooting at passing cars, no clothing description 1103 – there’s numerous businesses on fire, please respond 1104 – Ferguson city hall, 110 church street subjects attempting to break into the building 1105 – New York Gril burglar alarm went off, any units respond 1105 – any unit to respond to toys r us, 10 – 15 people now actively looting, they need assist cars 1105 –…
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    Love. Life.

  • The Darkness is The Light

    Alex Ivanovs
    3 Dec 2014 | 12:09 pm
    I’m not coming up with a lot of general ideas right now, working closely with some of the guidance that I am receiving, so here is a poem that reflects some of that guidance. I hope you like it. It’s a task of time, align with it You can put it aside, you cannot escape it You’re meant to feel it, here and now When you learn it, you know it for good When you feel it, you will keep it for life Just a heartfelt outlook on the warmth in the heart It will pass through you, it is unique and safe In this moment you realize that it already passed A new chapter has been activated,…
  • Letting Kindness Flow in Our Lives

    Alex Ivanovs
    30 Nov 2014 | 12:47 am
    We’re opening a new chapter for SkillCode, hopefully one that is more mature and helpful than it has been up until this point. I did enjoy the learning experience in the first couple of months of my awakening process, but now is the time to delve into some poetry, writing and inspirational messages such as the one below. Let me know what you think, and how it resonates with you. I think, but at the same time I have experienced it, we as people have the need to worry, the need to feel worthy of other persons when we tell them about our problems, our troubles. It’s always the same…
  • 5 Techniques for Being Present in The Moment

    Alex Ivanovs
    12 Nov 2014 | 11:49 am
    You spend your entire life looking for the silver lining of happiness, but you never quite seem to find it. I can almost guarantee that part of the reason is your inability to stay focused on the present moment, as without the now we’re lost in a train of endless thought: past, present, and the future. I used to be one of those people, unable to focus on a single thing at once for longer than a few seconds, and while I can’t say that I am a fully developed being, I know for certain that my effort to practice living in the moment has paid good dividends in terms of happiness…
  • 10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening from Personal Experience

    Alex Ivanovs
    4 Jan 2014 | 2:32 am
    This idea for a post has been sitting in my drafts for a little while now, I happened to be inspired to this idea a long time ago and to me it’s nothing sort of special. I have gone trough the initial beginning phases were you understand that changes are taking place, and you need to adapt to them as quickly as possible. I understand how difficult it can be at the beginning, I have been there myself and I have come out of it alive. The amount of times I would try and find information regarding what is happening was astounding and started to become more depressing as it seemed there are…
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  • December Comprehensive Car Insurance Promotion

    Paul Cypert
    8 Dec 2014 | 12:37 am
    9UBCFJ5WDZF8December Comprehensive Car Insurance Promotion By Paul Cypert Starting today (8th) until the 31st of December we’re running a special offer on our comprehensive car insurance.  If you’re a new customer and buy comprehensive cover before the end of the month you get a free S$100 NETS CashCard. Read more about the promotion here. Best Price Guaranteed Our comprehensive policies are saving safe Singaporean drivers up to 25% on their car insurance. If you can find a better deal on your car insurance we’ll pay you up to 2 times the difference…and you’ll still get the…
  • The Future is Now – Self-Driving Cars Closer than Ever

    Claire Vorster
    5 Dec 2014 | 10:42 pm
    9UBCFJ5WDZF8The Future is Now – Self-Driving Cars Closer than Ever By Claire Vorster “I knew the dog was possessive about the car but I would not have asked her to drive it if I had thought there was any risk.” GenuineCar Insurance Claim Letting your dog drive the car is not the best idea, but what if your car could drive itself? We can almost hear your finger nails digging into whatever you happen to be sitting on. Really? Autonomous driving? When you think about the many things cars do now, from keeping us safe and comfortable to telling us when we are about to hit…
  • 8 Bad Habits to Avoid on the Roads

    Cheryl Tay
    3 Dec 2014 | 7:33 pm
    9UBCFJ5WDZF88 Bad Habits to Avoid on the Roads By Cheryl Tay We all have our pet peeves when it comes to driving, whether it’s the guy in front of you driving too slowly or the one behind you following too closely. I don’t know why but I’ve been experiencing more frustrations on the roads lately, no thanks to inconsiderate and reckless drivers.  Here are the eight things we really shouldn’t be doing on the roads: 1. Cutting abruptly in front of others when changing lanes without signaling There’s nothing more annoying than having this driver suddenly barge into your lane without a…
  • Where to Buy Motorcycle Gear in Singapore

    Paul Cypert
    25 Nov 2014 | 1:08 am
    9UBCFJ5WDZF8Where to Buy Motorcycle Gear in Singapore By Paul Cypert Reader Shailesh recently asked us in our comments where to get good motorcycle clothing in Singapore? It’s a great question and one with many answers! Singapore is a great home for motorcyclists in Asia. With over 100K active riders there are shops catering to every style and segment of rider out there. Cruisers, sport bike riders and even vintage bike guys all have shops they can visit to get clothes that reflect their particular riding lifestyle as well as proper riding gear. This list is far from exhaustive, but will…
  • Digital Cameras Keeping an Eye on Singapore Drivers

    Paul Cypert
    18 Nov 2014 | 12:44 am
    9UBCFJ5WDZF8Digital Cameras Keeping an Eye on Singapore Drivers By Paul Cypert Singapore Traffic Police recently installed and launched 20 new digital cameras at major locations along expressways and main arterial roads. The new cameras are aimed specifically at catching speeding drivers in the act.  And they’re quite effective. The new digital cameras are a major step up from the old, film-based traffic cams. The new cameras give traffic police increased resolution, ability to take more pictures and will remain live 24 hours a day. Digital eyes on Singapore drivers These new road cameras…
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    Princess Burlap

  • Genetics and Sins, a Prelude to the Weekend

    Princess Burlap
    18 Dec 2014 | 6:18 am
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and bless my dear husband’s heart for putting up with my incessant requirement of Christmas music pretty much from Thanksgiving on through to 2015. This week I had day three blood work and an ultrasound to make sure I’ve got all of the expected equipment in proper working order. A date with the needle and the wand, can I get a hell yeah? Sorry that was crass. Sometimes I am that. This week we two also learned the results of our genetic testing through Recombine. It turns out that I am a carrier for Hemochromatosis, an iron metabolism…
  • Projects and Novels and Sharing as Caring

    Princess Burlap
    15 Dec 2014 | 12:58 pm
    This month feels like a whirl of activity, the kind that the wind picks up, spins until it’s dizzy, and drops at random. Thursday I did a photo shoot with a dear friend, Captain Bill Peterson. The one who takes all of those pretty pictures of me you see floating around here. I’ll have some beautiful actual photos from Bill Peterson Galleries soon. For now, I give you: a grainy, low light iPhone picture. I know. But I just can’t bring myself to carry my heavy, expensive camera with me everywhere I go. Let’s call it laziness and move on. Friday those friends came over…
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  • Support

    10 Dec 2014 | 5:56 am
    I used to think that all giant trees have very deep root system, not until I embarked on a journey that brought me at the foot of Sequoia Trees. The Giant Sequoia tree grows about 200ft-300ft high, but guess what… Its root is only 3ft below the ground. Now this question goes on my mind; how do these trees withstand windstorm and other related causes? I went further to make research on how these Giant trees could stand so strong, having only a root system of 3ft supporting about 300ft growth. After my research, I observed that the root system extended extensively in horizontal…
  • Focus

    10 Dec 2014 | 5:55 am
    In a particular kingdom, a man was commanded by the king to carry a bucket of water which was filled to the brim and was asked to go round the kingdom seven times with the bucket of water on his head. He was warned that if any water drops to the ground it will attract great punishment. So many crowds in the kingdom gathered to watch him, as he carried the water on his head. He went the first round, no water poured out. He went the second round, nothing dropped to the ground. He went the third round, the fourth round, the fifth round, and the sixth round, nothing dropped to the ground. Now the…
  • Skin Beauty- How to Make Your Skin Glow

    10 Dec 2014 | 5:53 am
    Do you feel bad about your skin? Do you long for a naturally gorgeous complexion? Do you want to see your skin complexion come aglow again? Try these tips for a perfect skin beauty. Wash your face at night: Over the course of the day, makeup, dirt, and oil build up on your face. Make cleansing your skin part of your bedtime routine. Use makeup remover. Not only does this prevent it from clogging up your pores and causing breakouts while you sleep, it also stops you from smearing bacteria on your pillow. Exfoliate once a week: Clear out dead skin cells. Find an exfoliant that has a super fine…
  • Water- the Best Healing and Beauty Elixir

    10 Dec 2014 | 5:51 am
    The abundance of water in the planet earth, made me to believe that it is not here in such amount for being seek,after all, natural element and mineral are on earth on purpose. So what is the usefulness of water that made nature present it to us in such abundance? Water is the main component of human body. In fact, the body is composed of 55% to 78% of water depending on body size. Adequate and regular water consumption has a lot of health benefit as it has no calories, no fat, no carbohydrates, and no sugar. The amount of water you consume everyday plays an extremely important role in…
  • Building a Lasting and Healthy Relationship

    10 Dec 2014 | 5:49 am
    Romantic relationships are important for happiness and well-being. Yet with more than 40% of new marriages ending in divorce, it’s clear that relationships aren’t always easy. Fortunately, there are tips you need to keep your romantic relationship in good state.   Mutual Respect: Respect they said is reciprocal. If you don’t have this – well, it’s going to be a tough road. This doesn’t mean you agree with everything your partner says or does. It does mean that you have admiration for each other, and steady undercurrent of love and trust throughout your…
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    Yet Another Software Engineer

  • Post Uber Ban in Delhi

    9 Dec 2014 | 12:43 am
    Despite the ban on Uber, I was easily able to avail the service (twice) today. While booking I wasn’t sure if I should do that given the headlines in all major newspapers about banning Uber but then I couldn’t think of any other service and since app was working and showing availability of vehicles, I went ahead… The post Post Uber Ban in Delhi appeared first on Yet Another Software Engineer.
  • Active Menu Highlighting for External Link Type in Joomla

    27 May 2014 | 2:33 am
    While working on a Joomla website, I realized that if you have an external URL type menu item in your Joomla site then most likely active menu highlighting won’t work for it. Active menu highlighting basically means that the current menu selection is highlighted as a visual clue to show the website user which menu is currently selected. In… The post Active Menu Highlighting for External Link Type in Joomla appeared first on Yet Another Software Engineer.
  • 5 steps to enhance your chances of getting first job on Elance and oDesk

    21 Feb 2014 | 12:24 am
    Lot of people I meet ask how did I get started with freelancing. Was it easy to get jobs initially? How long did it take to get the first project? What works and what doesn’t and so on. I keep getting requests to answer similar questions on Quora. So I thought of creating this post… The post 5 steps to enhance your chances of getting first job on Elance and oDesk appeared first on Yet Another Software Engineer.
  • Tentative delivery date calculation in PHP

    16 Jan 2014 | 4:05 am
    Here is a simple function you can use if you need your PHP application to display a tentative delivery/completion date to your customer. It excludes the weekends in calculation so only business days are considered. For example, if your e-commerce site ships a product in three business days and customer orders on Thursday then this… The post Tentative delivery date calculation in PHP appeared first on Yet Another Software Engineer.
  • One of top 25!

    13 Jan 2014 | 7:03 am
    Just a quick post to share a good news! We, Sopan Technologies, have been recognized as one of the top 25 web design and development companies in National Capital Region (NCR) by popular IT magazine Silicon India. Feels great when your efforts are recognized and it wouldn’t have been possible without a great team effort.… The post One of top 25! appeared first on Yet Another Software Engineer.
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    True Stories with Gill

  • How to Build a Successful Online Business with a Family and a Full-Time Job?

    Gill Andrews
    16 Dec 2014 | 5:12 am
    Q&A session with the audience as a follow-up on the main interview “How a Dog Saved a Man. A Story of One Online Business”. Six concrete steps you can take to start making money of your blog. Twelve strategies to make time to work on your idea. A secret formula to have a right start with your online business, and much more. An online entrepreneur Chad Thompson answered your questions. Last week on True Stories Chad Thompson, an online entrepreneur, a copywriter and a marketing consultant, shared his story how by rescuing a dog that was about to be put down and simply by…
  • How a Dog Saved a Man. A Story of One Online Business.

    Gill Andrews
    11 Dec 2014 | 4:22 am
    How to turn your hobby into a profitable business? What are the main lessons to learn before starting a business online? How to know whether the blueprint you are buying is worth the money? An interview with an online entrepreneur Chad Thompson. There are moments in life which at first sight seem quite ordinary. You met a new colleague. Had a nice chat with a fellow passenger on a train. Adopted a dog that was about to be put down. It’s only in retrospective when you realize that these moments were actually the turning points of your life. The new colleague became your husband. The fellow…
  • Learning a Language: The Best Way Is the Fun Way. A Story of One Project.

    Gill Andrews
    25 Nov 2014 | 1:54 am
    Photo credit: Landysh Akhmetzyanova Are there people who are indeed “not good with languages”? What are the fun ways to learn a language effectively? How to chose the best teacher? An interview with an English teacher and a co-founder of a language school on Skype Landysh Akhmetzyanova. This time I’d like to tell you a story that is still just beginning. I’ll be doing it of purely selfish reasons: When these people get famous and you’ll see their products all over the place, I’d like to be able to tell you “I told you so!”. I like telling people that. There once…
  • Absent Fathers and Their Children. A Story of One Void.

    Gill Andrews
    2 Oct 2014 | 12:23 pm
    Photo credit: Philerooski via photopin cc How does having an “absent father” affect a child? What consequences does it have for a grown-up? How can an “absent father” help his kid grow up healthy and confident? An interview with an expert on fatherlessness Jack Thurston. Have you ever read an article or heard people talk about the impact of absent father? Me neither. Yet, every third child in the US lives in a home without a biological father. 90% of homeless children, 85% of children with behavioral disorders and 85% of all youth in prison come from the fatherless homes. 63% of youth…
  • What Makes Them Laugh Reminds Me Why I’m Not One of Them

    Gill Andrews
    31 Jul 2014 | 6:25 pm
    Things don’t usually get to me, but when they do… Ah, whom am I kidding? Things do get to me quite often. But usually, I pretend they don’t, till it’s one drop too much, the dam bursts, and everything get flooded with emotions. The latest entry on my “Reasons why I need a new planet” list: Things that we laugh about (and by “we” I mean “you”, because, clearly, I don’t find these things even remotely amusing). Suffering of others. Do you find it funny? No? Are you sure, or you figured out this is the correct answer, and the real…
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    a glimmer of light

  • Thank you Virgin Mother

    8 Dec 2014 | 1:47 pm
    Oh! Immaculata, Queen of Heaven and earth, Queen of Peace, most loving Mother, we thank you for the company of your tender and delicate look, full of mercy, at the side of our pains and torments, giving us the courage of Hope and the comfort of Faith. Mother of the Silence and of Humility, Your Silence is not absence, but presence. The world drowns in the sea of dispersion, it’s impossible to love with the heart dispersed. Involve us with the mantle of your silence, and communicates to us the strength of your faith, the height of your hope, and the depth of your Love. Remain with those who…
  • New ALS medication: the light of hope is in our hands now

    2 Dec 2014 | 12:09 pm
    Do you remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Fortunately, things just got more serious and concrete!! And fortunately they’re still on the hands of each one of us, you and me, just normal citizens! A new potential medication to treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/MND) has been identified, holding promise of better results than any other until now: its name is MicroNeurotrophins! (I’m so excited; my hands are trembling as I type…) MicroNeurotrophins were developed by Dr. Achilleas Gravanis, Professor of Pharmacology at University of Crete’s School of Medicine and experts from…
  • Beautiful words that heal

    7 Nov 2014 | 3:16 pm
    There’s this small prayer I really like and go back to. Just a few very simple, gentle and beautiful words addressed straight to Jesus and our holy Father, asking for redemption and forgiveness, while trying to put ourselves willing to forgive and to make our wrong doings right. After saying it slowly, listening to every word, it kind of feels like a splash of water, being thrown into the dark and stuck stain which we carry inside called bitterness; washing over some of this stain, diluting a bit more of this stain of bitterness, at each splash of water. Healing inside… Healing…
  • The helmsman

    1 Nov 2014 | 3:15 pm
    A few times in our lives, we can find ourselves in tribulations,  wrapped in hardship and  terribly adverse situations, in which we can’t control anything and we are at the mercy of fate. You can only hold on and resist the longest you are able, holding on to the hope that things will be alright in the end. This is not the first post addressing this in here, but holding up to hope is really what this blog is about, and words of hope are never too much… In the worst moment of my life, by God’s generous will, I got to meet and spend about one hour in a waiting room with a man I…
  • To Pray

    29 Oct 2014 | 4:44 am
    To pray, in the words of Mother Teresa: “Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depths of our hearts.” “We need to find God, and He cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls.” The post "To Pray" is originally from the blog 'a glimmer of light'.
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    Chicken Road Diaries

  • Krampus: Anti-Santa or St. Nick’s Sidekick?

    HJ Blenkinsop
    3 Dec 2014 | 2:03 pm
    Coal in your stocking? Potatoes in your shoes? Well, if you’re naughty this Christmas, the Krampus might stuff you into a sack and carry off for dinner - his, not yours!Who is this Krampus and where does he come from?Old card, Greetings from KrampusThe Krampus, Grampus or Bartel is a shaggy, demonic figure with pagan roots in Austria, Germany and the surrounding countries.  Instead of giving gifts to good little girls and boys like Santa, he bags the naughty ones and carries them off.Devil-like with goat horns, cloven hooves, and a tongue any Kiss fan would envy, he erupts onto…
  • Easy, Free and Low Cost Book Trailers and Graphics #IWSG

    HJ Blenkinsop
    1 Oct 2014 | 6:00 am
    For many of us, developing video editing or graphic art skills to promote our books on social media is enough to make our heads spin. However, whether we’re self publishing or have a traditional publisher, we’ll be marketing too. Here's a couple of resources for making video book trailers and social media graphics requiring absolutely no editing or graphic art skills. Even better, they're easy and quick to use, low cost, and in some cases, completely free.Video Book TrailersProduce a book trailer with commercially licensed music in minutes for as little as $39. Animoto have…
  • Proofreading Exchange

    HJ Blenkinsop
    6 Aug 2014 | 6:58 am
    As a self pubber, I've read that the two things to invest in are: 1. A great cover2. An editor or at the very least a proofreader My insecure question this month relates to editing and proofreading. Has anyone had success with exchanging proofreading or editing with another author? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, advice, or warnings!Many thanks in advance.This post is for The Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop. A place for writers to stand up and face their inner dragons, cry at the woeful inadequacy of their weapons, get some much needed support from…
  • The Rat Bargain

    HJ Blenkinsop
    15 Jul 2014 | 12:55 pm
    The house was old with a pointy roof like a witch's cottage. Inside, the house was cluttered with ancient furniture while hand painted murals peeled off the walls. The walls were most interesting to me as they were wide and hollow and riddled with secret passageways. The doorway to one if them looked like bit of wood paneling, only it had a catch and if you went inside on hands and knees, the tunnel wound around to the other side of the house only to pop out inside a bedroom cupboard. I lived in the attic and my room was all pointy angles and odd shaped…
  • Impostor!

    HJ Blenkinsop
    2 Jul 2014 | 3:30 am
     I'm drowning in the eternal bog of procrastination... I’ve written only a few hundred of the 5k words I aimed for this week. I think I’ve moved beyond the ‘afraid to write’ stage - thanks to the support and good advice I received last month - and into writer's block.I’ve got a good beginning and the first three chapters done. And now I’ve stalled. I don’t know how to start chapter 4. I know what happens in chapter 4, I know there is a big disaster coming in chapter 5. There’s plenty of foreshadowing, our cast of characters are introduced and our world is…
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    Life's Due Diligence

  • 10 Last-Minute Gifts For Christmas

    18 Dec 2014 | 7:08 am
    Many of us wait until the last minute to do the majority of our Christmas shopping. Here are ten gifts you can purchase for just about anybody. We also added some odder selections for some variety. 1. 1 lb. of Cereal Marshmallows – $14.99 2. Kindle – $59.00 3. Fitbit – $89.99 4. Cards Against Humanity – $25.00 5. Amazon Gift Card 6. Surge – $14.00 7. 1,500 Live Ladybugs – $12.58 8. Keurig Travel Mug – $24.99 9. The Sriracha Cookbook – $10.56 10. Candle With Ring Worth Up To $5,000 – $14.99 The post 10 Last-Minute Gifts For Christmas…
  • 10 Genius Life Pro Tips

    16 Dec 2014 | 6:59 am
    Here are ten life pro tips that most people haven’t heard before. These are ones most of you will actually end up using unlike many you see that don’t really apply to us anymore. 1. When wearing a tie on a windy day, slip a coin down the inside of the hem to keep the tie from blowing all around. 2. Mosquito bite? Press a hot spoon (e.g. the one you stirred your coffee with) onto the spot. The heat will destroy the protein that caused the reaction and the itching will stop. 3. Send a text message to yourself in limited reception situations to push all other pending messages…
  • Quote Of The Day

    11 Dec 2014 | 5:25 am
    “The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.” -Denis Watiley The post Quote Of The Day appeared first on Life's Due Diligence.
  • You Had One Job

    9 Dec 2014 | 6:47 am
    Here are ten pictures of people who had one job to do, but still managed to mess up. Via The post You Had One Job appeared first on Life's Due Diligence.
  • 10 Showerthoughts That Will Get You Thinking

    5 Dec 2014 | 7:07 am
    A showerthought is a loose term that applies to any thought you might have while carrying out a routine task like showering, driving, or daydreaming. Here are ten that will really get you thinking. 1. Maybe ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’ isn’t a show that displays how stupid grown adults can be, but rather, a show that depicts how much useless information we teach grade schoolers that won’t be retained or applicable later in life. 2. X88B88 looks like the word voodoo reflecting off of itself. 3. The person who would proof read Hitler’s speeches was a…
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    Isobel Adams

  • Delicious Pot o’ Chili

    17 Dec 2014 | 10:15 am
    So here’s the thing. I have been trying for YEARS to make a good chili. It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult but I’ve never gotten it quite right. I’ve used a wide assortment of recipes and every one seems to come out mediocre – mainly in the spice/hot category. They’re usually not…
  • Happy Hanukkah, My Friends

    16 Dec 2014 | 6:50 am
    May this festival of lights glow brightly and bring continued love and happiness to your families and homes. Happy Hanukkah to my dear friends and readers celebrating. Tagged: chanukah, festival of lights, Hanukkah, holidays
  • Christmas Bug

    4 Dec 2014 | 7:24 am
    Yesterday I went with a friend down to the Glebe area of Ottawa and wandered around some of the stores there. Before going I’d made sure my phone was fully charged, as well as my DSLR camera, in case I wanted to take some photos. Another friend of mine had started posting photos of beautifully…
  • Capturing Snow

    3 Dec 2014 | 11:32 am
    There were big, white, fluffy flakes falling from the sky earlier. I was just messing around with my camera trying to capture them. I need to learn more about manual settings… Tagged: beauty, nature, Ottawa, photography, snow, trees, winter
  • NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

    1 Dec 2014 | 12:04 pm
    November is over. NaNoWriMo is over. Many in my group of writer friends were very productive and won the 50K challenge. I’m very happy for them. Very happy, indeed. From the overviews I’ve heard of their pieces there will be some really great novels coming out of Ottawa in the next year…after the re-writes are…
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    Not Before Coffee

  • When Children are Stuck in the Middle of Divorced Parents

    18 Dec 2014 | 9:33 am
    When my kids were little, it was very hard to not harbor resentment but I was determined to let my kids develop their own opinion. At Christmas time, especially, I see a lot of people using their kids as pawns. The long term damage that can have on a kid is very real. Just because 2 people can’t get along doesn’t give one the right to deny the other their own right to be a parent. Dr. Schwartz discusses the long term impact that playing games with your ex has on your children. This information is based on actual cases of kids who grew up being pawns. There was a time when I…
  • Have You Tried That Crazy Wrap Thing?

    16 Dec 2014 | 11:11 am
    Ready to change your life with It Works!? Get skinny the healthy way with the one-of-a-kind It Works! products, including the It Works! Wrap, the body wrap that gives you results in as little as 45 minutes! Are you ready to re-dream again? Hear firsthand how the It Works! Opportunity is helping people just like you to re-imagine their goals and re-dream their lives! Carrying credit card debt, student loan debt—any kind of debt? Get out of debt with the It Works! Opportunity, and start living the life you deserve, one filled with friendships, fun, and FREEDOM! Contact…
  • How I Wrap – Tips and Instructions for Maximum Results

    16 Dec 2014 | 5:17 am
    I want you to experience the BEST results from your body wrapping experience so I put together this list of how I personally wrap and how I obtained unbelievable results with my first 3 wraps. Please read through these tips and follow them, every single one! Don’t skim over them or pick and choose what steps work best for you. You have invested your hard earned money in your wraps, so you want to make sure to get your money’s worth. If you don’t follow these steps, then you won’t get the results you hope for and there is nothing I can do to change that. Please don’t write and tell…
  • Beware of The Bad Wrap

    16 Dec 2014 | 4:20 am
    I’ve gotten asked about wraps being sold for deep discounts. There are ways to purchase outdated product and knockoff products online. If you find someone who is selling large amounts of wraps for low, low prices, you need to do a couple of things – 1) Check to see if they are a loyal customer or distributor. 2) check the lot number on the product. The first number is the year 4 – 4 is 2014. Next 2 are the month – 09 would be September. The last 2 are the batch. You will be able to tell how old the product is that way. If the person does not have a link as a loyal…
  • I Finished My Christmas Shopping AND Found The BEST Online Store EVER!

    7 Dec 2014 | 11:13 am
    You’d have to be living under a rock to have never seen the advertisements ALL over the Internet for Zulily. A couple of days ago, I decided to check it out. I was tired of searching for deals on Amazon and had a little extra time to spare – so I hopped on over. If you’ve never been to the Zulily website – prepare in advance to spend a good deal of time there. The breakdown of shops and categories makes it easy to get caught up in deal after deal. I had several items and people still on my list last Friday morning and a couple hours on Zulily and I was finished! Not to mention I saved…
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    Spending It All

  • Cabidor Wine Steward Door Storage
    17 Dec 2014 | 11:21 pm
    The Cabidor Wine Steward Door Storage is an ingenious, modern and space saving wine storage solution that hangs behind any door. It boasts enough space for 6 wine glasses, 6 wine bottles, among other accessories. It also has a foldable surface so you can pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine.     The post Cabidor Wine Steward Door Storage appeared first on Spending It All.
  • Satechi 10 Port USB Hub
    17 Dec 2014 | 10:25 pm
    Satechi 10 Port USB hub seeks to expand the limited number of ports that your computer has by adding an extra 7 USB ports and 3 charging ports. It features USB 3.0, providing fast data transfer rates and it is very easy to install. Simply plug it in and you are good to go.     The post Satechi 10 Port USB Hub appeared first on Spending It All.
  • Skross Pro Plus USB World Adapter
    16 Dec 2014 | 10:56 pm
    Skross Pro Plus USB World Adapter is a device that ensures your devices will be charged no matter where you are. It features a slider system that includes six different country plugs that is compatible with over 150 countries on all continents ( up to 2500w) and a USB adapter so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously at full speed.     The post Skross Pro Plus USB World Adapter appeared first on Spending It All.
  • Stirio 2
    16 Dec 2014 | 10:23 pm
    Everybody needs a little help when it comes to preparing a meal. Stirio 2 is a helpful device that stirs your risotto, porridge, stew, etc, so you can focus on more important things. It features adjustable clamps and stirring blade to fit to your pot, a non-stick surface and a quiet motor; and to make things even easier, it is dishwasher safe.   The post Stirio 2 appeared first on Spending It All.
  • HD2 Camera Goggle
    16 Dec 2014 | 10:04 pm
    If you are the kind of guy that doesn’t like having a GoPro attached to your helmet, the HD2 Camera Goggle is for you. It connects and transfers videos and photos straight to your smartphone enabling you to instantly check any shot any time.     The post HD2 Camera Goggle appeared first on Spending It All.
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    Icarus Green

  • A Critique of Liberalism

    30 Nov 2014 | 11:20 am
    Unlike authoritarian ideologies like conservatism, communism, fascism or organised religion which demand across the board obedience on all range of policy and political matters from their followers, liberalism (both classical and modern) by the very nature of the precept of tolerance, allows for a lot of diversity in opinion in its adherents. Consequently voter coalition statistics for example in the United States show the left drawing from an eclectic range of groups with varied cultures, education levels, and interests; ranging from blacks, women, students, and latinos, to gays, PhDs,…
  • The Invisible Moderate

    25 Nov 2014 | 7:10 pm
    Anybody ever heard of a passionate moderate? Neither have I, but apparently the most intelligent people you’re likely to meet are likely to be moderates. There’s just one problem with moderates: Although some say they theoretically exist, we have never been able to determine their existence based on their effect on the world. In other words, history books are full of Hitlers and Chairman Maos and not so much packed with ‘moderates’. Can anyone name a moderate politician? One of the reasons I can’t think of a moderate is because (a) Moderates can’t exist and…
  • Liberals V Conservatives: 10 Facts on the Debate

    20 Nov 2014 | 3:38 am
    Apologies in advance for the Buzzfeed nature of this article but I’m going to have to make this as efficient as possible (theoretically I’m supposed to be working). Liberals make up a strong majorities in professions that either involve strong logical reasoning (science, medicine, Silicon Valley) or strong intuitive reasoning (art, music, fiction writing). Conservatives make up strong majorities in professions involving  high degrees of nepotism (law, big business, lobbying/thinktanks) or low intelligence ‘bro’ jobs (military, sales, police)*1. History only moved…
  • IQ and Race

    17 Nov 2014 | 2:22 pm
    A controversial topic to say the least, but any reader of this blog knows that I do not shy away from controversial topics, even if that means I turn off certain segments of readers. This isn’t buzzfeed.   What We Think We Know From around the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, from when psychologists first developed universal tools to measure people’s intelligence, one observes in the raw data a curious stylistic fact about intelligence and that is this: IQ differs by race (in some cases, a lot). Of course, in those days, race did not mean a genetic population…
  • The Razor’s Edge: A Restatement

    14 Nov 2014 | 12:11 pm
    I’ve received feedback today on my last post and I think its worth clarifying exactly what I mean by talking about the Razor’s Edge. It is first worth defining what Sexual Market Value is. A lot of you are scratching your heads perhaps at this turn of phrase. For a woman, it’s simply her looks/age. For a man its a number of factors. His looks, yes, but also his height, his social status, his wealth, intelligence, race etc. (See the link for a more thorough discussion). We normally rank these values out of 10. The Razor’s Edge is what happens when you walk up to a girl…
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    Panic Attack Is My Middle Name

  • 23 Scenarios That Describe Love Better Than You Ever Thought… Ever!

    21 Nov 2014 | 4:52 pm
    Yesterday I read a great post on Thought Catalog about 23 Untranslatable Foreign Words That Describe Love Better Than You Ever Thought. Feeling so inspired, and now calling my husband my media naranja, i’ve decided to contribute to describing love better than anyone has thought.So ladies and gents, here is my list of 23 Scenarios That Describe Love Better Than You Ever Thought… Ever! Love Is… 1. Telling the other that they stink and need to take a shower. 2. Telling the other that even though they stink, you love their stinky. 3. But seriously, telling the other that they…
  • Get In The Ring

    17 Nov 2014 | 1:22 pm
    When we first got engaged, we had no idea the first year of our marriage would be met with devastating losses, tremendous change, bouts of depression, and tears, many tears. Circumstances around us proved to be some of the most difficult of our lives. I’m not sure either one of us had cried so much before. They say in your first year of marriage you should minimize the amount of change you experience. However, we ignored that advice entirely and moved halfway across the country, changed jobs, adopted puppies, and then oh yeah, moved back again halfway across the country. In that year we…
  • How To Get Out Of The Woods

    6 Nov 2014 | 6:41 am
    After seeing Interstellar, I am feeling quite inspired. And while my inspiration has nothing to do with space and science, like Interstellar, my inspiration is all about life. I will warn you, there are going to be some major spoilers from the movie. If you are not wanting to find out how the movie ends, please come back at a later time after you’ve seen it. I would love to hear your own interpretation! LOOK AWAY NOW TO AVOID SPOILERS!   While this post has a great deal to do with the Interstellar movie, it is not exactly a summary. You won’t find the entire synopsis here.
  • Why Real Love Is Better Than The Notebook

    27 Oct 2014 | 5:00 am
    I used to believe that The Notebook was the most romantic movie i’ve ever seen in my life. I remember aspiring to have a love like Allie and Noah. I believed it was entirely possible. My love and I would be so crazy for each other we would abandon everything and kiss in the rain or find ourselves on a boat in the middle of friggin swan lake. I thought this was the epitome of what a happy relationship would look like. However, I was absolutely wrong. Love Is Quiet Love does not look like two people screaming and throwing things. Love is quiet. Love has nothing to prove because love is…
  • The Best Beauty Tips To Beautify Your Beautiness

    20 Oct 2014 | 5:00 am
    How awesome is it when you get in front of a mirror and you actually love what you see? Whether you did your makeup just right, your clothes look crazy good on you, or your hair, your hair is friggin awesome! We live in a world where beauty appears to be everything. Plastic surgeons make millions to make those features that make you unique, well more refined so that you can “see your beautiful face.” Well, if you haven’t guessed it already, i’m here to tell you how to be beautiful, from the inside out. I won’t go ahead and say that outer beauty is not important.
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    Domenic Marbaniang

  • Death the Formidable Policeman

    15 Dec 2014 | 9:05 pm
    Death is a formidable policeman,Whose grip no mortal can evade;Whose grip has ripped apart the strongestIn the midst of their prideful parade.Men who had steel-like bodiesDied earlier than their own comrades;Death cares not for young or old,On each, equally, its shadow pervades.When Death brings God's summonsTo take one to the Final Court;Then it leaves one no optionsBut to submit and to report.Then Death snatches a man from himselfAnd rushes him to God's Throne on high,Where Justice is fair and Equity is precise;Where the Justified live and the condemned die.© Domenic Marbaniang, Dec 16,…
  • Drivers of Theologies

    15 Dec 2014 | 3:45 am
    Systematic theologies usually begin either with Theology Proper (the Doctrine of God) or Bibliology (the Doctrine of Revelation). The Classical method (chiefly of the rationalists) was to begin with the doctrine of God, first by establishing the existence of God through some rational argumentation. On the other hand, the Fideist method held that theology didn’t need to begin with reason at all; theology began from the Bible, God’s self-revelation to humanity. So, they usually began with establishing first the doctrine of divine revelation, i.e. with Bibliology. But, the inescapable…
  • The Problem of Evil As Evil

    11 Dec 2014 | 11:33 pm
    The Problem of Evil is not a problem at all unless “Good” and “Evil” are properly defined and meaningfully understood; or else, the problem cannot be raised.Given that meaning is usage, let’s look at what we usually do not absolutely consider to be the meaning of Good.Good is not painlessness. For, in our daily usage, it is commonly accepted that Good usually involves pain (e.g. in exercise, study, work). Good is not absence of grief or sorrow. For, if that was the case, the sense of a loss of Good would not exist; which would in turn imply that the sense of Good itself…
  • The Power of Scriptural Implication and Application

    4 Dec 2014 | 9:39 am
    There are a few truths that are discovered before their experience. Some scientific theories fall under this genre. For instance, the theory of relativity came first, then much later on its predictions were verified through experience. The pronouncements and predictions of Scriptures are much certain than what humans discover through mathematical analyses of experience. One doesn't need to be experienced in certain areas in order to be able to receive truths of Scriptures by faith. One's experience or lack of experience cannot alter the immutable truths. For instance, in the late 19th…
  • Should Christians Celebrate Christmas on December 25?

    20 Nov 2014 | 8:00 pm
    Forthcoming in Christian TrendsThere is a popular view in circulation that Christmas must not be celebrated on December 25 because it has some (disputedly) pagan origins; in fact, the very term “Christmas” is under attack. I think the dispute is akin to stipulating that one shouldn’t use the word “nice” because it is derived from the Latin nescius which originally meant “ignorant” or “stupid”. However, that doesn’t excuse us from trying to dig into the history of Christmas. Of course, we also don’t disregard the fact that December 25 is not a universal date for all…
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    Persisting Metamorphosis

  • No Shave November - The Final Update

    Patrick Dwyer
    28 Nov 2014 | 6:31 pm
    TWO DAYS LEFT - NO SHAVE NOVEMBER - #LETITGROW Well,  here is how the beard has grown. Not looking too bad, I must say.  There are just two more days left before the end of November and together we have helped raise over one million dollars to help fight cancer.  If you would like to donate towards the cause and have a chance to get your initials shaved into my beard it is not too late.  Click on the link below and pledge a donation. now the highest donation is $10.50, if you make a donation of more than $10.50 you can…
  • Gaining Knowledge Is about Staying Inquisitive

    Patrick Dwyer
    25 Nov 2014 | 7:50 pm
    “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti My goal when I started this blog was to share with people my discoveries along my journey to becoming an always evolving and growing human being. I have hopes that this blog will become a meeting place for like-minded people that strive in their lives to always surpass the person they were the day before. With that goal in mind, I write posts that…
  • No Shave November - 13 Days Down

    Patrick Dwyer
    13 Nov 2014 | 2:51 pm
    Well, I should know better than to try to set a schedule for updates during the busiest time of year for the company I work for!  Better late than never is what I say.Please go to to make your donation. DAY #13 - NO SHAVE NOVEMBER - #LETITGROW Every 3 days, or so, I will post an updated picture of my beard's progress and at the end of the month I will shave the initials of the person with the highest donation into my beard. Pictures to be posted of course with copies sent to the winner.So, lets have fun this November and help fight…
  • No Shave November - 7 Days Down

    Patrick Dwyer
    7 Nov 2014 | 11:35 am
    Okay, once again, I am a little behind getting this up, but here is my update for the No Shave November drive to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.Please go to to make your donation DAY #7 - NO SHAVE NOVEMBER - #LETITGROW Every 3 days, or so, I will post an updated picture of my beard's progress and at the end of the month I will shave the initials of the person with the highest donation into my beard. Pictures to be posted of course with copies sent to the winner.So, lets have fun this November and help fight cancer.
  • No Shave November - 3 Days Down

    Patrick Dwyer
    3 Nov 2014 | 11:33 am
    Okay, I might be a little behind on getting this post up, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am taking part in the No Shave November.  For those that do not know what that is, it is a unique way to help raise cancer awareness.  We all have been touched by cancer in some way. I personally have had loved ones that have fought this disease and I have been witness to what cancer can do first hand.  Please, help me to raise donations for the American Cancer Society to help further research to fight cancer. You can make a donation by clicking the image above or by going…
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  • Is There Truth in Your Life?

    17 Dec 2014 | 2:53 pm
    Is There Truth in Your Life? Many who seek the Truth cannot imagine that it is something out there to be found. Surely truth is not a bright ray of light shining down from heaven that may hit you out … Continue reading → Check out Awesome WordPress Tips and Resources at WPBeginner! The post Is There Truth in Your Life? appeared first on misssfaith. Tags:   #beingtrue Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #findingtruth Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #Life Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #seekingtruth Join the Conversation…
  • What are your favorite words or quotes?

    15 Dec 2014 | 6:47 am
    What are your favorite words or quotes? Today’s post is not a normal post because I’m looking for some input to work on my art. If you check my shop on Etsy (link on the right sidebar) you’ll see that … Continue reading → Check out Awesome WordPress Tips and Resources at WPBeginner! The post What are your favorite words or quotes? appeared first on misssfaith. Tags:   #Art Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #Creativity Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #etsyartist Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #favoritewords Join…
  • The Art of Doing Nothing

    13 Dec 2014 | 4:57 am
    The Art of Doing Nothing When I was a kid nothing was stressful like it is nowadays and I don’t mean my life as a kid. If I compare the life of my parents to what I’m living now it … Continue reading → Check out Awesome WordPress Tips and Resources at WPBeginner! The post The Art of Doing Nothing appeared first on misssfaith. Tags:   #Art Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #becreative Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #blurredmemory Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #DoingNothing Join the Conversation…
  • 11 Amazing Libya Pictures

    9 Dec 2014 | 5:30 am
    11 Amazing Libya Pictures Libya is the country of my husband and I hope that one day soon I will be able to visit some of these wonderful places! Picture 8 is inserted as we should never forget how Libyans … Continue reading → Check out Awesome WordPress Tips and Resources at WPBeginner! The post 11 Amazing Libya Pictures appeared first on misssfaith. Tags:   #amazingplaces Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #ancientsiteslibya Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #architecturelibya Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #desert…
  • Ways To Make Your Marriage Great

    7 Dec 2014 | 8:47 am
    Ways To Make Your Marriage Great Not being married for such a long time I was thinking about how to keep our marriage like it is at the start. In the beginning everything is wonderful and new and exciting but … Continue reading → Check out Awesome WordPress Tips and Resources at WPBeginner! The post Ways To Make Your Marriage Great appeared first on misssfaith. Tags:   #Happiness Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #happymarriage Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook , #improvemarriage Join the Conversation TwitterGoogle+Facebook ,…
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    Into The Blue Blog; Experience Something New

  • 30% of men don’t do any Christmas shopping, leaving up to the women in their lives instead

    15 Dec 2014 | 4:26 am
    Our team of researchers have been busy compiling data about the Christmas shopping habits of Brits, and found that an astonishing 30% of men don’t do any Christmas shopping whatsoever. We surveyed 1,000 UK residents to find out when they started their Christmas shopping and the data we got back was intriguing to say the […]
  • Exclusive two seater Spitfire flights to take off in early 2015

    8 Dec 2014 | 4:42 am
    The Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most iconic military planes of all time, with its elliptical wing design and super-fast Rolls-Royce Merlin engine kicking out an impressive 1,030hp it has long been many aviation enthusiasts dream to fly in one. Now the wait is over thanks to changes in CAA rules meaning that flights […]
  • Introducing the rarest Aston Martin ever: James Bond’s DB10

    5 Dec 2014 | 4:24 am
    Amongst all the glitz and glamour at Pinewood Studios as the 24th Bond film called ‘SPECTRE’ was announced, there was one cast member who didn’t pout once for the camera or do that hands on hips thing. In fact they didn’t even move. Or say anything to the journalists. But then they didn’t have to. […]
  • IntotheBlue Junior Driving Experience

    2 Dec 2014 | 12:25 am
    Buying a birthday present for a teenager is becoming increasingly difficult as kids these days seems to have everything they need especially when their lives revolve around smart phones, tablets and gaming consoles. My son was turning 14 and after having a look around for alternative birthday presents I came across Junior Driving experiences which […]
  • So how much do flying lessons cost?

    25 Nov 2014 | 4:18 am
    Forget the pilot jargon and aviation babble, we’ve come up with a guide to flying lessons written in good old layman terms so you can work out the best way for you to get airborne, with all the relevant information you could ever need. Aren’t flying lessons really expensive? Well, that depends… If you’re just […]
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  • Great Fitness Tips From An NPC Competitor!

    John Anthony
    16 Dec 2014 | 3:11 pm
    My girlfriend Danee is doing some great writing work and fitness tips. Check out her guest blogpost on MMaxout that she did on Aqua Arm.Ps. That ab routine is a killer, make sure you stay hydrated with a comfortable hydration pack! :o)
  • Advanced Sports Technology Launches AquaArm: Hands-Free Hydration System

    John Anthony
    1 Dec 2014 | 11:06 am
    SOURCE: Advanced Sports Technology, Inc.Advanced Sports Technology, parent corporation of National Bubble Soccer has launched its second product division within the sporting goods industry. AquaArm, the world's first hydration system engineered specifically for comfort-in-motion, has become available for pre-order just in time for the holiday season.FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 1, 2014 -- Advanced Sports Technology (AST), the parent corporation of the National Association of Bubble Soccer has announced its second product launch within the sporting goods industry, a…
  • Trust Can Be A Dirty Word

    John Anthony
    7 Aug 2014 | 9:49 pm
    I've said it before, I'll say it again: when it comes to business, you don't trust anyone until you know their true motivations, no matter how nice and genuine they seem.Had a guy from an investment trust reach out to me and asked for my company snapshot and executive summary. Guy seemed like a good ol' boy, grey hair on his LinkedIn profile, southern twang on the phone, missionary work in Africa prior to working with the fund, pictures working with tribesman in relief efforts on Facebook, the whole nine yards. A real heart-string puller on paper...Long story short, we set up a call today and…
  • The Funnest Sport You'll Ever Play: Bubble Soccer | Bubble Football

    John Anthony
    10 May 2014 | 11:06 am
    These videos being passed around the internet of this hilarious sport has to be the most entertaining thing I've watched in years. Full-contact soccer!I actually had an opportunity to play recently and its even more entertaining to play than it is to watch. Half the time I couldn't even stand up I was laughing so hard. Could definitely play this with my friends on a regular basis.I found the website from the National Association of Bubble Soccer that you can find a league in your area and register to play. They connected me to a league in South Florida immediately and my first game is…
  • What Movie Production Can Teach You About Success

    John Anthony
    14 Apr 2014 | 9:10 am
    Somewhat obsessed with this website "The Numbers," its a huge database of film budgets, box office results, and star bankability analyses to assist production companies cast for movies. The most interesting thing so much value do the most bankable stars bring to a major motion picture? Not as much as you'd think. Steven Spielberg for example, who is undeniably the most bankable person in Hollywood, on average only brings about $26M in value to a major motion picture. "But John that can't be right, his movies have bring in billions," so what gives?What the data shows is that no…
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    Gracie Guru

  • Gracie’s Favorite Volunteer Organizations

    gracie guru
    18 Dec 2014 | 4:42 pm
    The post Gracie’s Favorite Volunteer Organizations appeared first on Gracie Guru. "When you feel that life has lost it's meaning, reach out your hand and help someone in need.  It's amazing how a smile can light even the darkest of places of your soul. Volunteering is good for the world and great for your health." Whether you are looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community, support ... The post Gracie’s Favorite Volunteer Organizations appeared first on Gracie Guru.
  • Why Do We Want To Be Liked?

    gracie guru
    17 Dec 2014 | 8:21 pm
    The post Why Do We Want To Be Liked? appeared first on Gracie Guru. There is an innate part of our soul that desires to be liked and loved by others. We feel honored when we receive social approval of our ways and we tend to be hard on ourselves when we aren’t successful in being the person we feel others expected or hoped we would be. As humans we are ... The post Why Do We Want To Be Liked? appeared first on Gracie Guru.
  • Feverfew

    gracie guru
    15 Dec 2014 | 9:21 pm
    The post Feverfew appeared first on Gracie Guru. The leaves of this daisy hold most of it’s healing powers. Do away with that painful headache or migraine with feverfew. This plant has also been known to help with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and regulating menstrual cycles. Want to put a bun in the oven? Some believe feverfew can increase your odds of pregnancy! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The post Feverfew appeared first on Gracie Guru.
  • Eucalyptus

    gracie guru
    15 Dec 2014 | 9:18 pm
    The post Eucalyptus appeared first on Gracie Guru. This beautifully scented leaf contains a powerful oil holding many health benefits.  Eucalyptus oil can be used for respiratory problems including, pulmonary tuberculosis, whooping cough, bronchitis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). It is also recommended for stomach pains and ulcers.  Oil (once diluted) can be applied directly onto the skin, by mouth as pill form or inhaled as a vaporizer.  The post Eucalyptus appeared first on Gracie Guru.
  • Echinacea

    gracie guru
    15 Dec 2014 | 9:16 pm
    The post Echinacea appeared first on Gracie Guru. Don’t let this delicate flower fool you, it is stronger than you think! Echinacea energizes the body’s immune system helping you fight off things like bronchitis, the common cold, or flu.  Echinacea increases the white blood cell activity and therefore may be helpful for fighting diseases such as AIDS. The post Echinacea appeared first on Gracie Guru.
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    Beach Chair

  • auto-zaography: Benjamin Watson, a tight end for the New...

    17 Dec 2014 | 10:04 pm
    auto-zaography: Benjamin Watson, a tight end for the New Orleans Saints, played Monday Night Football with the tensions in Ferguson on his mind. After the game, he shared his emotions on Facebook: (I loved it) I’M ANGRY because the stories of injustice that have been passed down for generations seem to be continuing before our very eyes. I’M FRUSTRATED, because pop culture, music and movies glorify these types of police citizen altercations and promote an invincible attitude that continues to get young men killed in real life, away from safety movie sets and music studios. I’M FEARFUL…
  • "…always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture…"

    11 Dec 2014 | 10:49 pm
    "…always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture…"
  • Tossing and turning

    11 Dec 2014 | 1:11 am
    Can’t sleep. I’ve woken up at least twice tonight, not to mention I didn’t fall asleep until 2:30am. All I’ve been thinking about is the future and all of the great things that God has in store for me and everyone around me. We serve an amazing God that works miracles and turns dreams into reality. All we need is faith. 2014 has been a great year but I know that 2015 will be even better! Ah, I guess I’ll try to sleep now.
  • nikkiohverlycritical: #Raptors’ #DwaneCasey named Eastern...

    9 Dec 2014 | 5:02 am
    nikkiohverlycritical: #Raptors’ #DwaneCasey named Eastern Conference coach of the month #SportsNet Reports: “Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey was named NBA Eastern Conference coach of the month on Monday. He guided the Raptors to a 13-4 record in November. Toronto posted six straight wins from Nov. 15-26 and reached the top spot in the conference standings for the first time in 10 years. Casey is the first coach in team history to win the award on two occasions. He also earned the honour in December 2013. David Joerger of the Memphis Grizzlies was named Western Conference coach of the…
  • Raptors: G Kyle Lowry named Eastern Conference Player of Week; averaged 29.3 pts, 8.7 assists in 3 games (ESPN)

    9 Dec 2014 | 5:01 am
    stormingthefloor: from ESPN via IFTTT
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